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Kayaks for Heavy People: Plus-Size-Friendly Models (2022)

Best Kayak For A Large Person

Use of Kayak has been a significant challenge for a large person, hence limiting them from enjoying a relaxing trip and kayaking sport.

Many people with large body sizes probably might wonder if it's really possible for them to ride on a kayak with that kind of body shape and size.

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We might justify the fear with smaller kayaks, but it may surprise you to learn that there are plenty of kayaks out there that are suitable and designed to accommodate you despite your body size.

With so many kayaks in the market, there are few things you need to put in consideration when buying a kayak meant for a large person. There is actually a lot in choosing and picking the right one for a large person.

To help you out, I have found out exactly what you need to narrow down your options, because with the right one you will paddle with confidence in no time.

Factors to consider when choosing a kayak for a large person.

Before buying a kayak for a large person, it is important to consider the following factors;

Weight capacity

When thinking about the weight capacity you need to consider not only the weight of you as an individual, but also the weight of the gear that you will also carry. It's important to add this together, to remain under the weight limit.

It is also important to check on the weight capacity of a kayak to ensure that you are getting a capacity that will be able to give you comfort on the water. This is because weight capacity vary quite often from one kayak to another.

Right kayak size

A large person needs to choose the right kayak size to sit comfortably. A very cramped, too wide one can make entry and exit difficult. The thing you need to look for is the paddle length. Large person a needs an efficient paddle length to maneuver in different motions.

Type of kayak

In choosing a kayak for a large person you need to choose the right type. Choose either inflatable model or regular one. You also need to decide whether you want to sit on top or sit in kayak. But for a large person sit in kayak is the best.


They make kayak of few materials which include plastic, fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon and inflatable plastic. For a large person, I normally recommend them to buy one made of plastic, since it's more durable and also affordable.

With so many kayaks in the market, I have narrowed down the list to only four best kayaks for a large person, which will give you a fun time out on the water.


In conclusion, I have selected Ocean Kayak Frenzy as number one and the best kayak for a large person, since it can support lots of weight while providing you with the comfort and room you need to use safely and enjoyable.

My rate on this kayak out of five, I will rate it five out of five and recommend it to be the best kayak for a large person.

Other Questions


How much weight will a kayak hold?

The weight limit of a kayak is the “number’ pinned to a boat by a manufacturer in order to help paddlers know what type of kayak fits their needs. It also helps paddlers know how much gear and equipment they can bring on a boat.  Every kayak has a weight limit. It just depends on the kayak’s type.

Recreational kayaks can carry a weight of 250-300 lbs.

Touring (sea) kayak has a limit of 350lbs, the sit-on-top one 400-450 lbs, and a tandem kayak 500-600lbs.

Where should the heavier person sit in a kayak?

More experienced, heavier, and stronger paddler should sit in the back of a tandem kayak. The person behind takes on the role of the helmsman. For this task, you have to paddle more powerfully. It is better for the driving characteristics if the weight rests on the rear.

In addition, the navigation of the boat requires experience. However, there is one exception:  When paddling against strong winds or countercurrents, more weight in the front area is useful.

The longer and wider two-person kayaks are more stable in the water than single-person kayaks. The two paddlers sit one behind the other in the kayak and it is important who sits in front and who sits behind in the tandem kayak.

What happens if you exceed the weight limit in a kayak?

You may be wondering just how strict those weight limits are, and if you can get away with overloading your kayak a little bit. When you overload a kayak, you will make the kayak sink lower into the water than is advised.

This won’t instantly sink your kayak, but it will make it less stable and increase the risk of overturning and endangering yourself and potentially other people, damaging your kayak, and your gear.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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