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Mini Foosball Tables: 11 Reviews (2022) to Help You Choose

Mini Foosball Tables – Recommended Best 11 – (2020)

Full-sized Foosball tables are large, and take up a lot of room. Yes, they are great fun for everyone, but not everyone has the space to permanently allocate for a Foosball table.

A full-sized table is also hefty, so you cannot quickly move it out of the way when you are not using it. A Mini Foosball table may be the answer 

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Live in a basement?

If you live in a basement, condo, apartment or any smaller living space, or if you do not want a full sized table taking up most of a room, then a small table may be the ideal solution.

These take up less space, come in many sizes and cost less than there full sized brothers, so are suitable for anyone who does not have a lot of extra space in their home. Mini tables have a pitch of about have the size of a full table.

Another option, should you want a bigger table, but not want a full-sized one around all the time, is to get a Foldup Table. These can be about the same size as a full-sized one, but the crucial difference is that the legs fold up, and they are a lot lighter so that they can be stored when they are not in use.

Reasons For Getting A Miniature Foosball Table

Mini Tables Save Space 

We would all like a full-sized Tornado Table in our den. However, these need a space of around six-foot square, once you include the players, and this space cannot easily be used for something else when the game is not being played.

A tabletop table can be used in (depending on the size of the model you buy, and the size of the people playing–Kids usually need much less space than a 200lb man), approximately four-foot square.

These tables have no legs, meaning that you need to use an area that is already being used for something else, a dining table, work surface, kitchen table, etc. So no dedicated space is required for this type of game.

When the game is not being used, it requires no space at all, merely slide the foosball table under a bed, put it in a closet or store it in your garage/loft. You can have this type, even in a tiny living space.

Mini Tables Have A Lower Price

Tabletop tables, while you can get some good quality ones, are not as big and bulky as there full-size relatives. This means that fewer materials are used in manufacture, and this manufacturing is much simpler. It is made of composites rather than a solid block of wood.

All of which makes producing it a lot cheaper compared with full-sized tables. These savings are passed on to you, the customer.
A typical tabletop will probably cost less than 10-20% of the price of a full sized game.

Table Top Mini Foosball Tables

For Kids

Kids love to play games, but for smaller children, full-sized tables make little sense. Young children can go off things quickly, and you do not want to buy an expensive full-sized game, for it only to be used in the first week, then forgotten about.

Also, young children are small (but you probably knew that, didn’t you?), and full-sized tables are designed with adults in mind. This means that they are not always suited to small children because:

  1. They will be too high. The tables are intended for an adult to play comfortably on; this means children may have to stand on something, adding to safety concerns.

  2. The table is too long. Children cannot easily reach all the rods from one position. This means that they have to move to get to the rods they need. Impossible if they are also standing on a chair.

  3. The rods are bulky and have to be moved a long way to get the players from one side of the Foosball pitch to another. Again, no use if you have got small arms.

But Good News! These problems can be solved if you buy a tabletop table. It’s smaller, taking up less space, and cheaper.

The quality of tables designed for kids is lower than those intended for adults. But kids grow quickly, and a table that was the right size for them now is probably going to be too small for them in 2-3 years. If you want a better quality table, then a Tabletop designed for adults will work equally well for children.

For Adults

Tabletop games designed for adults are bigger than those designed for kids, for obvious reasons. They are usually a little better quality, and will last longer. This extra size and durability will, of course, make manufacturing more expensive, and therefore, these tables are more costly than kids' tables.

I would not recommend getting a kids' table for adults. It will probably be too small, and your extra strength will probably cause it to break sooner.

Foldup Mini Foosball Tables

Tabletops are useful in a small space, however their size is about half of that of a full table. What about if you want to save space and still have a full sized table in your home? Well, this is where you may consider a folding table. These are a cross between the full game and a tabletop table. It will have everything that a tabletop has and a lot more.

A Fold-up table is also designed with space saving in mind, but requires more space to play, as it can be sized up to a full table. It has its own legs, so it is going to be the right height. You do not have to find something to put it on, which is the height you require. The legs can naturally be folded up, and the table stored.

As it is bigger and has folded legs, it is going to need more storage space. It should still fit under a bed, in a closet, or loft/ basement/garage. Before you buy one of these, look at the folded size and make sure that you are going to have the room to store it.

The tables not really for professional players, they are excellent tables, and you can have great games at family gathering or with your friends, but if you are an advanced player, looking to improve your game or play other players of a similar standard, you would probably be better off looking at full-sized dedicated tables.

The major disadvantage with fold up tables is with the leg folding mechanism. These can become loose over the years as they keep getting folded up and unfold again, but I still would not let this put you off considering one of these beautiful tables.

Dual Purpose Mini Foosball Tables

You can get tables that serve a dual purpose, these are Foosball coffee tables, occasionally you see a Dining Table, but these seem to be quite rare at the moment.

The Foosball Coffee Table is a Coffee Table foremost, so it is smaller than a full sized game, and being a Coffee Table is lower. These are built to high standards, using quality woods, like walnut and mahogany. These tables look fantastic in any room.

These tables have a glass top and a fully functioning foosball table build into it. This means, of course, that you need to have access to both sides of the table to play the game. So you need to think where in the room it can be positioned.

Unlike the other tables mention in this article, they are not built to be stored away when they are not being used; they are left out in your living room, or den, and used as your coffee table.

How Sturdy Is A Smaller Mini Foosball Table?

The durability varies from table to table, but these will never be as strong as a full game made from solid wood and metal. The larger table tops are usually sturdier, as the materials are thicker and more natural to reinforce.

Both the tabletop and the Folding tables have a range of qualities to them.

The lower quality, cheaper tables are made to satisfy people who want a more affordable table, as they are not too serious about Foosball, or they are buying it for children, who may lose interest in a few months. Whereas some people want a better quality game, but do not have enough space.

Looking at the tables, the prices and their reviews, you can easily see which tables fall into each category.

The Foosball Coffee Tables all tend to be of high quality; this is because they need to look good to go in a living room and are made of quality woods. There does not seem to be any cheap tables of this variety.

Tabletops are made from MDF or composite wood material. These materials are both perfect for building this type of game, but if long life and durability are critical to you, then MDF is more durable than composite wood.

When Is A Tabletop Not The Right Choice?

If you want a professional level game, or want to practice to become an expert, then these types of table are probably not the right choice. You cannot use as much vigor, push and pull the rods with a lot of force as you can on a full sized game, as the table is smaller, lighter and will quickly move should you try some of these moves.

The smaller size also means that when you are playing in a professional competition, you will be at a disadvantage because you are used to playing on a smaller playing area

  • A FUSION OF YOUTHFUL VIBE AND QUALITY - This football table has vibrant and modern graphics, a sturdy construction and awesome features which include: a durable cabinet, stable legs with non-marking pads, easy-to-maneuver silver steel rods with non-slip rubber handles, wear-resistant screen-printed graphics, ball pockets for easy retrieval, and deluxe bearings so you can obtain maximum ball control and shot precision. Assembled dimensions: 38 x 19.75 x 8 inches / Weight: 12.13 pounds.
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT DESIGN - Durable soccer table can fit on top of your kitchen counter, coffee table, or on your floor without leaving scratches. The 3-goalie setup is ideal for 4-year-old kids and kids at heart. Light enough for easy transport and storage, with guaranteed resilience to withstand the high energy of players.
  • PACKED WITH COMPLETE PARTS AND ACCESSORIES - Everything you need comes with the package: 2 black and white fusball balls, 2 durable goals, 6 sturdy goalie configurations, and 2 manual slide scoring units. Also includes a clear assembly manual.
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY - Your game table will arrive with all the necessary parts without defect and/or shipping damage. Well ship new replacement parts or an entirely new table at no cost in the event of defect or damage. If you still arent satisfied, youll get a full refund. We also offer in-home delivery and assembly for an added fee. In the 90-day warranty period we will repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the purchaser.
  • DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED BY HARVIL - All Harvil items are designed and engineered by creative people right here in the USA. We are a family business and we design our products to be enjoyed by family and friends. Even though many of these items are manufactured in Asia, we are proud to have Americans who understand Americans needs bringing our items to life.
  • UNPLUG & PLAY: Enjoy fast paced play on this compact tabletop foosball table. Stay active and spend quality time with family and friends. Bring it to a family gathering, birthday party, or tailgate event. DIMS: 40"L x 20"W x 8"H and weighs 15 lbs.
  • FOOSBALL PLAYERS ARE PRE-ASSEMBLED ON THE RODS FOR FASTER TABLE ASSEMBLY: This classic version of table soccer is fun for all ages. Chrome-plated steel rods are ideal for swift shots while the rubber grooved handles enable a strong, stable grip.
  • GOOOOOOAAAALLLL!: Superior MDF design is built to withstand competitive and convenient play. The FX40 Foosball table includes two goal boxes with ball return. The soccer table also features non-marking rubber pads to protect all your table surfaces.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Sport Squad listens and learns from your feedback to create quality gameroom equipment for kids & adults. If you're not 100% satisfied or have product suggestions our customer service team is available to help.
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  • ⚽ Portable Design: Giantex durable soccer arcade can fit on top of your kitchen counter, coffee table, or on your floor without leaving scratches. Light enough for easy transport and storage, with guaranteed resilience to withstand the high energy of players.
  • ⚽ Durable Structure: Constructed of strong wood construction and steel rods, sturdy and reliable, can serve you for a long time. In addition, 4 leg construction provides additional stability.
  • ⚽ Fun For All Age: Kids and adults will be able to get lots of enjoyment from this versatile and simple-to-use interactive furniture. It will fit in nicely in a game room, garage or playroom to give you a unique entertainment option.
  • ⚽ Easy To Play: 6 rows are included within the table to allow 3 rows per team; 9 red players and 9 yellow players. Internal ball retrieval at each goal. Plastic manual slide scorers at each goal.
  • ⚽ Suitable For Daily Use: Unified leg panel design with leg spanners on each side. Scoring device to count the game process conveniently. Overall Dimension: 27" X 14.5" X 9.5"(L X W X H). Football Field: 23"X13.5"(L X W).

Other Questions

What is a standard size foosball table?

If you want to be a professional foosball player or just want to reach an advanced level, choose a full-sized dedicated foosball table. A standard size foosball table is large and hefty and takes up a lot of room.

Usually, a standard foosball table is about 2 ½ feet wide and 5 feet in length, while a regulation-sized table is 29-30 inches wide and 54-56 inches long. Also, its height is around 34-36 inches.

How wide is a foosball table with rods?

If you know what the standard size foosball table is, but still wonder how wide a foosball table is with rods, the answer is based on how much the rods add to the total width of the table. Usually, rods can add up to 12-18 inches to the width of a standard size foosball table.

When installing a standard size foosball table, it is recommended that you leave 16 to 18 inches of space around the physical table for the rods to fit comfortably, and another 2-3 feet so that you can move the rods when you play.

How wide is a Small foosball table with rods?

The most popular size dimensions for a small foosball table, a mini foosball table or, as they are known, tabletop foosball tables, are of 20 inches wide, 40 inches long and 8 inches tall.

If you are wondering how wide a small foosball table with rods is, its width can be calculated in a way that is like the regular foosball table with rods. Check the dimensions of the rods and add a couple of inches to the specified width of the small foosball table.

Usually, small foosball tables with rods are 8 to 12 inches wider than the specified dimensions for the table itself, without accessories.

What size should a foosball table be? And an 8-person table?

A standard full size foosball table should have a size of around 2 ½ feet wide and 5 feet long. For regulation-sized foosball tables, the width should be of 29-30 inches, the length should be around 54-56 inches, and the height of the table should be around 34-35 inches.

And 8-person foosball table usually has a bigger dimension, especially for its length. If a regulation-sized foosball table has around 54-56 inches in length, an 8-player foosball table has around 102 inches in length, but around the same width and height of a usual standard regulation table, which is of 30 inches wide and 34-35 inches tall.

Can 4 people play an 8-person game?

On an 8-person table, you can have up to 4 players on each side of the table. This means that 4 people on an 8-person foosball table will provide a more intense workout and a more active gameplay, with only 2 people on each side.

This may require players that are proficient in foosball, so that the game does not lose speed, because of the need to handle more rods than usual.


How many players on a table? And how many on an 8-person table?

For the twenty-two-player foosball table model, you can have up to four people on each side, each player manning one foosball rod, but it can become crowded, which is why there are specialty foosball tables, to accommodate bigger groups of players.

An 8-person table is 2.5 feet wide and 8.5 feet long and it features 16 rods in total. This means an 8-person table can comfortably host both one-on-one games and four-on-four games.

An 8-person table has 42 players on the playfield, and playing with 8 people can become chaotic, but it is better than having no room for all your friends at the table.


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