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Carp Fishing Rod Basics – How Do You Pick The Right One?

Carp fishing rod basics, But first, this fantastic little oriental tale about carp, reported by carpkrazy.com. There may be reported to be a location known as “Dragon’s Gate,” situated on top of a waterfall. The tale states that when a carp can hop over the waterfall through the waters down below.

It can become a wonderful dragon. Carp anglers in the united kingdom look at themselves as a type apart. Discovering and landing this good looking and challenging fish. It is much more of an avocation or calling for them than merely a spare time activity or hobby.

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Carp Fishing Rod Basics Essentials

A carp can weigh up as little as 2 pounds and way up to 60 pounds. Therefore the very first thing to consider would be to decide on a fishing rod able to support a minimum of that weight effectively. One particular way of measuring a rod’s durability is known as its test curve.

The test curve represents just how much weight it requires to bend over the tip of the fishing rod. Into a 90-degree position from the butt. So, this feature of the carp fishing rod informs how rigid it really is. Vital when getting a large species of fish on the fishing line. An additional and crucial function of the fishing rod is known as its action. Which identifies the actual way it bends.

A quick action fishing rod bends just within the upper 3rd of the overall length. A medium action fishing rod bends just within the upper 50 percent and also a slow action fishing rod bends just inside the lower 3rd of the length. Slow action fishing rods occasionally are identified as parabolic. Which means the bend is identical across the whole length. The rod’s action produces the force which comes through the cast.

Both of these attributes, test curves, and fishing rod action give a precise picture of the way a fishing rod will work

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A Little More About Carp Fishing rods

Another essential attribute of your fishing rod is known as its power. Fishing rods are scored over a scale that varies from extra-heavy to ultra-light. Fishing rod power also relates to the line’s test strength rating. A whopping power fishing rod is frequently associated with a heavy test strength line.

The ability score is stamped on the fishing rod. Seriously mismatched fishing rod power and line test rating can break both the fishing line or even the fishing rod alone. Any fish could be captured on any fishing rod, but utilizing a fairly light-weight fishing rod when looking for much larger fish can give the fisherman lots of obstacles when actively playing the fish on the fishing line.

Sad to say, the battle typically leads to damage of your tackle and could lead to loss of the fish. (Nobody want’s that).

Additionally, there is a connection between the kind of water being fished and the strength of the fishing rod and line. As an example, when the water has a substantial amount of plant life, undergrowth, and bottom level features, it makes sense to utilize a greater strength fishing rod. For wide open, crystal clear waters without any bottom level obstructions or undergrowth, go with a lighter strength fishing rod and line.

Carp Fishing Rod Basics and A Feature Known As Responsiveness

Ultimately, there is a fishing rod feature known as responsiveness that communicates the way it reacts when under tension and flex-ion. The lighter the fishing rod, the greater responsive it really is. When looking for a Carp fishing rod in the united kingdom, assume to spend from £125 and up to £550 and even as much as £750 plus in some fishing stores.

On-line selling prices could be cheaper and I advise you to always look around for the best quality and look for the best price you can afford. So, for the most fisherman that just fish for the pleasure and little hobby, can you warrant paying out £5/700 for a carp fishing rod.

Most would not, I wouldn’t blame you. Now for the more serious carp angler. Someone who would go every day or some that do it for a living then yes. It would be well worth paying out the higher money as it for your profession.

The tools of the trade, as they say, Builders have to pay for their tools two and from experience, I know some drills are around £3/500 plus too.

Choosing The Right Length Of Carp Fishing Rod Basics.

Firstly, what is the right length for a carp fishing rod? Is it set in stone that this length or that length is the right one. No, I would much rather go with one that I am comfortable with, that feels nice and handles nicely to me.

I personally don’t like a heavy Carp fishing rod or a long fishing rod. However, I like to go stalking when I go to Carp fishing. Even at the age of 46, I’d still climb that tree to stalk out that one target fish of the day. Now you can’t go stalking around with that 12/13 foot fishing rod for that.

If, however, you are on a big massive open water of 20/30 acres. You will need that bigger rod for the huge casting if you need to get out to where the fish are sitting.

Also, when I am laying out on the bed-chair, for a day, I just go with my short 9 footers, alarms a few pellets, and a big bag of boilies and that good for me.

Personal preference 

Starting out, I think you’d be good to go for around the 10-foot mark, with a 2.75 test curve. Once you start catching a few and get the feel for it you can always upgrade.

Also, you’ll need to match a good reel and a balanced line to match the rod. Fox, Daiwa, and Shimano are great reels to get started on. Good quality and reasonable prices.

Balanced Line for your reels. 

So, for a 10 foot Carp fishing rod line, I would go for around 8lb to 15lb and you’d be good. No need to go over 15lb as I think you’d have an unbalanced rod and line. If you have a lot of plant life at the lake then go more to the 15lb side. If you have less plant life and trees go down on the lower 8lb side or in between.

Which line to go for?

Again this comes down to your own preference and tests you can go out and do. My Preference for a line is the Maxima Chameleon and I love this line and I use it for most and all of my fishing. All my reel lines, pole rig, as well as all of my hook-lengths, are the Maxima Line.

Optimum blend of strength and elasticity, the stuff just won’t snap. The pole rigs i use are mostly made up of 4/5lb with a 3lb to 4lb hook length. It’s very rare these snap on me. When I am on the margin pole and looking for the big boys. I’d go up to a 6lb straight through, maybe an 8lb if there reel biggies.

Summary For Carp Fishing Rod Basics!

So, pick something that feels comfortable and right to you. More importantly balance the rod, reel, and line.

And nothing too heavy with a fair length that feels good to you. Check out the new fishing shop here, and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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Other Questions

What is the best bait for carp fishing?

A common misconception is that Carp have “taste buds”, and that they can smell as we do. However, for the best carp fishing, the following bait will be needed.

1. Maize/Corn
2. Bread
3. Boilies
4. Bird seed
5. Instant Oatmeal

How do you carp fish for beginners?

This would be better explained in a YouTube video

What carp fishing tackle do I need?

  • Types of bait as required for carp (above)
  • Bite Alarms, so you can see when you have been bitten!
  • Carp Care Kits (It is imperative that we protect the fish for future generations.)
  • Carp fishing rods. It’s advisable to specifically buy a carp rod, for carp fishing to get the best experience.
  • Catapult - to put bait and hook out there
  • End Tackle
  • First Aid (never know when there will be an accident)
  • Carp Fishing Nets, to catch the carp
  • Fishing license - going to need one of these!

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