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How Commercial Foosball Tables Can Help Your Business (2022)

Commercial Foosball Table – Learn How It Can Help Your Business (2020)

How Can A Commercial Foosball Table Improve My Business? (2021)

A coin-operated Foosball Table can help your business in several ways.

  • Provides an extra income stream
  • Requires little staff interaction
  • Encourages people who like the game to come to your establishment
  • Running scheduled competitions in quiet times increases revenue
  • Gives your establishment something that the competition does not have

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Commercial Foosball Table Improve My Business?

How Can A Commercial Foosball Table Improve My Business? Having a table in your establishment will encourage people who like this game to come to your place of business, rather than competitors. When they come to your location, some of their friends will go with them too.

These tables do not take up a lot of space and once purchased are very cheap to run. They do not require any of your staff's time to oversee, other than changing coins every so often.

Running Torments and competitions during some of your quieter periods helps to increase revenues, as the players will have to pay for the games, and may buy drinks and food while they are waiting for their matches    

Why Install A Commercial Foosball Table

Foosball is a game that is not intimidating for the public to play; people are not worried about playing if they are not excellent players. This means that a Commercial Foosball table (Coin Operated Foosball Table) is an excellent addition to any bar, club or any public place.

Most people do not have access to a Foosball table, in their home or friends’ houses, so having the ability to play in a bar, etc., is a fun activity that they do not get to enjoy often.

A Bar or a café

A Bar or a café even, is the ideal place for a commercial foosball table. It keeps people there longer, drinking and eating while they are there. If meeting with their buddies, if your bar has a Foosball table and others do not, your place is favored. Organize a weekly competition on a quiet night of the week, and you have extra customers, playing, drinking and eating.

You could even offer to make the games free on competition night, encouraging people to come and join in (and spend money)

The table takes coins much like pool tables, vending machine, etc. and then gives the players the balls. This means that you do not need any staff to oversee the operation of the table (Other than providing some change now and again). You now have another passive income stream on your premises that requires no extra supervision.

What To Look For In A Commercial Table


If you want to encourage people who play a lot and will spend a lot of time in your establishment, then you will need a top foosball table.

These people are going to know if they are using a low-quality table. Fortunately, most commercial tables are of outstanding quality. The following are most of the things you need to look for in a coin-operated foosball table :

Quality Coin Operated Foosball Tables Will Have:

  •  Leveling – no one wants a table with a slope. Ensure the table has levelers on each foot.
  •  Rods – Solid metal poles that the men are attached to will not be bent easily
  •  Counterbalanced men – Stronger & better to play with
  •  Foot design – Square, curved with a cross-hatch design is the best
  •  Coin Slot – Must be able to be changed in case the size of the coins are altered
  •  Covering – There may be beer or coffee around this table, so look for waterproofing
  •  Size – You want a tournament
  •  Table - Which is 2 1/2 feet wide by nearly 5 feet long


As this is going to be a public table, and some members of the public will not treat it well, then you are going to want this it to be as sturdy as possible.

Hopefully, it is going to be used a lot while your business is open, and some people will not go easy on it.

Look for an outstanding quality make, made from solid wood rather than plastic, which has excellent reviews.


Not the most dangerous game in the world, but it is possible to get hit or pinched by the rods while they are being slammed in and out of the table.

Look for a table with guards to stop this from happening.


You are going to need a solid table, one that will not move around your premises when a rough game is going on. This is also going to make the table last longer as they are built to withstand very active matches.

Heavy Duty Foosball Tables

Commercial Foosball tables are made to a higher quality, especially regarding strength. Active play should not damage them, and you will not have to worry about the table, and you can carry on with your regular business.

If you are not happy with your current income, or how efficient your business is, then a coin-operated foosball table can help use any underutilized areas, and improve your patron’s entertainment.

Foosball Table Cover

Commercial Foosball Tables are in areas with more people, drinks, and food, than regular tables. They can withstand a lot. However, a suitable cover will keep the table looking great, and increase its life expectancy.

You can even get custom made covers that have your business’s logo on them. Read more about the advantages of foosball table covers and why they are needed in this article Foosball Table Covers

What Other Products Could You Install To Increase Turnover?

If you do not think that a Foosball Table is what your establishment needs, there are a lot of other options with similar benefits as mentioned above. Some of these are detailed below.

Commercial Air Hockey Table

This is also a game for two players. It has all the same advantages as a Foosball Table and takes up a little more space. It has the disadvantage that it needs power, so will slightly increase the electric bill, and of course, there is more that can go wrong with the table as it has electrical parts.

Commercial Air Hockey Tables are more expensive that Foosball tables (usually more than twice the price), as they have an electronic component to them

Air Hockey is a game with a smooth, slippery surface that has air blown up through tiny holes on the surface. This means that there is very little friction on it. A puck is placed on the table; then the two players have to hit this puck, with their paddles, into the opponent’s goal

Coin Operated Arcade Machine

These are not as common now as they were in the past, because of many people owning their own Gaming Console. However, they are still popular wherever they are found. They have very similar advantages to Table Foosball in the main article. However, you cannot have the same tournaments/Competitions.

These machines are a lot smaller than the other options mentioned in this article. Also, they are pushed up against a wall, possibly in the corner. This means that they use far, far less space than the alternatives. This makes them a great choice if space is at a premium.

In the 1980/90’s when these machines were most common, each unit housed a single game, e.g., Pacman, Space Invaders. Technology has moved on a lot since that time, and a lot of the consoles that you can get now have hundreds of these games to choose from in each box.

It is like having an entire Amusement Arcade in the corner of your premises.

Commercial Pool Table

Again, this item has almost the same advantages that a Commercial Foosball Table would have in your premises. Pool/Billiards is probably more popular that Foosball, however, Pool Tables are a lot more expensive than a Foosball table.

  • COMMERCIAL FOOSBALL TABLE - Coin Operated. Split cabinet provides storage and access to the interior of the table
  • COUNTERBALANCED FOOSBALL MEN - Men stay parked anyplace within 360 Degrees
  • STAY-IN-PLAY - Provides very slight rise along playfield walls so balls can't come to rest.
  • COMMERCIAL STYLE CABINET - Sovereign Cherry Laminated cabinet with solid polymer 3½" x 5½" legs with levelers. Weighs 355 lbs.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Includes 12 balls, rod silicone, pin punch and rod block, rules poster, keys

Other Questions

How much does a professional foosball player make?

According to Simply-Hired, a professional foosball player earns around $85K annually, while Foosball Tips indicate a more spread salary range -  $39K to $135K yearly. So, how much can a professional foosball player take home per year?

There is no steady income for a professional foosball player. When starting foosball as a career, brace yourself harder because you are in for a long and expensive path before you become a prowess. 

Professional foosball players will solely depend on tournament winnings. One should be ready to dig deeper into personal savings to enter tournaments across the country and beyond borders. 

Who is the best foosball player in the world?

Ever since foosball went under the regulations of ITSF, the game has attracted more professional players than before. Today, many regular competitions are held internationally, including annual championships and world cup event. The best players are ranked according to points garnered from world championships and the world cup event. 

According to ITSF today, the top-ranking foosball player is Tony Spredeman, with a total of 655 points based on ITSF rankings. Second on the list is an American Todd Loffredo, with 644 points and famous for winning the Master Title in 2003 with three-peat winners.

The third-ranked player is Miguel Dos Santos Lote with 614 points, and the fourth ranked player is Sebastian Meckes; closing the top five lists is Oliver Covos, a 41-year old Frenchman. 

How much does a good foosball table cost?

Miniature foosball tables with two to three handles for each player will cost you less than $100. These are foosball tables you can place on top of kitchen tables, on the floor or on the laps to play.

An intermediate foosball table will cost you anything between $100 and $200. Although these foosball table types are budget-friendly, they are not as sturdy and durable as high-end foosball tables. High-quality foosball tables have four handles for each player, and you will part with $300-$2000 to get depending on other features of the table. 


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