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Best Foosball Coffee Tables (2022): Reviews, Perks & Options

Foosball Coffee Tables – What To Consider & Best Tables Reviewed

What Is A Foosball Coffee Table, and why would I want one?

These are foremost a tremendous looking Coffee Table, with the added advantage of also having a Foosball Game built into them. If you want to play a fun game, and add more entertainment to the space you have available, they are great, but they will be of no use to practice on for the world championships.

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What Is A Coffee/Foosball Table?

Having a Foosball Coffee table in your living room, man cave, kids' room, or anywhere that you may need a beautiful table, can add a lot to that space. Manufacturers have gone to great lengths to make these stylish pieces of furniture look as elegant as there non-foosball cousins; after all, no one wants an ugly table sat in the middle of their living room.

If you have a Foosball style coffee table in your living room, instead of a standard table would not give you any disadvantages, after all, you can put your magazines, drinks and other objects on it the same as any table. What it gives you is a conversation starter that can be great fun for everyone who visits your home.
The foosball game is covered with a tempered glass surface, so you do not need to worry about placing things on the table when not in use! (Tempered Glass is just a safety glass that has been toughened for extra strength, making it much harder to break)
Hubby didn’t want me to get it. Thankfully I vetoed him!
We had a multipurpose room and needed a coffee table, so this was perfect. Daughter had a sleepover (15-year-old girls), and they all enjoyed it. 9-year-old son and his friend have really liked it too.
Over Christmas, even my nephews ranging from 7yrs-20 all had a blast. Heavy table, doesn’t look cheap at all. Hubby assembled it in less than an hour. Beware – the box is really heavy.

What To Look For In A Coffee Foosball Table

I have written about this several times before; however, when looking for this type of table, then criteria changes somewhat. With a regular table, the critical factors are Type of Table, player skill, style, etc. but these rarely apply as much to this type of table.

These tables are not suitable for a professional to practice on (Beginners and children will get their skills up to a better level). When looking for your Coffee/Foosball table, the crucial factors will be the more ascetic factors, like size, height, and color/style.
You will want something that looks like it is in the place you put it – so that you have a beautiful room and home. Note, unlike most dedicated foosball tables, the duel table type is unlikely to have table levelers on its legs. So you will need to put it on a flat surface or manually level the table. These table designs are to make them look good, and levelers on each foot, while useful, does not look so great.

Why Consider A Foosball Coffee Table

Beautiful Piece Of Furniture

Foosball is a popular game with both adults and children. However, most of the tables produced are boxy and usually have bright colors. These are not something that fits in at all well with the décor in your living room or den. Foosball coffee tables get around this problem, beautifully designed from solid woods, designed as a Coffee Table first, these look great in any room.

Strong Tables

When you are buying any piece of furniture, always consider how long that piece will last! Coffee tables are usually made from solid pieces of wood, the glass surface has to be made from robust, high-quality material, or it would break too easily when things were placed on its surface.

Multiple Uses

The major benefit of a Foosball Coffee table is its ability to fill various functions; you can still use it for your magazines and coffee. But there is also the option for you or children to play a game of Foosball.

Not Overly Expensive

As the number of companies manufacturing Foosball Coffee tables increases, they need to distinguish their tables from the others. This means that the prices are being driven down, or the quality and features are going up. You can get beautiful tables now for just over $250.

Kids Can Learn To Play Easily

Should you have small children around, they can learn the basics of foosball in minutes, rather than spending a long time teaching them checkers or chess. It helps improve their hand-eye coordination and keeps them off their phones/video games for a few hours.

Buyers Guide – Before Buying Think About The Following

Table Size

When looking for the perfect Foosball Table Coffee Table, you need to ensure that your room has enough space. Measure the space you have, then choose a table that will fit. Remember to include enough space for the players to get around the table. Possibly include enough room for some stools as well. (Optional)

Table Weight

The weight of a Foosball Table Coffee Table is usually of low importance. They are placed in a room and never moved. However, if the table will be moved sometimes, or it will be in an upstairs room, then find a lighter table which is easier to carry.

Levelers On The Table

Levelers will be quite an important option on any Foosball Table. The table must be flat to play any sort of fair game on. Levelers will allow you to get the playing surface completely flat.

If you get a coffee table that does not have levelers, then you may end up fitting some yourself. Otherwise you will put pieces of card under the legs, which does not look great in your living room.

Playing Rods

Again, this is less important for a Foosball Table Coffee Table. The best rods (the bars that the foosball playing men are attached) are made of steel, with a chrome coating to stop corrosion. Solid rods are best as they are stronger. However, on a coffee table there is not much chance the people are going to lean on these and bend them.

Telescopic rods are better for this type of table (if you can find them!) as they do not stick out of the other end, so are a little more convenient.

Foosball Men

The best type of foosball men are counterbalanced, with a square crosshatch foot, for better play and ball control. With this type of table, it is unlikely that you will be given this option. You will, however, still be able to play a great game with the players that are supplied.


The number of people interested in Foosball continues to grow. This has caused more and more manufacturers to make these tables. As there are now more companies competing, the price of this type of table has fallen a lot in recent years.

You can now get some splendid tables at reasonable prices. This table can look fantastic and go with the décor of most rooms.

However, make sure that you do not go for something that is too cheap. The table must be of a quality that will fit in with your room, and last many years.


A Cheaper or more convenient option – Tabletop Foosball

Should you be looking for a cheaper alternative? If you do not want a foosball table in your living room, but your kids/grandkids are desperate for a Foosball table. A Tabletop foosball game would be a good alternative.

You can keep the regular Coffee Table that you already have in your living room and instead get a Tabletop game. These are Foosball tables that have no legs and need to be placed on top of another table to use. Get one of these and put it on the coffee table when you want to play, when you are finished, just store it in a cupboard or under a bed.

These also have the advantage of being light and transportable, to another room, or friend’s house

(Read move about these and get recommendations here)

Can you play an actual game of foosball on a coffee table?

The quick answer is yes, but let us take a deeper look of what playing an actual game of foosball on a coffee table means. A foosball style coffee table is covered with a glass surface, so that is serves multiple purposes.

You can both enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while reading your favourite magazine on this table and have an exciting game of foosball in the same room, with no extra preparation! Or you can even let your kids play foosball while you relax in the same room.

Can the balls be replaced on a foosball coffee table?

Theoretically, any foosball table should allow you to change the accessories, including the balls or foosball men, but it depends on what type of foosball coffee table you purchase. This is the same situation as when you wonder if you can replace the glass on top of a foosball coffee table.

Replacing the balls might require you to remove the glass on the foosball coffee table. Here comes the tricky part. Some foosball coffee tables allow you to easily detach the glass surface that covers the play area, while others feature a glass that is rigidly attached to the table, so you might need the help of an expert to replace the balls or any other accessory, by removing the glass surface.

Can the players be replaced on a foosball Coffee table?

You can find replacement players for your foosball coffee table and you can buy them online or from the foosball table manufacturer, but depending on what type of foosball coffee table you have, replacing them might require professional help.

Check to see if the glass surface on your coffee foosball table is detachable. If you can remove it yourself, then you can easily replace the players. If the glass surface of the foosball coffee table is attached, probably call an expert to help you with safely removing it and placing it back after you have replaced the players on your foosball table.

  • Coffee Table doubles as a Foosball Game table!
  • Solid Hardwood Construction with elegant accents and hand-carved detailing
  • Furniture-grade playfield has inlaid wood veneers with hand painted foosball men
  • Telescopic rods, octagonal handles and adjustable leg levelers
  • Sleek glass top and functional shelf below

Other Questions

How do I choose a foosball table?

To choose a foosball table for your home, there are certain things to keep in mind. First, you should know the different types of foosball tables; stand-alone tables are the common and most expensive options. Tabletop foosball tables are mini-type options perfect for children and those looking for budget tables. 

The purpose of the foosball table plays a critical role when choosing a foosball table for your home.  Go for professional options if you are buying for adults and clientele. Another critical aspect of a foosball table is adjustable height. Check the playing surface, too, when choosing a foosball table, and don't forget to check online customer reviews before settling to buy one. 

Why do they call it a coffee table?

They call it a coffee table because it is a foosball table designed to be an elegant coffee table when not in use. There is no disadvantage in having a foosball table acting as a coffee table because it adds beauty to your living room, and you can count on it as a conversation-starting when you have visitors.

After all, your foosball/coffee table has a tempered glass covering your foosball battlefield, so you don't have to worry about spills and what's more, you can place your coffee and other drinks on top, just like a coffee table. 

What is the point of a coffee table?

Instead of a standard coffee table in the middle of your living room, why not incorporate more and bring the game right to the living room? There is no crime in having your foosball under your coffee table, right? So, instead non-foosball ugly coffee table sitting in the middle of your living room, you now have a two-in-one.

How about enjoying drinks on top while fully immersed in the foosball game? After all, the glass top is a “tempered glass” for extra strength. These tables are suitable for kids and beginners to level up their game. 

Other Table Types –Game Coffee Table

Key Details Color: Red Oak, Dark Walnut, Ebony or Classic Gray 
Width: 42 inches 
Depth: 23 inches 
Height: 16 inches 
Weight: 85 pounds

This table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with marine varnish to protect it. It is handcrafted from solid wood, so is secure and stable. No assembly is required. The table has two boards that can be reversed to play the game on the other side.

These games are Checkers, Chess, TicTacToe and Backgammon The table features two reversible game board inserts that measure 14″ x 12″ Sq. It has Backgammon / Chalkboard / Checkers – Chess / TicTacToe games. All the game boards are hand painted.

All pieces are supplied other than the chess pieces. There are 2 built-in storage areas. Because it is made from reclaimed wood, and is handcrafted, each table will vary slightly.


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