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Foosball World Championships

A friend of mine was considering entering the Foosball World Championships, but was unsure of how to go about this. So we did some research, and here is what we found out!

Several competitions can be considered to be the Foosball World Championships; here we will tell you how to find the details of each of them, and whether you can enter yourself

here are a lot of Professional Foosball Competitions around the world each year. Several of these can be considered to be the Foosball World Championships, the main ones being: o Table Soccer World Cup o Foosball World Championships o Tornado World Championships o World Series by Bonzini

Each competition will feature several categories Men’s, Women’s, Doubles, Amateur, etc. so there is usually at least one or two events that anyone can play in When looking at entering these competitions, there are several factors to consider, the number of days it runs, the entrance fee and how to submit your entry, and which events may be suited to your skill level, age, and sex.

How To Enter Foosball World Championships Tournaments

There are several competitions, split into multiple categories that can be considered to be the Foosball World Championships

The Table Soccer World Cup

This tournament is run by the ITSF and works in the same way as the FIFA (Soccer) World Cup. The competition was, however, run yearly, where the FIFA World Cup is every four years. In FIFA World Cup years is given a bit more emphasis. Since 2015 this Competition has been run every two years In this event, players represent their home Countries, and any wins are awarded back to that country

Foosball World Championship

This tournament is held three times a year, using a different manufacturers table for each competition. The Manufacturers are Garlando Bonzini & Leonhart. This competition is usually based in Europe

Tornado World Championship

A mainly American tournament, which is sponsored by the Manufacturer Dynamo-Valley, who make Tornado Tables. These events are almost always in the USA. Since 2012, the winner has been American, even though players from other countries do attend and play in these events I will not put details of the upcoming tournaments here, as this was a problem with some of the other sites, the data was several years old.

Two great sites have up to date information on all of the upcoming events. (These sites do not have the same competitions, so be sure to check both) This site has mostly competitions based in the USA IFPTour Competition Details This site has the bigger international Foosball Tournaments Competition Details 

You can register to enter these competitions online on the given sites. There are online signup forms, and you can make payment by credit card. When entering the events, bear in mind that some of the games are restricted, for example, Junior, Senior, Women’s games are limited to people who fall into the given category.

There is also an app that can help you find all of the upcoming foosball events. This is available on both iPhone and Android. It has the following functionality

• For a given location, find nearby places where you can play Foosball

• Follow Events, Profiles, and Places, etc. and receive notifications on tournaments they are running

• Find Competitions and set reminders A YouTube video of the functionality can be seen below

What Are The Prizes For The Individual Events

The prizes for the events can vary considerably. The prize money depends on several factors

• Number of entrants

• Cost of the entrance fee

• Sponsors adding extra prizes

Some tournaments have fixed prizes, so you know what the winner gets before you enter, whereas others give a percentage of the entrance fees to first, second and third places. When you look at the event information, you will be shown everything you require. Where a tournament is sponsored by a particular manufacturer, they will probably add to the prize pool with extra prizes, or with tables as prizes.

As an example, below is part of a page giving details of the Kentucky State IPF Tour. On the top right is the contact information, name, phone, email, etc. The location of the competition is at the top left. Towards the bottom is the fees to enter each of the events, and above that are the prizes for each event.

This competition has been sponsored by Tornado, that’s why there are several (expensive) tables that can be won in some of the events!

How Long Are These Tournaments And The Individual Events?

A full tournament can last from a day to sometimes a week; it depends on how important an event it is, and how many players have entered each event. The matches are usually in the knockout format, so the winner of the current game goes through to the next round.

So if you are only in one event, and are knocked out in the first round, you only need to be there for 10 minutes. However, you are going to need to assume that you are going to win the event you have entered, and allow that much time.

Again the start time and the duration of each event will be on the webpage advertising the tournament. This can be a couple of hours for a small event, to a day or more for huge events.

How Much Does It Cost To Enter An Event At A Foosball World Championship?

Each event has a different cost associated with entering it. For example, the Junior and Amateur events have a lower entrance fee than the men’s singles or the doubles events.

Each event can have a fee ranging from twenty dollars up to several hundred dollars; again this will be clearly shown on the tournament details form.

There are several other factors to consider when trying to calculate the cost of entering a tournament, these include travel costs, which may even involve overseas travel, living expenses – food and accommodation, as well as any loss of earnings due to taking time off work


Related Questions

What are the Foosball Rules At These Competitions?
All Foosball Competitions follow the official rules as defined by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF). These are the sports ruling body, and represent over 66 different countries

The full rulebook can be downloaded from there site here

They also have copies of the rulebook on this site in over a dozen other languages

What Is The Dress Code At A Competition

The attire required is generally not too strict and may vary slightly from event to event. If you wear sportswear and a collared shirt to the events then you should always be okay. Most games nowadays allow you to wear tee shirts, jeans, and trainers, but you should check, and if you are unsure, bring comfortable trousers and a collared shirt

What Tables Are Used In Competitions?

The events are played on Multiple Tables types that will be given with the event details. Where an event is sponsored by a Table Manufacturer, e.g. “Tornado World Championships,” then the tables being used will be supplied by the sponsor.

All tables used in these events will have been Approved by ITSF. These are
ITSF Official Tables

Bonzini, Roberto Sport, Tornado, Garlando and Leonhart

ITSF Recognised Tables

Warrior, Fireball, Guardian, Beast, and Rosengart

What Are The Categories In Events?

There are some events held at tournaments that not everyone can enter. These are
• Junior (Under 18 on 1st of Jan)
• Senior (Over 50 in 1st of Jan)
• Women’s 
• Amateur (Do not make a living from Foosball)


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