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Star Wars-Themed Games - 10 Highly Entertaining Games

Spice up your board game nights by adding some classics with an Imperial or Rebel twist, such as Monopoly or Clue, that can awaken the Force within you and your crew. Star Wars-themed board games are exciting ways to reenact your favourite scenes and walk awhile in some of the iconic characters’ shoes while developing your deductive reasoning, cooperation, diplomacy, and combat skills.

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Star Wars Top Trumps: Caution! The Game Can Cause Nostalgia!

Have you ever felt the pang of nostalgia whenever your children tell you they want to play the Top Trumps Star Wars Match Board Game? The strong desire to get involved in the game is common among many parents for good reasons. Once you learn how to play the game and win, you find that it is fun for grown-ups too.

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Harry Potter Board Games: Fly to Hogwarts with Your Friends!

One of the most loved magical stories of our time, the tale of Harry Potter and his journey made people fall in love with it all over the world. In case if you’ve been living under a rock, Harry Potter is a magical creation of J.K Rowlings. Where the main character, Harry Potter enters the magical world of wizards and witchcraft where he learns that his parents were murdered by Lord Voldermort.

The Harry Potter franchise was launched back in 1997 when J.K Rowlings released her first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. A couple of years later, HBO teamed up with J.K Rowlings and produced 8 movies. All of the movies were based on the original books. Harry Potter books and movies were loved around the world and won many awards as well.

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