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Garlando Foosball Tables: 6 Models Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

Garlando Foosball : Six Of The Best Tables

If you are searching for Best Garlando Foosball Table for Sale, you are on the perfect page because today we will help you with that. First, let’s take a quick look at the history of this brand and then we will review their quality models. For those in a hurry, here is a quick overview of their best models. You can find more details of each model below in the article.

For decades, the foosball tables have been enjoying the joyful attention from across the board of excited men and women of all ages looking for a recreational fun replicating the outdoor activity indoors.

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This set of highly reputable and highly regarded Garlando brand durable and weatherproof Foosball tables below perfectly shows just how big of a range of exciting, colorful Foosball tables there are in a top 6 listed.

They make Garlando Foosball Table in Italy. This Company began in 1954 by Renato Garlando, who started manufacturing Billiard tables and then Foosball tables, known as Table Football. The production of Foosball tables by Mr. Renato Garlando began in the United Kingdom and later expanded to the United States, Spain, and France.

Having such marvelous success, the company later expanded even farther to the North African and Eastern European markets. They sell the ranges of Garlando Foosball Tables on online marketplaces such as Amazon and fetch a great price. If you are looking for other great foosball table reviews check our homepage.

We will examine all of those indoor and outdoor Garlando, hence Italian made Foosball tables to see how the price performance and their specs such as adjustable leg levers or goalie configuration will rank them.

We reviewed several products to determine the best Garlando foosball table on the market. As a result, we planned the below list comprising six top-rated models based upon their individual features and feedback from buyers and experts.

The Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table easily trumped the rest because of its impressive price-performance ratio, versatile indoor and outdoor usage, variable goalie configuration, adjustable leg levelers (that accommodate players of different heights and keep the playing surface flat on uneven grounds), and telescopic rods for safe play around kids.

Weight, height and other dimensions including the material it's made of is a crucial set of factors to assess. We will see how rods and handles differ just and its weatherproof qualities will affect the durable game play in any weather and usage conditions. This will be a detailed buying guide on all this following products.

  1. Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

Truly a heavy duty type of universal table for indoors or outdoors use with marine plywood with thick legs and adjustable levelers

  1. Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table

Either for a free classical game or as a more lightweight, heavy duty option, this is a mainly commercial centered piece.

  1. Garlando G-5000

A stylish lacquered Beachwood legs boasting table featuring dark wood cabinet and cool handy side ball return feature.

  1. Garlando Open Air

Its outstanding foldable legs option and a material preventing rust makes it perfectly portable.

  1. Garlando F-100

An affordable category winner, this is a classical cabinet look with abacus scorers on the field and 3 classic white balls.

  1. Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

An elegant table that features stable metal legs, 1-inch thick cabinet, and a playfield that looks like a soccer field

Buying Guide

In this guide, we look at the benefits of owning a Garlando foosball table and the most important features to consider before investing in one. We also briefly discuss the installation time, goalie configuration and the best outdoor models in the FAQ section.

Garlando makes high-quality products at varied price points and sizes that provide great value for money to suit your budget, skills, and space. It is an established brand that is approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), and that organizes World Foosball Championship, using Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table as the official table in these competitions.

The tables are designed for competitive players, professionals, and tournaments, They offer a broad range of foosball tables for playing indoors or outdoors, and some models such as the Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table and Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table are weatherproofed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The foosball tables feature telescopic rods safe for families with children.

The tables offer with a warranty of a lifetime for the players and three years for the table.

They are quick to assemble and require minimal tools.

The foosball tables feature players and balls for immediate play.

Features to consider when choosing a Garlando foosball table

Listed are some of the most essential ones to consider.

In this guide, we look at the benefits of owning a Garlando foosball table and the most important features to consider before investing in one. We also briefly discuss the installation time, goalie configuration and the best outdoor models in the FAQ section.

Why invest in a Garlando foosball table

Garlando manufactures high-quality products at varied price points and sizes that provide great value for money to fit your budget, skills, and space.

Garlando is a versatile brand that makes foosball tables in a wide variety of sizes and weight. You can purchase a full regulation size foosball table such as the Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table with dimensions of 56 x 36 x 30 inches for competitive play, or opt for smaller and lighter options that can fit in limited spaces in your house or patio, or in an SUV for outdoor play during road trips, tailgating, or when camping.

The Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is ideal for outdoors; it has a sufficient weight of 180 pounds to prevent the table from wobbling when playing and also comes with convenient foldable legs for compact setup and storage.

This is a renowned brand that is approved by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), and that organizes World Foosball Championship, using Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table as the official table in these competitions

They make the tables for competitive players, professionals, and tournaments

They sell a broad range of foosball tables for playing indoors or outdoors, and some models such as the Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table and Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table are weatherproofed for both indoor and outdoor recreation.

I consider hardwood the best material because it is strong and long-lasting, but since it is costly, several brands like Garlando use the more affordable high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) which is durable and resistant to moisture and humidity.

The Garlando Coin-Operated Indoor Foosball Table and the Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table are examples of products that feature MDF cabinets coated with melamine or laminated with plastic to make them water-resistant. The former has a green playing field made of tempered sanded glass while the Garlando F-100 foosball table comes with a field made of medium density fiberboard and coated with melamine.

Dimensions and weight

Coming in all shapes and sizes just as for example that G 500 model of 56 x 36 x 30 inches of size would be a great competitive type of table they make while through Open Air model is their primary outdoor use piece as its hefty 180 pounds weight exemplifies the durability.

Materials used

The cabinets and fields materials used also vary for their foosball tables and after a speed of ball to durability.

Hardwood is the best one, yet its great alternative of MDF wood can resist damage and heavy duty humidity. The Open air a few coin-operated are example models to represent it. Tempered sanded glass and firebird and plastic laminated melamine used there shows it and provides a smooth surface for roll ball ease.

Legs features

Thick steel poles and field flattening levelers are another example of sturdiness and ease for their next models, such as G500 or Coin Operated ones. Not to mention rubber bases they come with to stand firm.

Number of players

Color coded players 11 per to own often molded to distinct types of rods to keep them in position.

Horizontally positioned uniformed or counterbalanced players are often to see while the G500 model is the one here featuring this clear shot creating feature.

Playing rods and handles

To best use your game style and hold and control easily notice the rods and handles material. Look out for the rubber and wood inserts on metal and plastic rods and handles.

Solid, hollow or telescopic rods differ as the solid ones are best to novices, being heavier as the hollow ones lightness allows for quicker gameplay.

Telescopic ones glide within not outside hence are safer for kids.

Goalie configuration

As ramps and rings can alternate that there are typically 1 to 3 goalie setups. European 1 goalie is a preferred Garlando model. 3 goalies though it novices better.


3 years for most tables, the brand also makes lifetime promise for unbreakable players.


Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table

Garlando G 500 Indoor Foosball Table with Telescoping Steel Rods

Our Score






Quick Review

This one will go down as pretty much one of the Garlando brands most popular bestsellers as it goes on and on being an eye candy on terms for the color scheme. It's telescoping rods ensure a safe viewing experience, and its overall high quality of the material used is what makes it truly stand out on this list.

Good for either indoors or outdoors as its adjustable robber levelers let it stand flat on any uneven surface and heavy duty 4 inch steel legs covered with washable powder are exceptional.

Its marine plywood also multilayered at that cabinet is truly damage resistant and pliable. Outside layers' glue prevents moisture from damaging it.

Exiting right behind each goal, the balls are highly easy to recover.

Slightly narrow handle grope and somewhat vague manual are its only minor flaws.

Coming in with 11 red and blue players, it has a counterbalance goalie and defensive backs. Standard design. It looks very handsome and smarter than any other Foosball table. It will adjust to any other furniture in your room so correctly. It will be hard for you to differentiate this table from your regular furniture at your home.

High-quality rods

It conveys top quality 16 mm telescopic rods, which are highly resistant cold drawn steel rods. These are plated with anti-rust chromium of 15 microns.

It is beyond to think for you what a smooth finishing the rods have. These robust and super straight rods help to make a swift shot and make the game more exciting.

If you are serious about your play, you may get this table as your professional Foosball table for this unique feature. They will help you run a super-fast game. Especially made telescopic rods ensure safety as these do not come to another side. Some parents find this Foosball table for kids.

Tempered glass surface

The table ensures a super-fast play because of its unique surface made of tempered glass. You won’t find this feature from any other Foosball table.

This Garlando Foosball table is unusual for this tempered glass surface. It is specially made for augmenting the game speed for the experienced and super-fast players. You may find it as a Garlando outdoor Foosball table or indoor Foosball table as it is perfect for all places with its unique features.


All panels are curved so well. The table is structured correctly to keep the ball in the play all the time. No chance for the players to distract from the match for a second.

This makes the game more exciting. The tempered glass surface is best for the super gameplay. Comfortable grip of handles and sturdy metal legs also help to make the gameplay perfect.

Who’s it for?

People who want a durable and long-lasting table this is for them. Players of all ages- teenagers, adults, and intermediate level players all can find this more flexible.

The sturdiness and rigidity of this table help to hold a vigorous play for hours. Anyone may see this as the excellent indoor or outdoor Foosball table.

Points For:

  • Weatherproof  material
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Telescopic rods
  • Leg levelers

Points Against:

  • Unclear instructions

Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table

Garlando World Champion Coin Operated Indoor Foosball

Our Score






Quick Review

Here is not only the best coin-operated Garlando foosball table that has the approval of the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), but it is also the official foosball table for the Garlando World Foosball Championship.

Being the table with the most accolades and professional recognition to its name, we design the Garlando Coin Operated Indoor Foosball Table to feature competitive players in pro tournaments, use it extensively.

Handcrafted 1.25 inch thick cabinet plywood and dense MDF and 4 inch heavy duty plastic laminated square metal legs that also have adjustable leg levelers and ABS tough player figurines with steel rods ensures a durable use.

Rubber bumpers eliminate dead spots and eliminate any extra sound as rods slam in. Its field is not as cheap as MDF wood, but a stoic smooth tempered sanded glass, making balls roll easily. Optimal stability is brought by 2 steel bars you can adjust and we can detach them.

Coin-operated mechanism is fun for so many owners and an additional array of features from wooden inserts, firm grip, and steel bearings ensuring smooth play, cup holders as bonuses and anti-theft ashtrays on both ends makes it unique.

Slightly pricey, it is worth its money if used by pros.

Points For:

  • Approved by ITSF
  • Free or paid play
  • Adjustable levelers
  • Detachable playing field

Points Against:

  • Expensive
  • MDF playfield support board, for increased stress resistance, reinforced by metal bars for maximum compactness and stability
  • Two adjustable supports inside the cabinet allow to obtain a perfectly leveled playfield
  • Cabinet can be opened to reach inside; when upper cabinet is lifted, metal support bracket activates to avoid the falling of the same
  • Playing field of tempered non-reflective sanded glass Green background with white lines to look like a foosball ground
  • Goals in HDP (High Density Polymer) reinforced with fiberglass and innovating profile molded to prevent irregular ball trajectories

Garlando G-5000

Imperial 26 7979 Garlando G 5000 Soccer

Our Score






Quick Review

The Wenge wood makes it so visually appealing why black design adding a great stylish look. Besides looks, its sturdy and strong wood is termite repelling and is in the same range with elite ebony.

The 11 players - red and grey finish players molded all are attached to 2/3 inch thick chrome telescopic rods are rustproof and impact ready.

Plastic laminated 1.5 inch thick cabinet for multilayered plywood and standing strong on its 1.5 inch slanted legs for better stability also feature adjustable levelers to keep it flat and even. Beachwood end has long lasting lacquer with protective seal protecting it.

Besides durable material, this foosball table's wooden inserts and speedy steel roller bearings ensure both a conformable and durable game play. It's felt coated goals ensure no boost and no ball chipping with quick ball return thanks to side returns.

The 10 white classic balls and lifetime warranty are all delightful bonuses to have with this 175 pound table.

Points For:

  • Strong and durable materials
  • Angled legs for stability
  • Comfortable
  • Telescopic safety rods
  • Reduced noise

Points Against:

  • No counterweight players
  • 1-1/4" Thick multi-layered plastic laminated plywood butcher block cabinet- Strong beech wood angled legs with adjustable leg levelers for superior stability on almost any surface!- Finely wood-covered plastic handles for a more comfortable grip
  • Nylon bushings and Inox steel ball-bearing for speedy action, smoother play and reduced wear and tear- Brown and ivory foosball "men" are made of Moplen ABS, molded to the rods and are unbreakable!- Abacus scorers
  • Safety feature: 16 mm telescopic rod in high-resistance cold drawn steel- Green plastic laminate playing field, with silk-screen printed white lines- Includes 10 white standard foosballs- Some assembly required
  • Legs are made of finely lacquered beech and inclined for superior stability.
  • Nylon bushings and Inox steel ball bearings guarantee high speed action, smoother play, and reduced wear and tear.

Garlando Open Air

Imperial Garlando Open Air Folding Foosball Table

Our Score






Quick Review

All the looks and actual functionality features of this foosball table highlight it's perfect for outdoor plays and even portable enough for any trips to take it with you on.

Garlando Open Air has foldable legs with two handles ensuring that which makes transportation oh so easier and a formidable 3/4 inch thick weatherproof cabinet that has MDF wood coated by melamine to prevent any weather damage.

Strengthened with fiberglass for sturdiness and fretwork leg labels ensure level stability.

Steel roller bearings enhance enjoyable game play and speed as quick retrieval of the ball is guaranteed by goal baskets and players are literally invincible as made of Moplen. Safe telescopic bars molding players has a 2/3 inches diameter as its also rust resistant thanks to

Chromium coating. 10 white standard balls will come as a bonus and antirust nuts and bolts and screws for easy foosball table set up. Professional look here matters to customers. Unfortunately it doesn't have levelers.

Points For:

  • Pros Indoor and outdoor play
  • Thick weatherproof cabinet
  • Foldable legs
  • Convenient to store and transport
  • Easy assembly Installation

Points Against:

  • No levelers
  • 19 mm thick weatherproof cabinet constructed using an innovative compound of high-tech plastic materials reinforced with fiberglass for outstanding sturdiness. Color: ivory and blue.
  • 10mm thick legs in the same material as the cabinet. The legs easily fold under the table by operating two handles. The leg panels, whose fretwork gives the whole an effect of great lightness, enhance the table stability.
  • Playfield in water-resistant plastic laminate with white lines silkscreen printed on a green background using special inks that do neither suffer humidity nor fade under the sun.
  • Bolts, nuts and screws with tropical anti-rust treatment.

Garlando F-100

Garlando Foosball Table F 100

Our Score






Quick Review

One and four inches thick cabinet and square legs are complemented by medium dense fiberboard and melamine coating making it highly weatherproof and as xx is also scratch and scrape damage protected.

Players won't come loose hooked up to steel rods 11 red and blue, respectively. Telescopic rods will be game stress resistant thanks to a 2/3 inch diameter and will ensure child's safety ad instead of going out they slide within the casing.

3 standard white balls, nylon bushings for less damage and wear and abacus scorers to ensure smooth and nice score keeping. Slanted corners will make the ball roll properly and 360-degree turn capable goalie and exits behind goals where the balls can be easily retrieved make it even better.

This is a very budget conscious Foosball table, enough in both looks and functionality to ensure nice recreational fun. While telescopic rods and legs are safe for children, the issues with hard to reach ball landings at times along cabinet wall and just levelers are slight disadvantages.

Points For:

  • Stress-resistant rods
  • Fast ball recovery
  • Slanted corners
  • Sturdy and durable

Points Against:

  • Ball lands in dead zones
  • No levelers

Garlando G-500 Indoor Foosball Table

Garlando G 500 Indoor Foosball Table1

Our Score






Quick Review

Truly, all kids and amateurs will find the Garlando G-500 amazing for recreational use. Black and silver decoration add elegance and sturdy 4 inch heavy duty steel and telescopic 2/3 inch steel rods add rust and  l.

They will not break Players, made of ABS plastic and steel ball bearings are sure to prevent wrist strain and excited smooth play.

1 inch thick cabinet walls have antirust melamine and plastic laminated field looks exceptional. 10 white standard balls and 11 on 11 red and black players are a nice feature.

Quick retrieval of the ball from behind each of 2 goals and ideal for junior players safe telescopic rods for as young as 3 years old. Quick assembly is a plus too.

Before inserting screws in the rods slide small black washer with INT inwards facing and slide handle on and bang against floor.

Budget friendly Foosball table, it is great for q the flaws though include no counterbalance players and levelers. They also require pen to mark the score for the black abacus.

Points For:

  • Elegant design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Safe for kids older than 3 years

Points Against:

  • No counterbalanced players
  • No leg levelers
  • Blank scoring abacus

Wrapping It Up

Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table Has best of all words as its plywood build is stylish and durable and has kid friendly telescopic rods.

Because we manufacture the Garlando Foosball Tables to Tournament standards, the quality that can be expected is high. The manufacturers in Italy have a high rating of guarantee to deliver a brand foosball table will meet and surpass the standards. Used for International Foosball plays and certified by the ITSF, owning a Garlando Foosball Table is a tremendous investment will last for a long time.

Other Questions

What is a standard size foosball table?

Foosball table size can vary greatly depending on the use – sporting clubs or home, kids or adults. Luckily, a standard foosball table can fit use for sporting clubs and homes too. Standard foosball table dimensions are typically 4-feet and 2.5-feet wide. 

Look for a foosball table depending on the specifications their use; if you are buying for a sporting club, look for an ideal standard professional foosball table and if you are shopping for a foosball table for your home, choose a foosball table that can fit into your space without too much trouble. Consider the height or go for adjustable height if kids are involved. 

Are Garlando tables good?

Yes, Garlando tables are good. Garlando foosball tables are manufactured to the tournament standards. Therefore, its quality is unbeatable. Made in Italy, garlando foosball table manufacturers have high-ratings to guarantee quality. If you are looking to invest in a foosball table for your gaming space at home or office, garlando foosball tables are guaranteed to last you a lifetime. 

Here are some good examples of garland tables worth investing in for top experience: Garlando Outdoor foosball table, weather-proof Garlando G-500, G-500W Outdoor Foosball Table, G-500 indoor and outdoor Foosball Table in granite. Garlando Foosball brands are never known to disappoint; you will never regret leaping. 

Should a foosball table be level?

Why is it important for a foosball table to be level? The foosball tabletop needs to be level, or else the gameplay will favour one side. When installing a foosball table, one of the fundamental aspects you should check critically is the level for fair play.

Like any other table game, levelling is important for the top experience because anything causing unevenness of the table affects the whole game and yields biased results. 

Which models can be used outdoors?

The Garlando G-500 Indoor & Outdoor Foosball Table and the Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table are made to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Both models feature sturdy and weatherproof construction resistant to rust, scratches, and natural elements. The latter incorporates foldable legs that reduce the overall size of the table for convenient storage and transport for outdoor games.

Can the goalie configuration be changed on these tables?

Garlando only sells the European-style player layout of one goalie in their products, as opposed to the 3-goalie system that is typically found in American designs.

The above Garlando foosball tables do not have the option to switch the setup between 1-goalie and 3-goalie system.

How long will it take to assemble it?

The many Garlando foosball tables differ in the time it will take you to assemble them. Based on the model, setup may take 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Some models include all the tools you need for quick assembly. For instance, the Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table comes with anti-rust bolts, nuts, and screws for installation.

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