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How many calories do you burn kayaking for 1 hour?

How much Do I lose when Kayaking?

A 130 pound person - will ROUGHLY burn 285-470 calories per hour. However this is dependant on a lot of things.

It's difficult to say how many calories you burn while kayaking because it really depends on the intensity of your workout.

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While for some people kayaking is an easy, relaxing hobby, for others it's a rigorous exercise routine that gets their heart rate up and leaves them utterly exhausted. To find out how many calories you'll be burning during your workout, you'll need to measure your rate of exertion beforehand.

The following are two different ways of measuring your rate of exertion while kayaking:

The first way is to use a heart rate monitor. A heart rate monitor tells you the number of times your heart beats in one minute. The more fit you are, the more times your heart beats in a minute, so this is a good indicator of how hard your body needs to work. A healthy resting heart rate for most adults is between 60-100 beats per minute (BPM).

For this method, be sure to wear the heart rate monitor before you get on the water because it can be difficult to monitor your heart rate while kayaking.

To find out how many calories you are burning while kayaking, multiply your resting heart rate by 11.3. This is an estimate of the calories you burn per minute at rest, so it's a good way to get a rough estimate of how many calories you are burning.

Once on the water, you can monitor your heart rate while kayaking with the heart rate monitor throughout your workout. Afterward, take your average heart rate while kayaking and multiply it by 11.3 to get an estimate of how many calories you burned while kayaking.

The second way you can measure your rate of exertion is just looking at how tired you are after a workout. The more tired you are, the more calories you burned during exercise. If you're not using a heart rate monitor, try to consider a few different things:

  • How hard was your workout? If it was easy, you might have been able to gently paddle across the water for an hour. But if it was a rigorous exercise routine, you might have been paddling as fast as you can and completely exhausted at the end of your workout.

  • How long did your kayaking workout last? The longer your workout lasts, the more calories you burned. If you're thinking of kayaking for an hour, your workout will likely last longer than if you only want to spend 30 minutes paddling.

  • How competitive are you? If you were competing in a race or trying to set a new speed record, your body was working even harder than it normally does while kayaking.

  • How fit are you? If you've never kayaked before, start with easier workouts so that it's easy to reach the resting heart rate when finished. If you've been kayaking for a long time, use a heart rate monitor so you know what your resting heart rate is.

Once you have measured how many calories you burned while kayaking, try to use this information as inspiration for working out or staying in shape. You might find that it's easier to get into shape with kayaking, and that the workout keeps your body guessing and burning calories even after your workout is complete.

Is kayaking a good way to lose weight?

Yes, kayaking is a good way to lose weight. If you're looking to lose weight, you're going to need to measure how many calories you burn while kayaking

In short, the way you lose weight is by eating less and exercising more. If your goal is to lose a few pounds in a week, kayaking is a good way to start.

If you're already in shape, you'll find that kayaking is a good way to keep your body guessing and working even when you're not on the water. If you're just starting out, kayaking is an easy way to get into shape because it's inexpensive and accessible, and requires nothing more than a little courage.

How good of a workout is kayaking?

Kayaking is cardio exercise. This means that it helps to strengthen your heart and lungs, and can even help you to lose weight if you burn enough calories!

Kayaking will build muscle and burn fat in your legs, back, abdomen and arms. You can lose weight by building up your muscles by kayaking, and by getting in shape by running or walking with a heart rate monitor.

Does walking or kayaking burn more calories?

Kayaking burns the same as walking, but uses the different muscles. If you are walking on dry land, you are using your lower body. If you are kayaking, you are using your arms and upper body.

Walking and kayaking both give you a good cardio workout and can help you to lose weight over time. The way to lose the most amount of calories is to mix up your routine so that you don't get bored and keep moving!

Which burns more calories biking or kayaking?

If the same person is doing the biking and doing the kayaking, then the biking will burn more calories. The muscles used are completely different however. A person who is doing the biking on a stationary bike will use their lower body more, while on the water, they will use their arms and upper body.

A person who is kayaking, on the other hand, will use almost entirely just their arms! This would be someone that does moderate to intense workouts.

Is kayaking good for belly fat?

Yes...and no. If you are doing a moderate workout, you will get a good cardio-vascular workout. The muscles that are used are different, but overall you will be burning calories. The issue with your arms and upper body is that they are not stimulated by the water the same way walking or biking would be.

Even if you get good abs, any belly fat you have will most likely stay, but any fat around your core can be very difficult to lose.

Do you need to be fit to kayak?

No, you don't need to be fit to kayak. With a little maneuverability and just a little help from your kayak and some basic paddling skills, you'll be able to stay afloat and paddling with no problem!

Kayaking is an awesome way to get exercise without the added stress of more strenuous exercise. Taking the time to learn how to paddle will teach you some great skills that will carry over into other types of exercise as well as everyday life.

How many calories should I burn a day?

  • Female roughly 2000 calories per day
  • Male roughly 2400 calories per day

While there are several ways to calculate the number of calories you burn per day, including measuring your activity directly or using online calculators, knowing your basal metabolic rate is the best way to get a good idea of how many calories you should be consuming.

Your basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy your body uses for essential functions, which include breathing, circulating blood through your brain and muscles, maintaining your heart rate and immune function, to name just a few.


This is it. We've covered all of the ways that kayaking can help you lose weight. If you're looking to drop a few pounds in a week, kayaking is one way to do it. Whether you want to lose weight directly or just work out in order to be in better shape, kayaking is a great way to do both!

While losing weight with kayaking may not be instantaneous or easy, it's definitely worth trying. If you're not losing weight with kayaking, try to figure out why. If you're not losing weight with kayaking, there's something else that might be stressing your body and keeping it from burning calories.

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