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Recently, my best friend went to buy new table tennis and suddenly he came to know that there are two types of table tennis out there.

One is indoor, and the other is the outdoor type. If you have a sizeable space in your garage, then I would recommend you to go for indoor table tennis. But if you like me who don’t have any space in the garage. Then I would recommend you to go for outdoor table tennis.

It is perfectly normal that I do not consider these forms of tennis until we play them.  

According to statista, in England from 2016 to 2019 approximately 426 thousand people took part in table tennis.

After reading these stats, I realised how important it is to spread awareness about the table tennis equipment. Below are the best reviews for an indoor and outdoor table. Please read the full article on picking the best table tennis for you.

What are some table difference?

Although indoor and outdoor tables look very similar to each other. Still, there are some differences that most people can’t figure out. The indoor table comprises solid wood whereas the outdoor table comprises a mixture of solid wood and metal (mainly iron).

Apart from the same width, same height and, same length outdoor table have a powerful frame which increases the overall cost of the table.

Never use the indoor table for outdoor use because they are made from of wood and, after the sun and rain exposure, it will destroy. Table difference also effects on the ball bouncing, outdoors tables which comprise a mixture of wood and metal absorb the kinetic energy of the ball and cause less ball bouncing.

You can hardly find any difference between a ball bouncing on indoors and an outdoor table unless you are a pro or professional level player. 

With the increase in price, the table width and quality is also increasing. The cheaper manufacturer offers you a 12mm thick table whereas, in competition, 24-25mm thick tables are widely used which are cost-efficient and are only for professional-level players.

Outdoor table

Indoor table

The outdoor table comprises a mixture of solid wood and metal (mainly iron)

They make the indoor table up of solid wood.

Absorb the kinetic energy of the ball and cause less ball bounce.

Doesn’t absorb the kinetic energy of the ball.


When played indoors and outdoors:

Thanks to the project called ‘ping’ because of this we have a lot of outdoor table tennis in the UK.

Although amateur and professional table tennis players preferred indoor table tennis games, it is because of weather problems. Whereas, most people preferred outdoor table tennis over indoor table tennis because they have little space in their garage and in-home.

But the major problem with outdoor table tennis is the weather. Sometimes high winds leave a large impact on the ball swings. Also in the rainy season, the ball won’t bounce on wet patches on the table.

Outdoor table tennis

Indoor table tennis

If you don’t have space in your garage, then go for outdoor table tennis.


If you have space in your garage, then go for indoor table tennis.

Weather can affect your game. Like a high wind impact on ball swings and in the rainy season the ball won’t bounce on wet patches of the table.

Poor weather can’t affect indoor table tennis.



There are many things to consider when buying table tennis for you, like the playing surface, the frame, the legs and the safety system. 

What to look for when buying an outdoor tennis table?

●      Playing surface

Bouncing height is highly dependable to your table playing surface. The thicker the surface, the higher the bounce. Also, it is important to buy a table which comes with a resistant layer so that your table can withstand harsh weather.

●      Frame

It would be better if you buy a table, which comes with a thicker frame. Always remember the thicker the frame, the flatter the playing surface. You can also buy the table which comes with aluzinc metal frames and anti-corrosive alloy which increases durability.

●      Legs

Stability is always an important aspect while playing on the table, that’s why it would be better if you buy a table which comes with large diameter legs.

There are many types of outdoor tennis tables that you should know.

Outdoor tennis table type: 

If you are ready to buy outside table tennis, then you should go for the tennis table which can withstand sun and rain exposure. Although, there are many types of outdoor tennis tables like concrete tables, resistant layer tables, etc.

  • Concrete layer table:

These are the most expensive, as well as value for money on outdoor tennis tables. Manufacturers made this table entirely from concrete and have a polished top surface. This table can withstand harsh weather and can last for 20+ years.

  • Resistant layer table:

These are the cost-efficient options if you are planning for an outdoor tennis table. These types of tables come with a resistant layer which can last for 10+ years and can easily transport from one place to another.

Concrete layer table

Resistant layer table

Expensive for most people.

Cost-efficient compared to concrete layer tables. 

One can’t move this table easily but can last for 20+ years.

Easily transport from one place to another and can last for 10+ years.

Last words:

To sum it up, all the above table tennis are widely popular. Table tennis lovers shared the above reviews and tips. That’s why here we mentioned all the tips and reviews according to their ratings and personal experience.

And who knows eventually, we add more variety to this list. If you have anything you’d like to add in this list, then let us know in the comments section below.

I hope that you gained additional knowledge by reading this article.


Other Questions

Can you use an indoor table tennis table outdoors?

You can use an indoor table outside, if the weather is sunny, and you only leave it outside while the weather is good. Leaving these tables outside when the weather is bad, many problems can occur.

Even leaving it in direct sunlight can cause the table to warp. If you want an outside table, then you will need to buy one, unless it is only for a brief period.


What is the difference between an indoor and outdoor table tennis table?

The major difference is the quality of the material used. It makes indoor tables cheaper than the outdoor ones. Outdoor tables have a mixture of metal and wood and are finished with a good layer of varnish. Any indoor tables will not have such a sturdy frame, and the varnish will be less good.


Which is better, Stiga or Joola?

Joola has a 15mm playing surface made from MDF. We found that this table has a consistent  bounce, but played slower than the thicker 25mm table.

The Stiga feature the same 15mm MDF playing surface as in the about table, with about same features.

You will get better performance from the other tables that have 18, 22 or 25mm playing surfaces


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