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Top Kick Foosball Tables (2022) for All Ages & Skills

Best 6 KICK Foosball Tables that Will Satisfy Anyone!

If you are searching for an activity suitable for almost anyone, look no further, as foosball can be a fun and addictive pastime for people of all ages and skill levels.

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To have an outstanding experience, you need to make sure you get the best foosball table for either recreational or professional play, and KICK is the brand that can provide a wide range of foosball tables, in an assortment of sizes, to fit your needs.

The price range is reasonable, and you will notice immediately that they make foosball tables using high-quality materials.

When choosing the right model for your needs and preferences, there are key features to consider if you are looking for the best value for money.

Pay attention to dimensions and weight, but also notice the playing field thickness, rods attributes and last, but not least, the foosball men and goalie configuration.

For rough play and extensive use, pick a table made of robust and durable material. As for optimal maneuverability, speed and precision, the rods and handles should have a comfortable grip.

As for the configuration system of the goalie and the foosball men, always aim for counterbalance, to have a better accessibility. You should also check if the goalie is 1-man, 3-man or both.

Best 6 KICK Foosball Tables Review 2020

This review will provide you with a comparison of the best foosball table models available on the market in 2020, based on both individual characteristics and feedback from players that have used them.

There is a meticulous analysis on the features, assets and shortcomings of every model mentioned, and a buying guide, where you will notice key aspects.

Foosball Table Buying Guide

Reading detailed KICK foosball table reviews should be backed up by a thorough examination of the most important features that one should consider when shopping for the best foosball table.

This way, you can make sure you purchase the best possible model for your budget and gaming requirements. By doing so, you will also understand why KICK is one of the most requested brands in the foosball industry.

Dimensions and weight of a foosball table

There are a couple of key features that you should closely examine before choosing a foosball table for a well-educated purchasing decision, and it all starts with considering the dimensions and weight of the table, because you have to factor in additional space around the table when setting it up, so that you don’t end up not having enough room to play and move comfortably.

If you have enough room, you might want to choose the full regulation size foosball table, that is 56 inches length, 30 inches width and 36 inches height. The weight of a foosball table varies between 120 and 360 pounds. If the weight is not ideal, keep in mind that it will not keep the foosball table stable and thus it will ruin the gaming experience.

When a smaller space is available, one can opt for a compact and portable tabletop, which usually measures 40 X 20 X 10 inches.

Robust and long-lasting construction

There are three common types of materials used to make foosball tables: solid wood, composite, and particleboard. Each of them has its pros and cons.

Solid wood foosball tables are usually the most robust and long-lasting but cost more and are not an ideal option for a humid environment, as they are prone to bending and deteriorating.

The best bet for an outdoor model is composite because it behaves better in moist environments. Particle board construction is a budget-friendly option, but it comes with the drawback of weakening and warping over time.

One way of limiting the negative effects of humidity and other environmental conditions on your table’s lifespan is opting for solid wood tables and particle board tables made with high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) such as the models presented in the KICK foosball table reviews.

Playing field thickness

How thick your playing field is will dictate the strength, durability, and lifespan of the table as well as the swiftness and precision of the ball.

A playing field that has a minimum thickness of ½ inches, such as the one KICK Venture Foosball Table is equipped with, will provide a smooth surface, and will guarantee superior control of the ball, quicker shots and, of course, is more suitable for extensive play.

Controlling the ball gets more difficult on surfaces with a slick finish and stickers that may easily peel, fade, or even roll up.

Playing rods and handles

Another key feature that will affect a player’s performance is the overall construction of the rods and handles, which are usually solid or hollow and made of steel.

If you are an experienced player and prefer 3-goalie configurations and a fast-paced game, you should opt for hollow rods, because they are lighter and provide a fast and smooth movement. 

We consider hollow roads the best quality, and they usually accompany costly professional foosball table models.

Solid rods are heavier and move slower, thus being more suitable for beginners, 1-man goalie set up and players who do not particularly rely on speed, but rather on skill and technique.

There is a third type of rods, the telescopic ones, but they are less common. Telescopic rods can be an excellent fit for families with kids and are usually found in high-end foosball table models.

As for the handles, you should always aim for rubber or wood, in order to get a comfortable and steady grip, as opposed to metal or plastic, which is prone to being slippery in certain conditions.

Foosball men and goalie configuration

To ensure a diverse gameplay, high-quality foosball tables are equipped with sets of uniformed and, most importantly, counterweighted foosball men, made of ABS, such as those that accompany the KICK Splendor Foosball Table.

The advantage of this type of foosball men is that when released, they remain in horizontal position and do not get in the way, so you can have clear shots and passes.

A foosball table typically has either one or three goalies, but the models mentioned in the KICK foosball table reviews above include both types of goalie systems, so you can easily adjust to any style or skill level.

It is common that advanced players prefer the 1-man goalie setup, as it is requires better defensive skills, while the 3-man goalie setup is better suited for beginners or players who like a faster paced game and need a bit more support in the defense section.

A versatile Pro KICK foosball table will provide adjustable setup options for both goalies and foosball men, which can accommodate a wide array of players.


If you want to make the most out of your purchase, keep in mind that most of the foosball tables on the market come with a warranty with an average duration of a year.

As you may have noticed, the models listed in the KICK foosball table reviews come with a lifetime warranty, which can come in handy especially with inexperienced players and rough play.

Extra Features

If you want to get the most out of your investment, make sure to look for tables with adjustable legs, such as KICK Foosball Table Liberty Black, in order to keep the playing surface even and be able to play comfortably regardless of the player’s height.  A built-in front or side ball retrieval system also comes in handy and supports a fast-paced game.

And if you want to stay hydrated during the game or simply enjoy your favorite drink while playing, detachable and collapsible cup-holders are a must. You can find such extra features in models like KICK Splendor Foosball Table or KICK Venture Foosball Table.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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