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Foosball Drinking Games - Variations For Parties/Bars!

A Foosball drinking game is any game that involves a Foosball Table, where drinking alcohol is involved. These games usually happen at parties, or bars, and games include Standard Foosball Drinking Game, Multiball Drinking Game & First To Finish

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How To Practice Foosball By Yourself

have never really put a lot of effort into practicing alone, so I thought that I would look into this aspect of improving my Foosball game

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How To Enter The Foosball World Championships (World Cup)

Several competitions can be considered to be the Foosball World Championships; here we will tell you how to find the details of each of them, and whether you can enter yourself

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How To Put Together A Foosball Table

This guide is a general overview, of how to construct a foosball tab;e. We can’t tell you how to put together every table that is out there, but if you read this article you will have a good idea of how big a task this is, and what you need to achieve it

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Foosball For Dummies

New to the game of Foosball or Tbale Soccer? Here is out guide for the complete beginner, start your Foosball Education here

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Review Of The Top 10 Foosball Games For Your Smartphone

Below are what we believe to be the top 10 Foosball games…Kind of… 2 of the Apps are not games but look so useful, we thought we would include them anyway. All games have a 4 star rating, but some people still really hated them. They are free so if you don’t like one of the them just uninstall it, and install another!

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Vintage Foosball Tables - Also Antique & Retro Style

Here we describe old Foosball tables. Antique, Vintage and Retro Tables, help you decide what you need, and making our recomendations

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How To Do A Snake Shot (Rollover Shot) In Foosball

The snake shot is a three bar shot taken by the middle offensive man who pints the ball in between the table and the man. It’s fast and can go deadman in pull and push directions. The shot is played with an open hand while your wrist pins the man above the ball in a forward position

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Foosball Strategy Overview

Just like any sport or game, there is a constant foosball strategy that can help give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to win games. Foosball isn’t any different than any sport because developing a sound strategy will allow you to win the match.

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Foosball - FAQs

We had a few quick question posts about Foosball, The site was becoming cluttered to navigate. So we have moved the Questions, here to our FAQ section!

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