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Warrior Foosball Tables! Check out this review for our favorite 5!

Warrior Foosball Tables! Check out this review for our favorite 5!

Given that you are already on a journey towards discovering the best warrior foosball table then you probably heard at least a couple of times about this highly regarded brand. Some of the most reliable models on the market are created by this trustworthy manufacturer specialized in foosball tables.

There are also professional foosball tournaments organized by Warrior and the official tables they produce are used during these events. In this article, you can discover 5 of the best foosball tables they provide, as there are more than a few different configurations to choose from.

The Force 4 has the best ranking among top-rated foosball tables, due to its professional overall aspect and feel, as well as its sturdy build, at 200 lbs. This foosball table is true to actual soccer, with 11 players on both teams. One of the authentic features that recommend Force 4 as a traditional foosball table is the fact that it has one goalkeeper on each team.

The configuration is exquisitely accentuated by some great features like LCD lighting. Of course, if you are looking for a larger alternative or a more uncommon configuration, you can surely find one throughout the selection produced by Warrior, as you will find out in the review in this article.

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Warrior Foosball Table Buying Guide

Since this is not the type of purchase you make very often, buying a foosball table can and will be confusing, especially if you do not have all the information you need prior to making the decision.

Whether you are looking to buy a foosball table as a gift or maybe you want to surprise your employees with a rec room foosball table, you are prone to making a bad decision if you are lacking the specifics and are not familiar with the usual features found in a reliable foosball table.

This buying guide will help you figure out the advantages of a foosball table and will provide you with the best features to look out for, based on your specific needs.  Make sure you have a clear idea of what your specific purpose, destination, and usage requirements are before making the choice!

Why you should opt for a Warrior foosball table

As more and more people discover and start enjoying foosball, buying a foosball table can turn the entertainment level of your gatherings up a notch. And if you are looking to participate in a tournament, you should know that the folks at Warrior run a lot of the foosball tournaments, so picking a Warrior foosball table helps you match the right standard for competitive play.

 Compared to Hathaway or Carrom Signature foosball tables, Warrior may be on the pricier side, but this comes with a lot of quality features and an extremely sturdy build.

Features to explore when picking a Warrior foosball table

You might be wondering what are the most important features that you should notice when purchasing a foosball table and of course you are probably curious about the elements that make a difference between one Warrior foosball table model and another.

Instead of just looking for the best foosball table from this brand, you should make a purchase based on how well the model suits your specific needs.

Prioritize the key features that you find essential for your situation, but first, take the time to think about every one of them in detail.

Dimensions and weight of the foosball table

When choosing a foosball table, you should carefully analyze the size and dimensions, and make sure that it fits the room where you are going to install it in. There should be enough space for comfortable movement around the table, ideally, at least a few feet on each side, to avoid being cramped up during playtime.

If you have your mind set on a Warrior table, consider that most of their models are very sturdy, with a weight above 200 lbs., which is heavy, but manageable. Should you opt for the Force 8, be prepared for its astounding 450 lbs., a feature that allows accommodating more players than your standard foosball table.

Construction materials

Most of the Warrior tables described above are manufactured using melamine, a durable compound material that is fire resistant, and behaves well in rough conditions. As opposed to other brands that use wood as a construction material for their tables, which is more susceptible to damage, you can be sure that the melamine build will provide a superior level of durability.

The playfield of most of the Warrior foosball tables is made of white HPL inner walls, green PVC laminate with black striping, and a 3-color WTS logo.

Legs features to keep an eye out for

If you are not sure that the surface you are going to install your table on is perfectly flat, make sure the legs come with levelers, as they can compensate any unevenness and provide you with the optimal angle during playtime.

If the table does not come with leg levelers, you might find yourself in an unpleasant situation where the ball just rolls in unexpected directions, ruining the game experience.

According to the Warrior website, their table feet feature a swivel base that is designed to make leveling on uneven surfaces easier. A 5 inches rubber base and locking nut are there to help prevent any unwanted movement during the game.

You should also know that you are able to raise or lower each corner of the foosball table according to your desired playing height for added comfort.

Number of players

The usual number of players that a foosball table can accommodate is either four or six, but there is one model that you should keep in mind if you intend to expand the number of players to eight. It is Force 8 by Warrior, a perfect choice for large gatherings or parties. Do not forget, though, that sometimes it might be hard to fill all the spots and you might end up regretting your decision.

Playing rods and handles

The number of people that can play at any given time is dictated by how many playing rods and handles are available. Another aspect to consider is the safety element. Warrior tables are usually equipped with a rod safety system, which protects the players from injuries caused by sudden jolting movements. Besides protecting distracted players from being hurt by the fast-moving rods, the protective rod guard keeps curious young children safe if they come too close to observe the adults in action.

You should, of course, also pay attention to the bearings. Warrior foosball tables are equipped with high-performance split bearing, which allows for faster and more powerful shots. It is a design that allows the user to easily install the rods. All you have to do is place them through the opening and attach the bearings.

Last, but not least, the handle grips should be comfortable and cause little to no slippage, which is the case for most of the reviewed Warrior foosball tables.

Goalie configuration

Foosball abides by the rules of soccer, so each team needs to have at least one goalie. Some foosball tables are equipped with multiple goalies that act as the last line of defense. To remain true to the classic soccer game, you should always opt for a configuration with one goalie on each side.

If you can’t be bothered with this aspect, the goalie configuration shouldn’t be one of your priorities when choosing a foosball table.

When it comes to the foosball men design, you should also know that Warrior tables come with counterbalanced foosball men, that have ridged feet for better ball control and grip. This also allows you to maintain ball control when pinned.


The standard for most Warrior tables is a one-year warranty, which covers the buyer against manufacturing errors. Given the limited warranty, you can always opt for an extended one from the brand.

Extra features to keep an eye on

If you want an enhanced experience, you should look for Warrior foosball tables that include extra features, such as LED lighting. Besides increasing the excitement and overall feel of the game, this key feature improves the visual aspects of the game.

Scoreboards are also desirable for a more fluid playing process. Of course, a customized design, such as the one described in the Custom Playfield model review, is the go-to extra feature if you want to impress.

When it comes to enhanced experiences, you should also choose Warrior foosball tables because they come equipped with a Pro-style ball return. Their foosball tables remove the use of hoses and thus provide a more consistent ball return. The enclosed bottom of the table will direct the ball towards the center of the table.

Other Aspects to Keep in Mind

Suitable for indoor use

Warrior foosball tables are not usually recommended for outdoor use. It is not because the legs or the structure could are not fit for this environment, but you might find that some of the smaller components will not cope well with outdoor use, especially if the weather conditions are less than ideal.

There is also the evenness aspect since most users that have tried this reported that even with leg levelers, using the table in an outdoor setting resulted in an uneven playing field.

Width measurement

If you are new to foosball, you might find it helpful to know that the width measurement does not include the rods, so this is another thing to consider when purchasing a foosball table meant to be set up in a certain area.

Assembly time

Depending on which model you buy, Warrior foosball tables need a little bit of assembly. This could include assembling some of the players and putting them in place. According to the information on their website, the unique cabinet design allows for quick and easy assembly, using one simple tool.

While some foosball tables take hours to assemble and would probably need at least 2 people to do it, in this case, the process should not last longer than 25 minutes, since rods usually come with men assembled for most models.

The Takeaway

Now that you are a little bit more familiar with some of the best Warrior foosball tables available on the market, the choice is easier.

Force 4 is a top-rated model, equipped with a fantastic set of features and great lighting, not too heavy, but very sturdy, which makes it perfect for use in a rec room or even a bar.

Coming in second is Force 8, an exquisite Warrior foosball table for big groups. Up to 8 players can participate at once. It is designed to be easier to transport and storage, as the user can split it in two when needed. Your parties will never be the same again, as Force 8 is also equipped with 2 sound-activated laser lights!

Those looking to alter the foosball table’s configuration and appearance to fit specific needs should contact the folks at Warrior and discuss about the Custom playfield. It has the perk of being brandable and it can create a more personal atmosphere.

All Warrior Professional Foosball Tables also include a complimentary maintenance kit, that provides the following items: 2 foosball balls, 1 replacement red man, 1 replacement black man, a bottle silicone lubricant, and 1 Pin punch. You should also know that the 1 Year Limited Warranty is applicable for all parts, excluding cabinet, playfield, shipping, and handling.


5 Best Warrior Foosball Tables Review 2020

These foosball table reviews have been written considering characteristics such as the configuration, sturdiness, and dimensions of the table, as well as features like the materials used in the production process.

If you cannot make up your mind based only on general features and you find that comparing the various models based on individual reviews is a bit confusing, you can also check out the buying guide we put together to make the decision making-process a bit easier for you.

1. Force 4

Foosball 4

Our Score






Quick Review

With dimensions of 56 X 30 X 36 inches, it is by far the leader due its well-rounded build and configuration, with features that most people expect from a top-rated foosball table, such as teams with 11 players and one goalie. The foosball men come in red and black colours.

 It is certainly not a portable model, but it is very sturdy, with an astounding weight of 225 lbs. This is an excellent feature from a stability point of view, as it is very unlikely that the table is going to move during play. The black melamine legs also help keep it level and in place.

The design of Force 4 comes with a variable LED light, which you can control by using the remote control to change the mood of the lighting. Another feature that you might find useful is the Warrior Rod Guard System, which protects players from being hurt by the rods. Player control benefits from the split bearings used in the design, which make it smoother to operate.

The only potential drawback that buyers have noticed is that the paintwork can suffer from chipping and damage during extensive use, on the legs and body of the foosball table. Given this aspect, it would probably be best if you chose this model for indoor use since bad weather conditions could speed up the altering process of the paintwork.

  • PRO QUALITY FOOSBALL TABLE - Counter balanced foosball men w/split bearings for faster and smoother shots. Excellent ball control and ability to any shot.
  • CLASSIC SOCCER TABLE DESIGN - 11 Players per side in standard red and black players, single goalie design with banked corners. Variable Led lighting added around the playfield comes with remote control.
  • SOLID DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Improved Pro style ball return system where the ball is channeled to the center of the table without hoses. Assembled men on rods making it faster to complete construction. Swivel foot levelers making it easier to level on any surface.
  • KEEPING PLAYERS SAFE - Rod Guard system for the protections of kid and adults. Helps prevent accidental injury for fast moving rods.
  • OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT TABLE - Weighs 200 lbs. making this ideal for all level players. This is not a toy. Measures 56" L x 30" W x 36" H

2. Force 8

Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table

Our Score






Quick Review

Also known as the “Warrior Table Soccer 8 Man Foosball Table”, Force 8 is ideal for groups of up to 8 people, as it is configured with 21 players on each side. Of course, it lacks accuracy in the representation of football, but it certainly makes up for it in terms of entertainment level, since there is no need to leave anyone out in big groups of foosball fans.

One could argue that its weight can be a bit of a downside, at 450 lbs, but it can be split in half so that it scores up a few points in terms of portability. Just like other Warrior foosball table models, Force 8 comes with the Rod Guard System to protect the players from injury. Enhanced play is guaranteed by brilliant extra features that make the game even more exciting, such as sound-activated lights. This will surely appeal to kids and adults alike. Given the dimensions and the 21-player configuration, Force 8 is excellent for parties and other types of gatherings. The only drawback, besides its heaviness, is the fact that it is not suitable for less than 8 players.

  • Variable LED lighting around playfield
  • Top caliber, durable, player friendly table.
  • Unique Rod Guard system for the safety of players of all ages.
  • Great for Event Planners and Party Rentals
  • Splits in half for easier transport

3. Custom Playfield

Warrior Table Soccer Custom Professional Foosball

Our Score






Quick Review

The Custom Playfield gives you the opportunity to choose the number of players, as it can accommodate four or even six players, and to alter the appearance upon your heart’s desire or promotional needs. The fact that it is customizable makes it ideal for any setting, be it a staff rec room or a business event. It can even be branded with your business logo for promotional purposes.

The standard configuration is of 11 foosball men for each team, but it can also be changed based on the client’s needs.

There are two options when it comes to customization, and you can either do it with the help of the Warrior staff, in order to create a design, or you can supply your own design, which can be turned into one or multiple foosball tables.

Some of the buyers have noticed that Custom Playfield does not come with lighting included as standard in the design.  But you could always get a Light Kit from Warrior, that provides you with a light bar and fixture since they specify you can modify your cabinet on most foosball tables to use this light kit.

Also, you must consider that the cost is a bit higher due to the customization process.

  • Create your own Customized Warrior Professional Foosball table
  • Fully Customize your Playfield and End Panels. Customizing Side Panels for complete wrap around is not included, can be done for extra fee.
  • Delivered right to your front door
  • Great for your office, showroom, game room, and more
  • Your design or our specialists can help create a table you love

4. Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020

Warrior Professional Foosball Table

Our Score






Quick Review

If you are looking for a budget choice, Warrior, unlike other brands, provides a model that keeps plenty of the excellent features usually found in their pricier foosball tables. If you are not looking for any kind of branding or customization, you may find that Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 resembles the Custom Playfield we described above and comes at a more affordable price. It weighs 205 lbs and comes with 11 red and 11 black players.

Since it keeps most of the features found in other Warrior foosball tables, such as the legs made out of sturdy melamine, the leg levelers, and the Rod Guard System, Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 is tournament suitable and it can be used to participate in official tournaments.

A combination of durability and affordability, this Soccer Pro Foosball Table 2020 is the only one in its price range that has been certified by the United States Table Soccer Federation and the International Table Soccer Federation. Keep in mind, though, that it is not approved for ITSF World Championship Tournaments. For a budget pick, the only drawback that buyers mention for this model is that the ball collection system might be a little bit awkward. Otherwise, it is affordable, the model is tournament certified, suitable for any surface, and altogether easy to assemble

  • FAST AND EASY ASSEMBLY - Assembled in approximately 25 mins with one simple tool. Direct to your doorstep. Assembled counter balance foosball men men on rods making it faster to complete construction
  • PRO QUALITY - Split bearings for faster and smoother shots. Excellent ball control and ability to any shot. And swivel foot levelers making it easier to level on any surface
  • SOLID DURABLE FOOSBALL TABLE - Improved Pro style ball return system where the ball is channeled to the center of the table without hoses
  • PROTECTING THE PLAYERS - Rod Guard system for the protections of children and adults. Helps prevent accidental injury for fast moving rods. If you will ever have 2-12 year olds around your foosball table, you must demand rod guards
  • OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT TABLE - Previously recognized by USTSF & ITSF organizations. Weighs 200 lbs. making this ideal for all level players. This is not a toy. Measures 56" L x 30" W x 36"H

5. Warrior Professional Black Light Foosball Table 2020

Warrior Table Soccer Professional Black Light Foosball Table

Our Score






Quick Review

This model is certainly suited for the ones interested in being up to date with the latest trends and it is a safe bet if you want to impress. As Warrior describes it on their website, this is the official Pro table in every aspect, with the bonus that turning the Black Light on creates a 4th of July atmosphere, ideal for parties, rec rooms, showrooms, and even company events.

What makes it special? The full set of fluorescent men on rods (includes men on rods, custom female bearing, male bearing, handles, and bumpers), a set of 4 or 8 black light balls, the light kit that brings the magic to the foosball table, which includes light bars and fixture, but not the bulbs, and a set of 8 fluorescent wraps (4 yellow and 4 orange).

  • The Fastest and Easiest table on the market to assemble
  • Unique Rod Guard system for the safety of players of all ages
  • Special Black Light Men & Foosballs
  • Preferred by professional players for its championship play characteristics.
  • Loved by families for ease of play and safety.

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