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Types Of Fishing Methods For Beginners – Learn New Fishing Tips Now!

Types of fishing methods for beginners can consist of Coarse, Match, Carp fishing.

Then within the types of fishing methods, you’ll get general float fishing, feeder fishing can also be ledger fishing. Or maybe even classed as pole fishing which is also great for match fishing.

My personal favorite types of fishing method is feeder fishing and Pole fishing because these methods are easy to learn and great ways to catch fish. Method feeder fishing is a simple and a great way to fill your keep nets full of fish. The consistency of the method feeder fishing is because of the constant amounts of bait going in your swim or peg.

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Regular amounts of bait going over your fishing area will naturally build your peg for a day’s fishing.

This is why method feeder fishing is consistently catching more fish. Especially when fishing in a match. Also to note is, some days the pole or float and ledger can out fish the feeder.

Can also, come down to where you are fishing, the type of target fish along with the weather conditions.

Pleasure fishing anglers don’t need to worry about how many fish they are catching.

man weighing fish over picknic table

As it’s more for a leisure day and time for more practice.

Another factor of method feeder fishing is the correct mixture of your ground bait. Ground bait should not be too wet and not too dry. I like to keep mine a little on the sticky side, because it will also dry out throughout the day. You can always wet it more throughout the day.

Method feeders come with pre-made moulds today. I like them, as they help with adding just the right amount of bait for each cast. The way I like to fish the method feeder, is for one fish at a time. This way the amount of bait soon builds up and the fish start to compete over the amount of food in your peg.

Setting up the in-line method feeder.

The basic set up to an in-line method feeder. Your main reel line passes through the middle tube within the method feeder. Then the line attaches to a quick change bead. Next would simply be to attach a hook length link. Most hook lengths or you links are around 4 to 6 inches sometimes up to 12 inches length. Keeping them short in length allows the hook bait to stay close to the feed bait.

Most of the time it allows you to catch more fish.

Sometimes however you may have to test it and change the length throughout the days fishing. As fishing days are different every time, some days you catch on short and other days it will be the longer hook lengths that do the catching…

Testing testing is what it’s all about when you are fishing, the more you test the more you get to catch. If you are not catching on one hook length test another of a different length. You can also test different hook sizes and baits.

Fishing man with gear and net

How to cast the method feeder…

Basic casting of the method feeder is lifting the rod straight above and gently swigging it behind you. Aiming at something in front of you, throw your rod forwards and let go of the line and feather it down just before it hits the target.

Once you have the casting down and hitting your target you can place the line in the line clip on your reel.

Practice practice practice, it gets easier as time goes by, your target hitting gets better and you’ll catch more fish. Check out this video below for method feeder casting.

So, there you have a couple great method feeder fishing videos. Some nice tips on setting up the method feeder, bit on casting and ground baits. All for you to do now is get out there and catch some fish on the method.

General Float Fishing Types Of Fishing Methods For The Beginner…

Which is best for float fishing, the waggler rod and float or the pole and float. Both fished in the right way and on the right day. Can win you the match or gain you that extra fish on that pleasure day.

General float fishing with a rod and line is where most start as a kid. The time nowadays has also, moved on to the pole and float, one of my favorite ways to fish too. Predominantly I like a margin pole, it great fun when you hook that big carp and off it goes.

The set up of a float and rod, would be to use a rubber float attachment, add a couple of slip-shot one each side of your float. I would set the float around 2 -3 foot up the main line, then tie a loop at the end of your main line. Next add a 12 to 18 inch hook length and tie it by the loop to loop method. Now I would add smaller split-shot down the line on to the main line just above the loop to loop.

Additionally adding a small bulk of shot, then adding a couple more shot on the hook length. One around 6 inches from the hook and another one or two 6 inches from the last shot. Next is to add a plummet on your hook and cast it out in your peg. Time to check the depth of your peg. By moving your float up or down the line to the correct depth of your peg.

Here’s another great video on the set up of a waggler float and rod.

Baiting Up When Float Fishing…

So, most session I would start out with 3 or 4 balls of ground bait. Few pellets, with corn and meat hook baits. Start the session, I like to use the little and often method. Which is throwing small amounts of loose feed around my float every 2 or 3 minutes.

This slowly builds up your peg, and the fish start to compete for the bait and allowing you to catch more of them. Swimstim 2mm green pellets and the swimstim ground baits are also, one of my favorite to use.

The swimstim pellets have betaine added to them which, stimulates your peg more for ultimately more fish. Most people fish and feed the wrong way round, with large amounts of loose feed first. Then lower amounts throughout the day. Personally I like start off with the little and often method firstly, then ultimately build to a larger amount of loose feed as the day goes on.

I find more fish move in to your peg throughout the day as you build it with feed, you actually will end up catching more.

Pole Fishing For Beginners…

So, as I mentioned early I am more of a margin fisherman when it comes to the pole. You can pick up some huge lumps when fishing the margin on the pole.

When it come to setting up your pole and rigs, this is something I like to have all organized before hand. All my rigs are pre-tied and place inside my seat box trays. I have all my hook lengths pre-tied to.

Setting up a pole rig is fairly easy. Start off with a length of line just over the length of your top kit.

Tie a loop in one end and attach it to the top of your pole kit. Thread your first pole float rubber on to the line and push your float eye on the line to. Next add 3 more pole float rubbers on the line, then push all the rubbers on to your pole float.

First one on the top red part of the float, and the other 3 spaced out evenly below on the carbon or metal stem.

So, again tie a loop at the end of the pole line and attach you hook length. Next add some number 8 split-shot, 3 bulk shot just above the loop to loop. Next 1 number 8 shot 6 inches above your hook.

Add your plummet and check your depth, in the margins left and right, and straight out in front.

There is the basics of a standard pole float rig set up. Some times you have to play around with the shoting pattons, for different size floats.

Fishing man on bank 1

Baiting A Pole Peg For A Days Fishing… Margin Types Of Fishing Methods!

Starting on a pleasure days fishing, I would pick out 3 spots in the water at my peg. One straight out in the front of me, The second would be on my left margin side, and the third on the right side margin.

Baiting with ground bait, I would load my large cupping pot and place to big balls out in the front spot. Then I would place one down the right or left margin. In the other I would loose feed with my particles and a few hook bait, baits.

Do not fish any of the margin swims, start of fishing the swim out in front. Keep topping up each margin swim both side on the hour every hour. Top up with one big ball of ground bait on the ground bait side. And top up the other with a full pot of loose feed, pellet and corn or pellet and meet.

The swim out front, top up after every fish, with a ball of ground bait and keep loose feeding over the top, every 2 to 3 minutes.

How to bag lots of fish from the margins…

Fish over the margin only in the last three hour of leaving for the day. As you have been pre-baiting the margin all day. The fish move in over the bait and build there confidence to feed.

Fish one margin for one fish, catch, bait again and move to the other margin. Again catch one, bait it and move back to the first margin. Rinse and repeat for the last couple hours before you leave to go home.

Fishing man holding pike in highlands

Ledger Types Of Fishing Methods For Beginners…

Ledger weights or some time called bombs.

This type of fishing is mostly featured with carp fishing. Even thou there is lots who like to fish the bomb on a quiver tip rod. It’s just like the feeder fishing but without the ground bait on it each cast.

This to can be used conjunction with feeder fishing, by swapping out the feeder. Changing to a bomb.

It’s some times good to rest the swim of ground bait and also, stop’s over feeding the fish. In most types of fishing methods, every fisherman overfeeds or underfeeds. Feeding pattons take time and practice to learn and get right.

So, I hope today’s article for the types of fishing methods has helped you out with a few tips, if so, give it a share on your social media.So others can also get the benefits of these tips.

Please come back soon for more tips and products…

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Other Questions

What does a fish bite feel like?

A fish bite feels like a pinch, tickle, or a bruise. This depends on the type of fish that bites you. Most fish and marine animals are known to bite causing punctures and cuts. It is imperative to identify the type of fish that has bitten you so as to determine the right form of treatment.

In terms of a bite on the bait, this feels heavier on your line and you can feel some pecking on the bait. In fishing, knowing how the lure feels is quite important to the success of your fishing expedition. There are times when the fish bite may feel like a stuck lure.

Is fishing hard to learn?

Fishing is not hard to learn and with regular practice, it becomes an easy and fun activity to engage in. If you are a beginner, a good way to start learning is by finding a local fish farm. The benefit of fish farms that allow tourist fishing is the fact that you will not need a license to fish.

There will be experts who will teach you the basics of fishing and let you take home the fish you have caught. Always make it a point to fish where there is plenty of fish and where the fish find something to eat.

How much weight should be on a fishing line?

Ideally, the weight that should be on a fishing line should match the type of fish hat you intent to catch. Fishing weights are meant to be used to ensure that the bait gets to the bottom of the water body like a lake, pond, or river.

You should use as little weight as possible as this is the only way that you can ensure the bait gets to the bottom of the water you are fishing in. Practically, you should use a 20-pound test for fish in the 20-pound range. In the choice of fishing weights, always pick less weight as it gets you more fish.

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