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Beginner Guide To Table Tennis-Foods To Enhance Performance

What Should You Eat To Improve Your Performance In Table Tennis?

We all need food for proper growth, health, and energy. Are you a table tennis player, and you wonder what the best diet that will help you improve your performance is?

Eating the right food is one factor that will determine whether you will succeed in table tennis. Apart from the skills and expertize required in the game, one needs to have a healthy body by taking the right foods.

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Table tennis also requires intense training. That means you have to follow a certain diet for several days, not only days before the competition day.

Unfortunately, many people take for granted the kind of foods they take when they are active in sports.

They keep on exercising and wearing the right clothes, but still fail because of poor dieting. Don’t fall into this trap. Below are some of the best foods you can eat to improve your sport performance and overall health.

Brain Boosters

Playing table tennis requires mental readiness and flexibility. It is not just a physical game. You need to come up with tactics to beat your opponent.

To achieve this, eat foods that will boost your brainpower. It is easy to make decisions fast, increasing your chances of winning. Antioxidants like berries are powerful brain boosters. Eggs, coconut oil, walnuts, and salmon are also excellent brain boosters.

If a player does not take adequate booster foods, the brain might get quickly exhausted, and cannot make sound decisions or develop tactics that will put them at an advantage over their opponents.


Sometimes, table tennis matches are held when it’s too hot. Players sweat too much and may lose a lot of water, making them get dehydrated.

To avoid this, take enough water during training and before a game. A dehydrated table tennis player will easily get fatigued, and chances of them winning a game are very slim. Water is the best hydrant. Just like doctors recommend, take at least six glasses of water daily.

However, each individual has their own water requirements. You can take other drinks too, but be careful not to take very sugary ones. The player needs to drink water during the competition too, especially when it’s hot.

Remember, dehydration can affect your decision making significantly. Just make sure you take enough water during training and also during the game.

Apart from keeping the body hydrated, water enhances digestion and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body.

Energy-Rich Foods

As a player, you need a lot of energy, Even though you don’t have to keep running around. A tennis match can last for hours, and you need enough energy to last you that long.

Remember, you are burning up more calories while playing. You might get exhausted if you don’t take energy giving foods. Carbohydrates are the chief source of energy. Carbohydrates rich foods for table tennis players include bread, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and wholegrain cereals.

Carbohydrates should make up half of every meal for players. Consuming them regularly replenishes glycogen, which gives the players enough energy for training and playing.

Fats are also another source of energy. We should eat them in moderation, as they take too long to digest.

Take enough carbohydrates before a match if you need to stay long without getting fatigued. Take more carbs some hours before the match to have enough glycogen to take you through the entire match.

Lean Muscle Builders

A lot of muscle build-up may not be good for table tennis players. However, they need lean muscle. To build lean muscles, take food rich in proteins. Protein sources include poultry, lentils, eggs, nuts, and fish.

Your muscles will always get strained whenever you take part in training or competition. To repair them, take proteins in plenty. Lean muscle also acts as sources of energy when the glycogen stores are exhausted. Having enough lean muscle ensures that you will never lack energy during competition.

Food That Is Easy To Digest

There is nothing as disappointing as having stomach problems just before or during a game. Honestly, it would be very hard for you to win if you experienced digestion issues. They make one comfortable and lose concentration.

We have defeated good table tennis players because of such problems. To ensure you don’t fall in the same trap, be cautious about what you eat, especially a few days to the competition and during the actual day.

Avoid very fatty foods may cause indigestion. Avoid very spicy foods, too, especially if you are not used to them. Some foods like cabbages, beans, and carbonated drinks may cause bloating, and should be avoided at all costs.

Research on the best foods for table tennis players has been very beneficial. Players know the foods they should take to enhance their performance and increase their chances of winning. What the players eat will determine the outcomes of the competition.

What Should The Player Eat After A Competition?

Remember, eat certain diets and avoid others, even after a match. Proper eating will not end right after a competition.

You need healthy food to recover after strenuous activity. It would be very easy for a player to experience muscle damage when the glycogen stores are exhausted.

Taking proteins will protect you from the damage. You will also need to take energy, giving food to replace the lost energy. Taking the right meal after training or competition ensures that you don’t get any injury and stay fit and healthy. Some of the best recovery foods include eggs, chicken, cheese, avocado, and milk.

Take your last meal 3-4 hours before the game starts. You can take snacks like yogurt, fresh fruits, and salads after that. Just be careful not to over-indulge in them, as they may cause stomach upsets.

As a table tennis player be cautious about what you eat, as it will determine whether you will succeed in a game. Eat healthy foods and increase your chances of winning.


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