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Things You Need To Know If You're Going To Go Kayak Pike Fishing This Winter

Winter Kayak Fishing for Pike

With the water falling levels and the snow on the shore, winter is the best time to catch a pike! Pike is, in particular, a species affiliated with wintertime.

Identifying these creatures can also challenge, but here are a few questions with answers that might help you catch these intimidating aquatic species.

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Pike is found in stagnant streams and small, weedy spots in lakes and rivers, and calm, clear, rocky waterways. New York is an outstanding pike state with its Great Lake boundary, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The Dakotas and Colorado have decent pike fishing in the lakes, and Alaska has some excellent pike fishing spots. Wilderness waters in the provinces of Canada have the least fish populations and the biggest pike.

Pike is spread among the Arctic regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and Siberia. Most inhabitants of the northern pike are 40 degrees north of the latitude.

The northern peak range in North America stretches from Alaska across Canada to the upper Midwestern part of the United States. North Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan, Maryland, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, eastern New York, New Jersey, Idaho, northern New England, and Canada have Northern pike colonies.

While pike is uncommon in British Columbia and the east coast, Alaska and the Ohio Valley have a wide variety of pike populations.

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Do Pike Go Deep in Winter?

Pike can be found in deep tunnels and holes or sometimes in the shallows, hidden near hollow tree trunks and weed lines, depending on the conditions and where the baitfish are.

Since the water is colder in November, while there is still lots of weed growth, pike lives in weedy places three to six feet deep.

These areas also serve as a cover for pike, allowing them to ambush prey fish. If the first frosts arrive in December, the pike will seek water at least six to fifteen feet deep.

Time of Year Best for Pike Fishing

Pike can be captured all year round but is most effective during cold water seasons—from fall to spring. Pike is also ubiquitous during the winter when lakes and rivers are ice.

Pike fishing by committed anglers is also just a regular pike season from October to March.

This allows the pike a spawning break and decreases the tension on the fish, which will quickly become exhausted and gaseous after a long battle in warm water where oxygen levels are limited.

What Is The Best Time To Catch Pike?

Daytime is good. No matter where you fish, late May, and early June is the best time to target a large pike

. Most of the pike will breed during the full moon period in April, whether under ice or open water. As another general rule, the optimal peak hours are usually at sunrise and sunset; however, the temperature is not as low as it is in the spring and the water temperatures cause pike to hunt for extended periods.

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Where to Fish for Pike

For most of them, the safest place to hunt for pike is in a river. Many new anglers fish in still waters, but they have little to no knowledge of rivers. If you're new to catching Pike and the waterways, don't ineptitude yourself. Pike is very popular, living in rivers of all scales.

Best Bait for Pike

Sea fish bait is always the first alternative for a pike angler. They're easy to get, and you can purchase them frozen from the stores or fresh from a fishmonger or supermarket. There is a wide range of sea bait like mackerel, sprat, herring, sardine, and smelt. Rattletraps are great attractions, especially when the fish are not as busy.

Can You Lure Fish For Pike In Winter?

Yes, the colder the air, the slower the lure. In winter, pike wants an immediate goal, so slow down to the snail's pace. With autumn pike, fishing or spring, the goal is to recover quickly rather than slowly triggering the pike's predatory instincts.

The Best Weather for Pike Fishing

Pike are as many foragers as predators, particularly in the winter when they are looking to save precious energy. Dead baiting can be so successful, and there are several baiting to be used, the most crucial sea and natural baiting option.

The perfect conditions are warm weather, cloudy, and the water (if you fish the rivers) is at a minimum rate and spotless. Sustained cold spells make it more challenging to fish. Pike is less interested in fishing lures or taking dead bait.

Why Is Pike Fishing Better In Winter?

Over the winter months, the water temperatures are falling, which slows the pike's metabolism. This makes the pike very sluggish and much less able to hunt down the bait. Centered on this dead or alive baiting is the perfect winter pike fishing bait for the winter months.

Pike is a target species that eats best at colder temperatures. As discussed above, fish's metabolism is much slower in the winter, and there is no need to feed.' While you might target those species during the summer months, it is much more productive to concentrate on those that provide on winter, Lake Chub, dace, pike, or perch.

What Rod Do I Need For Pike Fishing?

For a specific all-around excellent-purpose pike rod, the 12ft 3lb trial curve rod will address much of the bait fishing scenarios you will face. A 12ft 3.5lb test curve is recommended for heavier bait activity. This is the perfect rod for throwing larger leads (3oz) and larger bait.

Can You Catch Pike At Night?

It's a popular misconception that there's no use in pike fishing at night because pike can't see that much in the dark to eat at night. Certain waters are known to capture pike in the dead of night, but as a basic guideline, the first two hours and the last two nighttime hours are the safest.

Is Pike A Good Fish To Eat?

Contrary to common wisdom, Northern Pike is a deliciously tasty trout if it's done correctly. They are packed with bones, but with a little caution and expertise, one can fill the pike so that no bone remains.

What Is the Biggest Pike Ever Caught?

The IGFA presently honors the 25 kg (55 lb) pike caught by Lothar Louis on Griffin Lake, Germany, on 16 October 1986 as the world-famous North Pike. This is the largest pike ever captured.

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Other Questions

Is Winter A Good Time To Fish?

Winter is the perfect time to catch pike. In summer, the safest time of day to fish is early in the morning and late in the evening. It's safest to head out at sunset in spring and fall. In the southern area of the U.S., you can catch fish all year round, so winter is still a great time to fish. In other cooler areas, wintertime is a decent time to ice fish.

So Is It Safe To Fish In Winter?

When the weather is cold, all fish and their food supplies travel more slowly than they do when hotter. Live bait is much easier to use in the winter than lures. Since the fish are not as hungry in the cold, the attractants will allow them to bite and keep on until they do.

Temperatures That are too Cold for Bass Fishing

Under 40 Degrees

This is one of the most exhausting days to fish for bass; however, it can be achieved. Bass will be dormant in the water below 40 degrees and will need a simple meal.

40 to 50 Degrees

These are the main temperatures of winter fishing. Bass surviving in these environments would have slowed down their eating, but they're not too cold to eat. They're after lures, and they will get hooked on a bit.


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