I was playing Foosball in a Pub in the UK, and I was wondering: How does a Foosball Table Light affect the gameplay in a Foosball Match?

There is nothing worse in Foosball than playing in a dark environment, where you cannot see your men or the ball well. Alternatively, light glaring off the table and blinding you is just as bad. So just what is the best type of Foosball Table Light? and would have the wrong levels of light have any ad-verse effects at all?

Foosball Table Lighting 1
Best Foosball Balls, Money Can Buy

Best Foosball Balls, Money Can Buy

This article details the 4 types of ball. Give the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and gives recommendations for the best types of ball

This site has been produced to try to help you find all the information that you may need about Foosball. What to look for in a table, the best tables you can buy – depending on your situation, table maintenance, and everything else.

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