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Star Wars Top Trumps: Caution! The Game Can Cause Nostalgia!

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Is Top Trumps Star Wars Match Board Game the Best Way of Having Fun?

Have you ever felt the pang of nostalgia whenever your children tell you they want to play the Top Trumps Star Wars Match Board Game? The strong desire to get involved in the game is common among many parents for good reasons. Once you learn how to play the game and win, you find that it is fun for grown-ups too.

This guide on how to reap the most benefits out of Top Trumps Match Star Wars Match Board Game will help you to understand the benefits of choosing this option for your children. Besides allowing you to entertain your young ones, you will find that this game is easy to play and gives you the benefit of enjoying your favourite game indoors.

Read on for detailed information on the critical components of Top Trumps and how to make it entertaining for both kids and adults.

Is Top Trumps the Most Enjoyable Game Fun?

Why is Playing Top Trump Fun?

The trick of winning the game is simple. You work towards being the first to match five of your favourite cubes in a row. The rule of the game is that you win if you match them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent does. But your partner can ‘steal’ the game. You can do it too.

Once your opponent wins, you should turn over your dealt card to find out whether it matches your opponent’s five images. If it does, you win. The competition makes the Top Trumps game one of the most amazing alternatives. The game is easy to set up and then pack away, and this makes it easy for you to play with your children anywhere whenever you want.

How Do I Play Top Trumps Game With Ease and Make It Fun?

You draw two blind cards at the beginning of the game.

The match is aimed at children. Players should be 4+ years to be able to enjoy the game. Many children love Top Trump because it ties in with Start Wars, Disney Princess, Marvel Avengers, Harry Potter, and other kid’s favourites.

However, please note that regardless of the version of Top Trumps Match that you choose, you and your children will have no difficulty playing. They are the same in all aspects, excluding the branding of the outer box, cubes, and cards.

When starting the game, you want to ensure that the cubes are arranged so that no more than two of them on a single row are identical. After that is appropriately managed, the first player pushes their top left cube, which them lands on the side of the opponent who then studies it.

Consequently, the opponent decides on the six images that should face them and then pushes it back via a different cube, which eventually removes another cube from the board. If you master this simple trick, you are prepared to play the game with your children or guide them.

Once the cube has been knocked down from the game board, you continue playing. The play goes back and forth. At each moment, the cubes get rearranged, and this does not end until a winner emerges. If your opponent gets at least five identical images in any row, they are likely to become the winners.

Competition is healthy for the game. Without it, you cannot enjoy the fun and the great feeling that comes whenever you win. Nonetheless, you must follow the rules and work hard to emerge the winner. Here are the two of them:

Does Having Five-in-a-Row Guarantee You a Win?

Whenever you have five identical cubes in any row, you have a reason to celebrate. You have nearly won.

However, you can still lose it. Before the onset of the game, you drew two blind cards. If you have five-in-a-row, but your opponent’s card matches your winning character, they snatch the victory. The lack-based revelation makes the game fun. It feels great if you seize the win at this point after failing to match the images as required.

Why Top Trumps Is Family Friendly

Many parents are looking for the best ways to bond with their children. They have turned to various board games. However, they are concerned that most of these games are only aimed at younger children and entirely rely on luck. Top Trump solves all these. It gives everyone an equal opportunity to win and relies on the players’ ability to be creative.

The fact that the loser can also win by luck is meant to give everyone an equal chance to be victorious. Without a doubt, the five-in-arrow is a great premise that protects the players from knowing how their opponents are executing their tricks. The only real option is that both of you focus on completing multiple rows simultaneously. You also have no prior information about the images on the cube.

Some of the benefits worth noting are:

The boxes indicate that your children should be at least four years, but 5 + seems to be an accurate estimation. For younger children to win, they need their parent’s direct involvement, which can be suitable for parents who are only focused on bonding with their children. However, since winning is part of the game, the age matters too.

Creating a game that can entertain both the young and the old is a great challenge. It is more difficult if you are keen on giving all of them an opportunity to be at a level playing field and reducing the element of luck. For me, Top Trumps Star Wars Match is one of these games.

  • Quizzical Star Wars fun with a Top Trumps Twist
  • Entertaining educational card game loved for bringing your favourite Star Wars characters to life including questions on Yoda, Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker
  • 500 puzzling and captivating questions that will test your knowledge and memory on the Star Wars Saga
  • Easy-to-carry plastic case means there are no limits on gameplay
  • Prepare to outsmart your opponents, discover new and exciting facts and duel your way to becoming the Top Trump

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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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