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Which Table Game? - Foosball

Let Us Help You Find The Best Foosball Table & Accessories
About Me

Hi! I’m nick

Computer Consultant Website Developer

The “Decker” table

First played Table Football, or Foosball in the 90’s in a Pub in Looe, England – Called the Double Decker. It was the best pub but unfortunatly it is gone now. After the Landlady Liz left, the table was changed and the photo to the left is not the original table. (If any one has a photo of the orginal table, can I get a copy?)

About nick

Hi, I am a middle-aged man. I have been a Computer Programmer / Consultant for my entire career, spanning almost 30 years. I have recently decided to try to live a “Digital Nomad” lifestyle rather than working the corporate 9-5 life. To try to fund my new lifestyle I am currently trying to build some affiliate websites like this one. I do not really know what I am doing yet,  but I am hoping my past experience and knowledge will give me and advantage over some of my competitors. I am currently living and working from the Philippines which is incredibly cheap, the people are wonderful and nearly all speak English. I am not enjoying the wet season so much!

Qualifications Etc

Microsoft Certifications
Microsoft Exam Transcripts ID: 779809 – Code: nick2623

decker foosball

About this website

This website is an Affiliate website. This is a type of marketing based on performance, where if someone buys something from a vendor after getting information from your website, then you receive a small commission from the vendor. The customer does not pay any extra to you the affiliate.
If you are interested in knowing more about this then the following are some of the people I have followed to get to this point. (I am still a beginner and anything on this site that is not up to standard is my fault alone)
WP Eagle, Doug Cunningham, Dan Brock, Human Proof Designs

Other sites I have created:

Crumplehorn Cottages
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