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Kayak Coolers is the best cooler on the market!

Best Coolers for Kayaks


We need coolers at various places now, be it indoor or outdoor. We use coolers at homes, workplaces, vehicles, camps, and even in kayaks.

While kayaking, you can feel the harsh sun’s heat, so having a kayak cooler can enhance your comfort. When you are on a day tour or a multi-day tour by kayak, you need to store your food and drinks. A kayak cooler can be helpful for this.

Also, while fishing, a kayak cooler is necessary for keeping fishes. So, a kayak cooler is beneficial for many sides. That’s why it’s essential to know the basic features of a kayak cooler before buying one so you can select the most suitable kayak cooler.

Types of Coolers for Kayaks

There are a variety of kayak coolers. From soft-sided to hard-sided to a dry and roll-top bag, available are unique types of coolers for kayaks.

Each type of cooler has unique characteristics and benefits.

Kayak Cooler with Hard Case

These are typical coolers from the time at camps. These coolers have various shapes and sizes. However, ice lasts for a longer time in the hard-case coolers, so it’s better for multi-day kayaking tours.

There are special hard-case kayak coolers with tie-down straps.

Kayak Cooler with Soft Case

Soft-case kayak coolers are bigger and a little sturdier; these look like lunch bags. Softer fabric materials are one of the principal elements of these coolers.

These coolers can squish into narrow spaces and hence work efficiently. These coolers often have straps to carry on the back.

Dry Bag Kayak Cooler

If you need not keep anything cold, a dry bag cooler is also a great option. You can use a dry bag cooler as a snack or food holder or for other purposes.

Dry bags don’t have insulation levels and the typical kayak coolers. However, you can use cold freezer packs with a need for cold containment.

Important Features of The Best Kayak Coolers

While choosing the most suitable kayak cooler for you for purposes like exploring, fishing, or anything else, you need to consider some crucial factors.

You have to select one which will be a worthy companion for your kayak.

The features of the best kayak coolers vary according to the requirements of the individuals. It’s because someone may need a cooler for short day tours, someone may need a cooler for multi-day tours, someone may need to store a few items, someone may need to store numerous items.

We will discuss the initial considerations while buying a kayak cooler.

Size and Purpose of Use

The overall dimension and size of the cooler are the first things to consider before buying. The cooler should have the dimension to properly fit the kayak and the capacity to hold all the items for the kayaking tour.

You can choose a large cooler if you want to store many items, such as food, clothes, or fishes while going on fishing. There are also small coolers with compact features for keeping a few items like a few sandwiches and drinks.


You will be in motion with the cooler while kayaking, so the cooler should be lightweight with portable features. Some cooler models are comfortable to transport from the water as these have attached towing gear or handles. Kayak coolers with padded handles are the most suitable coolers if you prioritize carrying comfort.

Cooler Material

Cooler materials determine the insulation of the cooler. Cooler materials influence the time of keeping food and drinks cold, which is more important on a scorching summer day.

Some materials are heat resistant, ensuring heavy-duty insulation; you can keep your food and catch fresh for a long time. The cooler material should be strong and durable; otherwise, it can get punctured because of a snag on something sharp.

The cleaning option is also important. Coolers made of polypropylene are convenient to clean.

Compatibility or Attachment

The cooler you buy has to be compatible with your kayak. Some coolers have an easy attachment method to attach them to most of the kayaks easily.

Some coolers have a complicated attachment method; these may not get attached to most of the kayaks easily. Consider the attachment method or process before buying a cooler.


Whether you are going on a multi-day kayaking tour or a single-day tour for fishing, exploring, or other purposes, the most important thing is keeping your necessities like food, drinks, etc. That’s why having a suitable kayak cooler is essential for a kayaking tour.

A cooler protects your food and beverages from getting spoiled because of the exposure to the outer environment. We hope the discussions have helped you find the best and most suitable kayak coolers while purchasing. A good kayak cooler will enhance your comfort during a kayaking tour to a vast extent.

  • Soft-sided cooler designed to fit in tight places; ideal for ski boats, fishing boats, off-road vehicles, and RVs
  • Guaranteed to hold ice for 24 hours in 120 degree weather; 38-can capacity plus 14 pounds of ice
  • 3/4-inch thick, high-density, closed cell foam inner insulation
  • Soft exterior won’t scratch gel coat or tear up upholstery
  • Measures 23 by 15 by 8.5 inches
  • Lightweight, convenient cooler pops open for use and collapses flat for storage
  • Water defiant interior stops leaks, spills and condensation
  • Insulated access hatch allows you to retrieve food and beverages while minimizing cold loss
  • Features a zippered lid, carry handles, and buckle strap to keep flat when not in use and bottle opener also included
  • Measures 13 inches in diameter by 10.5 inches tall when expanded and 3 inches high when collapsed for storage
  • Will hold up to a 12 pack of bottled or canned drinks
  • Crafted from the highest quality material
  • Perfect for outdoor and even indoor use
  • Made in United States
  • The ultimate slim seat-back kayak cooler
  • Designed to fit any kayak with lawn chair style seating systems this cooler also works great with the Perception Pilot the Pescador Pro 10/12 and all Perception Tribe models with the Lawn Chair seating
  • Attaches to the back of a lawn chair style kayak seats via strong bungee ball system (included)
  • A zippered opening on top provides the ultimate convenience when accessing drinks and food while in the seated position
  • Strong webbing loops and D-rings for additional lash down options or for attaching additional gear.YKK water-resistant zipper water-proof materials and RF welded internal seams keep splash and rain out.3/4" thick closed cell foam keeps drinks and food cold all day.Height and width are designed to not impede access to other gear within the tank well.Easy carry ergonomic grab handle.Compatible upgrades include the Splash Rod Holders and Splash Mesh Organizers - both sold separately
  • Large capacity: 25 Cans/25L, measures 13.3” x 8.6” x 14.9”, roomy enough to pack meals, beers, tall beverages, snacks and all your other necessities. Perfect insulated cooler backpack for lunch, work, hiking, camping, beach, road trip, outdoors etc.
  • Leakproof & cold / hot: The inner insulation thicken foam and leakproof PEVA liner of the cooler backpack work together to keep things cold or hot for hours and make sure anti-leaking.
  • Durable & scratch-proof: The backpack cooler is made of heavy duty nylon which will not rip, tear or scratch, but lightweight to carry. Padded and fully adjustable shoulders straps offer the maximum comfort and support. 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Versatile: Besides used as excellent soft cooler bag, it is also a perfect lightweight gear for lunch backpack, hiking backpack, camping backpack, fishing backpack, travel backpack, hunting, trail, cycling, overnight stay and other outdoor activities. Suitable for both men and women.
  • The stylish backpack with cooler contains 1 large cooler storage compartment, 2 side mesh pockets, 1 large front zipper pocket with divider to keep utensils, 1 inside mesh pocket on the lid for extra storage, 1 beer opener and extra 2 D-shape hooks for attachment.

Other Questions

How do you attach a cooler to a kayak?

Enjoying an icy drink while kayaking is great and certainly rewarding after an intense paddling session. Having a cooler is a must when you’re out in the water.

If you are using an ice chest cooler (a standard one like you have at home) you can strap it onto your kayak by running it through both the cooler and the kayak’s pad eye and making a knot, or simply attaching it if you are using a buckle.

What is the best size of coolers for a kayak?

On the water, you’re dealing with minimal space but equal (if not more) necessities to keep things cold in an environment with high sun exposure.

If you have a narrow sea kayak, you probably won’t be able to fit an ice chest cooler, so you will be using a softshell cooler bag.

These are great to fit under your seat but have in mind that you should only put hard drinks in it. Putting in lunch will eventually get it crushed as soon as you hop into your kayak. However, if you use a recreational kayak that has a lot of space,  getting an ice chest cooler is the best option, as they usually have extra space in the back.

Which cooler keeps ice frozen the longest?

You should follow the 2:1 ratio of ice to contents. This way of cooling will help to keep all your stuff at an optimal temperature.

Some manufacturers state that their coolers will preserve ice for up to 5 days, they have not proven this, but every cooler should keep your goods cold for at least 24 hours. Yeti’s coolers have proven to be dependable, and they also use closed-cell foam technology.


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