What are the types of foosballs some people ask?

The types of Foosball are:

  • Traditional Foosball
  • Textured Foosball
  • Cork Foosball
  • Smooth Foosball

Read the advantages and disadvantages of each in the post


About Foosball Balls

There are a number of different styles of balls, with various qualities which allow a different styles of play. These balls are inexpensive, and good quality balls should last a long time. The better quality balls can be passed, pinned down and gripped a lot better than the low-quality cheap balls.

The foosball is the only thing on the table that can be easily changed, and you should not underestimate the difference that the ball can have on a game. Pick the wrong textured, solid ball, and there will be very little skill used in the game, and you will not be able to improve your play or moves!

The details of the four main types of foosball are outlined below. All have different qualities which suit some players more than others. Some of these balls are not that good and should probably not be used at all, other than by casual players who are not interested in becoming a great player.

If you would like to try out the different styles for yourself, there is a variety pack which has 11 balls for you to try. (See bottom of the page for details)

Traditional Foosball Ball

These depending on your opinion are probably the worse type of Foosball, beginners may like them, but they really are not the ball of choice for the skilled or professional player.

These are the cheaper balls, so you see more of them, and they tend to come with the more affordable tables. These balls tend to replicate a “Real” soccer ball, in that they have a printed pattern and grooves. They probably are the prettiest of all the balls. These are the ones that someone who does not play foosball would buy.

These balls are made from hard plastic, with a smooth coat (other than the moulded indents), it makes these balls incredibly hard to control, so games play with these balls tend to be won with a lot more luck than skill.

These balls are also very noisy, so if you want to have a game with less noise and more skill, replace these ball now

Smooth Foosball Ball

These balls are the next ball up in quality from the traditional ball, slightly better for playing, but still not recommended for good players, or people trying to become professional .

These balls suffer from most of the disadvantages of the Traditional Ball, constructed from hard plastic, with a shiny outer coating, hard to grip and pin, and again very, very noisy.

These balls are basically the same as the ball above, but without the pattern and indents. This makes this type of ball slightly superior, as it will roll smoother and more accurately, as without the indents it is rounder

Cork Foosball Ball

Cork foosballs are unsurprising, made of cork! These balls are generally associated with the European Style Foosball Tables. The ball is far lighter, and softer than the balls above, which results in a game with far more skill and strategy involved. Skilled players and easily trap, grip, pin and pass this type of ball around to there players.

Generally, a slower and far more skilled game using this type of ball

Because this ball is soft and light, it is the quietest of all of the different makes of balls. So if you are having problems with noise then this is the ball you will need to use (At least at night time anyway!)

Textured Foosball Balls

These are the standard American balls and are probably the best ball. (Some would argue that the cork ball is better than this one). As with the cork ball, there is a bit of give in the ball so that, you can do all of the excellent playing, this ball is denser than the cork ball so that it can be hit at very high speeds.

Should you want to become a great player or a professional in the US, then this is probably the type of ball that you should use.

The fact that you can hit the ball hard means that it can again be noisy. If this is a problem, you may be able to find quieter balls of this style.

Choosing the right ball for your table

You will need to become used to playing with a lot of style of balls as you play more and more foosball, after all, you cannot go to play a game against someone and always insist that they use your balls! But some balls a better suited than others to particular tables. Below are some things to consider when choosing your balls:

Ball Weight

This is probably the most crucial factor, if a ball is too heavy, it will move too slow, and the game will be boring, too light and it will move too quickly, and the game will have less skill. (if the ball is very light it may start slowing down again like a cork ball)

If you like the speed of your game now, get the same weight, otherwise, adjust this to either speed up the game, or slow down the game a little.

Finding balls of a particular size and weight can be tricky, you may need to spend a while looking on Amazon, who have thousands of them, but the size and weight are not always specified

Ball Size

Balls are available in different sizes to suit different tables, after all not all of the tables are the same size. An ideal size is the size of the ball that came with the original table, as one of that size will fit all of the apertures. However tables are designed to take more than one sized ball, so feel free to have a go with others to see what you like. Just remember that if a it is too small, it will be harder to control well, and if it is too big then it may get stuck (in holes, under your men)

Ball Traction

Hard, smooth balls do not provide much friction, so the games are less skilful. As mentioned above, Traditional and Smooth balls are not the best for playing a good foosball match because of this factor. Buy Textured, or possibly Cork balls, so that they have good friction for skilled play.


This factor is usually not a problem, if no one is complaining, or the most crucial factor in ball choice, if you are disturbing neighbours. If a low sound ball is a must, then probably Cork balls are what you will need to take a look at. There lightness and softness make them a less noisy option

Foosball Ball Variety Pack

If you are unsure of the type of ball that you prefer, there is a variety pack available, this includes professional and economy balls (1 Tornado professional red, 1 Tornado-Dynamo commercial yellow, 1 Vebere professional natural cork, 3 engraved plastic, 3 textured ABS, 2 economy smooth)

11 Assorted Foos Balls w/foosball Selection Report
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11 Assorted Foos Balls w/foosball Selection Report
  • Assortment
  • Professional, commercial, midrange and economy
  • Proprietary Foosball Selection Report included to help you determine what ball to use for your table and venue

Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini Black and White Soccer Balls (12 Pack)
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Table Soccer Foosballs Replacements Mini Black and White Soccer Balls (12 Pack)
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  • Keep the fun table games going with these replacement durable bright foosballs! A must for leisure sports in any game room. Makes the perfect outdoor toys for carnival prizes, Pinatas, or with other fun gag gifts. These kids toys are the perfect pairing for game day school rewards and prizes for children.
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12 Pack of Smooth White Foosballs for Standard Foosball Tables & Classic Tabletop Soccer Game Balls...
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12 Pack of Smooth White Foosballs for Standard Foosball Tables & Classic Tabletop Soccer Game Balls...
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  • CLASSIC WHITE COLOR: Traditional white foosballs, the classic standard of foosball tables of the past, present, and future
  • PERFECT, PREDICTABLE ROLLS: Preferable for those wanting a more predictable roll on any tabletop surface material, superior to the little engraved lines found on traditional foosball balls
  • THE PERFECT SIZE: Each ball has a 35mm diameter, 24g weight; suitable replacement balls (or upgrades) for most foosball tables
  • FUN FOR ALL: Great for foosball and tabletop soccer (or football) tourneys or for outfitting office lounges and family game nights alike

Rene Pierre Foosball Table Cork Ball Replacement - Natural (Set of 6)
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Rene Pierre Foosball Table Cork Ball Replacement - Natural (Set of 6)
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  • Genuine cork balls create less noise than plastic balls
  • Compatible with Rene Pierres Champion Leader, Competition, Winjoy, Black Match, White Match, Le Stade, Couleur Gris, Wenge, Goal, Couleur Jaune, Couleur Orange and Tahiti foosball tables
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  • Set of 6 spheres have 1.38-inch diameter

Warrior Table Soccer Tournament Quality Red Foos Ball- Set of 8
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Warrior Table Soccer Tournament Quality Red Foos Ball- Set of 8
  • Great for any foosball table
  • superior gripping on Warrrior, Tornado, and Fireball tables
  • Excellent Control on any soccer table
  • Consistent Play


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