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Best Office Table For The  Office

The best foosball table for the office can be a great item. It allows easy playing and easy recreation.

Foosball does not need clothing changes, or showers afterward, so it can easily be used during a 15-minute break.

Foosball encourages employees to communicate during breaks, rather than staring at there phones in silence. It helps with personal relationships and running tournaments and competitions can be good bonding exercises.

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Benefits Of Playing Foosball In The Office

  • A Good Way to Release Stress

    There are a lot of reasons that make you feel stress at work. It could be the demand of your boss that pressures you, competition between your colleagues for promotions, a bunch of paperwork, deadlines, demanding clients/customers, etc. When you have a foosball table in the office, you grab a friend/workmate and release your stress by focusing on the ball, twisting the rods and scoring a goal! Stops people focusing on their work for a few minutes. This way you might forget your stressful day for a brief period.

  • It Is A Good Team Building Activity

    Sometimes, it’s hard to build a good relationship with your co-workers, especially when you’re focused on your job and the tasks at hand. Playing foosball makes people talk to each other, and cheer on their teammates. It’s a great bonding exercise.

  • A Great Break From Work

    Tasks are not given as equally to all the employees, some are given more manageable tasks, and some are unlucky and get more demanding jobs. You give your best most of the time, but there are times that you’ll find it hard to solve some of your work problems.

  • Of course, you need a break.

    Doing something slightly physical, which does not make you too tired, and you have to think about, takes your mind off this far more than just sitting in a break room
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Things To Consider When Buying A Foosball Table For The Office

1. Space

Look at your available space. You will need enough space for a Foosball Table, and for an office environment, probably think of a full-sized, standard table.

The players will be adults, so you will probably need a space of approximately 9 foot by 9 foot, once the players are stood around the table.

2. Noise

You would not want to distract or be distracted while working. Playing foosball can make an annoying sound for people that are too near the table.

Ideally, it needs to be in a separate room, not too close to people who need to concentrate.

There are a lot of ways that you can reduce the noise made; There is an article here giving you eight ways to minimize Foosball sounds.

3. Type Of Office Foosball Table

For an office Foosball table, ideally, you would want a Dedicated or a Coin Operated table. However, other styles can be used.

  • Coin Operated. A commercial table can be a good option.
  • Dedicated. It’s recommended for office use, but it takes a lot.
  • TableTop. It’s not ideal for the office, but it takes less room. It can be stored away when not in use.
  • Coffee Table. This may be an idea if you want to put a table in an executive lounge where the appearance is an essential factor

Foosball Multi-table

You’ll love playing foosball but maybe you also what to play other games as well to give some variety to the players

4. Balls

Balls get lost, with a public table this happens far more frequently, an even becomes annoying.

To stop this problem, either buy a lot of cheap balls, and if players want to use better quality balls, they have to buy their own, or have one person responsible for the balls, so that they must be returned.

There is nothing worse than spending money on a table, and it not being used as, all the balls have vanished

5. Price and Build Quality

Most expensive products provide a better quality compared to the cheaper ones. Public tables tend to have some vigorous games play on them, so do not get one with a low build quality.

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Is there a professional foosball league

After decades of dorm room antics and street/park play, the fun and competitive world of foosball is finally emerging as a legitimate sport. Several years ago, a group of friends in New York City began hosting the city’s first professional foosball tournament. Since then, the sport has grown exponentially, and in 2009, the World Foosball League was launched.

The goal of the WFBL is to show the world that foosball is a popular and exciting sport that deserves to be taken seriously.

However, you will have to look locally for Foosball leagues for your Office

How much does a good foosball table cost

If you think the only people playing foosball are pub-crawling college students and guys named Dave, it's time to think again. The sport is growing in popularity, especially among young urban professionals, who appreciate the social aspect of playing for just a few bucks a game.

(How competitive you are is up to you—there are even professional leagues.) If you're a true foosball fanatic, though, you won't want to just stop at a table in a bar. You'll want a top-notch home table, which can cost upwards of $2,000.

Is foosball still popular

After its heyday in the 1980s, foosball seemed destined to become a relic of bygone years, like the pet rock or Cabbage Patch Kids. But the game has made a comeback in recent years, and it has probably never been more popular. In fact, you might be surprised how many people still love foosball!

What are the rules of foosball

The rules of foosball are fairly simple. The primary objective is to score goals by maneuvering a ball with your players and sending it into the opposing team's goal. Games are usually played to five goals, though they can last longer if you wish. In order to score a goal, you must make contact with the ball using one of your players.

Your office can use any rules that are available, however we would suggest using ITSF rules 

How many players can play foosball

Whether it's at the basement bar or your friend's rec room, the foosball table is a perennial favorite for many. But how many players can play foosball? The simple answer is two people, or if playing doubles then it is four.

Is foosball a sport

The debate over whether foosball is a sport has raged on for decades, with little sign that the fight might end anytime soon.

The crux of the issue is that foosball does not fit into a traditional definition of a sport because it does not require physical activity. However, if you consider the definition of sport to be any game that is played competitively, then foosball meets that criteria.

So this means that your office does not play a real sport!

How much does it cost to build a human foosball

Before we get into all the details, let's examine the basics: why would anyone want to make a human foosball table? Even the most experienced foosball player wouldn’t describe it as a very challenging game: there's little strategy involved, little in the way of high-level athletic skill, and a lot of waiting for your turn to come up.

And yet, the mere existence of a human foosball table raises an interesting question: just how much does it cost to make a human foosball, anyway?

Very little! Using an inside court, and attaching the people with ropes or poles means that the game is almost free

  • Extremely Durable and Elegant
  • Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set
  • KICK Brand Quality
  • Unlimited Lifetime Warranty
  • Table Dimensions: 55" L X 30" W X 36" H
  • Adjustable commercial-grade leg levelers
  • Patented counterbalanced Tornado men improved with sharper corners and increased cross section for better ball control and passing
  • Natural solid-wood handles
  • Dual side ball returns accommodate both competitive games and single-player practice
  • 3/4″ laminate playfield with three-color Tornado logo.
  • BUILT FOR COMPETITIVE PLAY - This foosball game table is built with a thick commercial-grade split cabinet for maximum durability. The 8-sided molded handle with non-slip surface offers enhanced grip. Assembled Dimensions: 56 L x 30 W (70 inches including rods) x 36 H inches / Weight: 355 pounds.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN AND GAMEPLAY - The 1 Goalie setup along with the patented Tornado counterbalanced players with redesigned player foot offer more precise ball control. The solid legs come with leg levelers to ensure stability while the chrome-plated, hollow steel rods are heat treated for added strength.
  • PACKED WITH FREE ACCESSORIES - The game table features an abacus scoring unit to keep track of goals. It also comes with 3 precision high visibility balls, a bottle of silicone, bearing wrench, pin punch, and a rulebook.
  • CERTIFIED TOURNAMENT PLAY GAME TABLE - The official game table of Tornado National Tour and Tornado National Foosball League, as well as the International Table Soccer Foundation.
  • SPLIT CABINET FOOSBALL TABLE - The split cabinet allows access to all the inside components of the foosball table. Never have a "stuck ball" again.

Other Questions

What is the best foosball table to buy?

Foosball is played by various groups of people, determining if a foosball table is the best or not will really be based on the target players.

The best foosball table for professionals will definitely not be the same as for kids, who are just beginners.

Some of the best foosball tables according to the player's choice or professional level are;

  • KICK legend foosball table. The best aesthetic foosball table. It is an updated version, with an eye-catching design.
  • Tornado T-3000 foosball table. Withstanding its elevated price, it is one of the best tournament foosball tables.
  • Warrior professional. This table is very popular from the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) and the USTSF reviews as being a professional foosball table. 
  • Hathaway playoff foosball table. Kids are fun of bright colours. This table mimics the football field colours and is made of hard plastic making it the best table for kids.  
  • Benson B60. This is the best table for bars or cafes.

How much is a good foosball table?

Foosball tables have prices varying from $20 to $4000, from the mini tables versions to the cabinet style tables.

The prices of foosball tables will vary depending on the features of the tables.

Good quality tables have prices ranging from $500 to above $1000. 

To be more detailed,

  • Tables from $500 - $1000 are good tables. Stable features like having counter-balanced players, steel rods which makes it easy to play and made from good material. A good fit for advanced players.
  • $1000 and above. These are great quality tables; suitable for advanced players, well designed and durable.

Your choice will therefore highly depend on your budget.

What is the official foosball table size?

The official foosball table sizes range from 54 to 56 inches for the length, 30-32 inches for the width and 36-37 inches for the height.

The Tornado tournament 3000 foosball table for example is 56" long, 30" wide and 36" high.

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