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Best Table Tennis Bat for Beginners: Ideal Starter Paddles

Why do you have an empty paddle, Go and grab a ping-pong paddle



Table tennis' commonly called ping-pong, is a popular sport all around the World. People of all ages play it with great enthusiasm. It is a fantastic sport with amazing health benefits.

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Research shows it sharpens the mind. It is a fabulous workout for muscles and enhances the strength and stamina of the body.

It improves mental alertness. Moreover, you can burn 200-350 calories per hour while playing ping-pong.

Though it is a tough sport and there is so much to learn. It easy for the body by being a safe sport. 

To play ping-pong, you need a ball, a paddle, the table, and the net.

Ping-pong paddle

The thing that carries most of the weight and has a huge importance is having the right ping-pong paddle. It is the most influential part of the game. Having a wrong ping-pong paddle can really devastate your game. A beginner may be confused while buying a ping-pong paddle, because there is a wide range of products available.  So here are a few things you need to know about the best ping-pong paddles.

Control and spin:

A good paddle will always provide you with 'control' and 'spin'. It provides you with a fine balance between control and spin. You will generate fine spin and it will allow you to make a lot of shots.

Logo for quality assurance

Make sure you have an ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) logo on your ping-pong paddle. It assures the quality of the paddle. It is a representation that the item you are getting is of good quantity

Price ranges for a ping-pong paddle

Ping-pong paddles come with a wide range of prices. Some are cheap while some are expensive. It is recommended that you avoid buying a cheap paddle. Cheap products lack decent quality. If the quality of the product good, then you are ruining your game.

The cheap paddles are available for less than $10.

The material used in the cheap ping-pong paddles is not durable, you cannot rely on cheap ping-pong paddles if you want to learn and play the game. These paddles are useless, as you cannot have a good spin when using this. 

Furthermore, it becomes difficult for a beginner to learn sport using cheap equipment. A fine quality ping-pong paddle will be available in a range of $20-$50.

Blade on the paddle

The next thing you need to see in a good paddle is the blade. It must be lighter.

Lighter blade helps in playing the game better. There is a wide variety of blades that can confuse you.

You have to choose the correct blade, and they make this of multiple layers of wood. There are five to nine layers.

We must use the best quality wood in the blade otherwise it won’t work effectively.

Rubber on the paddle

The rubbers on the paddle affect the game so much. Rubbers are the part of the paddle which covers the blade from both sides.

The performance of rubbers spoils with time and exposure to light. So the rubber on the paddle needs need to be changed over time.

For example, if you play ping-pong two times a week, then you need to change the rubber after every six months at a minimum. The rubber of the best quality ping-pong paddle will last longer and works better.

The handle

Ping-pong paddles come with three types of handles.

  • Flared handle
  • Anatomic handle
  • Straight handle

Flared handles are the most popular among most people. They provide an easy grip and much better control. Anatomic handles are wide from the middle. These handles provide more stability. The straight handle has the same thickness from top to bottom. It allows you to change the grip throughout the game.

  • If you are a beginner, then a flared handle will help you better.

Grip style

One of the most important techniques for playing ping-pong is to have an effective grip on the paddle.

There are unique styles of grip but "shakehand" and "penhold" are two popular grip styles.

Shakehand grip:   Shakehand grip is a typical European  type grip, in which head paddle your hand.

It is just like a person’s hand shaking with another person hand. It is most versatile style of grip and is oldest surviving grip. There are two types of shakehand grip which are

  • Shakehand deep grip
  • Shakehand shallow grip

Penhold grip:  Penhold grip is an Asian style of holding a ping-pong paddle. This grip is same as a person holding a pen. 

It enables free movement of wrist.  It has three types which are:

  • Japanese or Korean grip
  • Chinese grip
  • Reverse backhand grip                                          

Here is the summary which briefly tells about the best ping-pong paddle:

  • It should be the best amalgam of advanced technology and the finest material
  • It provides you with a concave pro handle
  • The rubber provided extra thickness for adding spin
  • To protect your ping-pong paddles, it provides you with a case.
  • It is best for beginners as it provides beginners with an outstanding balance, speed, and control to learn the game
  • It has a long-lasting rubber
  • It provides you with a perfect ball control
  • It provides you with extra light blade
  • It provides you with the Best speed
  • It is ITTF approved
  • It provides you with extra lightweight paddles to begin your game.
  • It provides you with a lot of spin and balance in control
  • It provides you with a High-quality rubber
  • It provides you with an immediate response for propelling the ball

Choose the most popular and fine quality brands for buying ping-pong paddles to level up your game.

Mapol 4 star professional paddles cater to the need of beginners, amateurs and advanced players.

This is a pair of paddles thus ensuring that a game prevails! The blade is made from 7 layer ply wood along with a 2 millimeter thick sponge coating.

The flared handle has a perfect grip which prevents the racket from slipping even in the most humid play environments. The paddle assists the player in controlling and spinning the ball, while maneuvering it with a good stroke over to the opponent.

The paddle supports both the defensive and offensive style of playing. Along with the paddles the company provides fabric carrying cases for storing the pair of the paddles, when not in use. The company further provides a sixty days money back guarantee along with an item replacement in case of any issue.

  • 🏓BOOST YOUR GAME AT ANY LEVEL: Anyone from a beginner to an avid player can benefit from a professional ping pong racquet. We incorporate carbon fiber for light weight and extra strength in our laminated layered paddle construction
  • 🏓ENHANCED CONTROL: MightySpin’s table tennis racket blades are covered with ITTF-approved rubber for sure control over the ball, not to mention speedier rebounds. You’ll soon be smooth, assured and dominate your game
  • 🏓WHY SETTLE FOR LESS? Good gear matters and MightySpin offers the chance to elevate your game from the start, with SureSpeed technology. Take advantage of a pro-quality table tennis bat you’ll enjoy for years to come.
  • 🏓PACK IT UP: The Tornado comes with a case, for carrying and take-along convenience, not to mention it protects your investment by storing it without fear of damage, and give the perfect gift to that ping pong lover in your life
  • 🏓KEEP SMASHING INTO THE FUTURE: Careful construction results in light weight and ergonomic grips that let you enjoy these table tennis paddles from learning on through tournament play. Plus, we provide a lifetime guarantee - just contact us!
  • Ping Pong Racket: Killerspin is the leader in table tennis equipment. The perfect ping pong paddle set for beginners, kids and guests!
  • Table Tennis Paddle: These Killerspin ping pong paddles have a 5 layer wood blade construction. The Jet Basic rubbers are designed for recreational ping pong players who want to improve their game and dazzle the competition!
  • Table Tennis Racquets: Killerspin’s paddles are ideal for learning basic strokes and perfecting ball control. The rackets have a balanced design and comfortable flare grip that feels natural in your hand.
  • Professional Paddle: This paddle also features flexible PVC tape, which surrounds the racket edges for additional protection when less experienced players use this racket.
  • Perfect for Gifting: The perfect gift for any ping pong table owner or beginning player. It is also the perfect addition to your personal table tennis equipment collection.
  • 🏅 Step up your Game! – If you’re looking for a table tenni paddle that will help you step up your game, Idoraz Soft ping pong paddle is hard to beat. Thanks to its robust construction and thick, ITTF Approved Rubber, this table tennis racket takes your performance to the next level.
  • 🏓 Master the Spin – With a spin rating of 93, Idoraz ping pong racket provides excellent spin and balance while playing. The rubber has plenty of grip to put spin on the ball, while the smooth handle of the table tennis bat offers easy control over the spin.
  • 🚀 Amazingly Fast – If speed and balance are what you’re looking for, Idoraz ping pong bat is probably your best choice. Combining a speed rating of 99 with a perfectly balanced frame, it is probably the best TT Racket for recreational players on the market.
  • 🏆 Perfect Control - As far as power goes on this Pro ping pong paddle, Idoraz has plenty of control for those fast shots. With a 90 control rating and 2.00 mm rubber coating, this premium table tennis paddle is an awesome ping pong tacket to have and a great gift to receive.
  • 💯 30 days Guarantee – Idoraz ping pong paddles are built using the latest technology. We are so confident in their quality that we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Either you love your TT Paddle or you send it back within 30 days for a full refund. No hassle from us!
  • 2 PING PONG PLAYER SET:The bundle includes two performance table tennis paddles, three orange 3-star ping pong balls and a a convenient portable carrying case.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE RACKET: 7-ply wood blade with comfortable flared type handles, 2mm sponge and specially selected good performance rubber. Non-slip, comfortable for long term use.
  • 3-STAR TRAINING BALLS: Made of durable ABS material, regulation size(40+mm diameter) and tournament weight(2.7g). Consistent bounce, more power, great spin & control.
  • OUTDOOR & INDOOR PLAY:This ping pong set is durable and strong for both indoor and outdoor play. Quality table tennis set is for all from beginner to advanced. Just enjoy sports with your family and friends.
  • Quality warranty : MONEY BACK GUARANTEE For 60 Days. Any unhappy ,Please contact seller ( great -store ) directly for best solution.
  • 2-Pack Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket,3 Counts 3-Star Ping-Pong
  • Kevenz patented blade encircle technology
  • Employ rubber to encircle the blade and handle, revolutionized your paddle to maximum control and speed
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 99 Spin: 100 Control: 95
  • 5-Ply Extra Light Blade, S5 Rubber, and 2mm Sponge

Other Questions


What type of ping-pong paddle should I get?

If you want to take the game of ping-ping to the next level, you can buy a competition paddle. They make these from higher quality materials and allows you to withstand more intense play.

If you want to play with more speed, go for a paddle with a smooth rubber surface, or a more textured rubber paddle is you want to play defensively.

You can get paddles with both speeds on the same paddle, if you turn it over.


Is there a difference between the red and black side of a ping-pong paddle?

The red side of a paddle makes the ball spin less and is faster. Professionals use this on their forehand.

The black allows the ball to spin more and is not so fast. Professionals use this on their backhand.


How do you maintain a ping-pong paddle?

Avoid vigorous rubbing and get a damp sponge and gently wipe the tops of the paddle until you can see dirt and other particles coming loose.

Sunflower oil can be used to cover them again, should you feel it necessary?



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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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