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Best Price On Foosball Tables

So you are looking to buy a foosball table and save a little money. We all know that foosball tables can be very expensive, but there are several ways if you are on a low budget you can get a great table for less than the regular price.

Below are a few of our ideas:

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Best Price On Foosball Tables In Sales.

One of the easiest ways to save money when you’re buying a foosball table is to try and buy the same new table, but when it is reduced in a sale. Most stores and websites have deals at some time in the year, and some of the equipment manufacturers will even have their own sales.

So keep an eye out in your local stores, which sell foosball tables for any dates they may have sales. Also, look online for sites that sell foosball tables, which also may have sales. The most notable online sale dates are as follows:

  • Black Friday (The Day after The 4th Thursday In November)
  • Cyber Monday (The Monday Following Black Friday)
  • Amazon Prime Day (varies)

Best Price On Foosball Tables – Used Tables

Second-Hand tables cost less than new equivalents. Good quality foosball tables, however, hold their value very well and may not be as cheap as you expect. They will still be more affordable than the new equivalent. The following places are where you can look for second hand used foosball tables. You might get a great deal:


This site is excellent for finding the best price on foosball tables; Items for sale are split into different local areas. Merely look in your local area for foosball tables. This site has the advantage that you would not have to pay a lot for postage, which can be very expensive, with something as heavy and bulky as a foosball table.

If there is nothing in your local town, and you have some sort of truck, or know someone who can help you out, you can also look in the regional cities within a specified radius of your location.

Also has the advantage that you can go and look at the second-hand table to see what condition it is in


eBay has a lot more items than or the other online sites. However, the problem with eBay is that you might have to pay a lot for postage and packing if your foosball table is in another state.

The disadvantage with buying from somewhere like eBay, is that if you’re buying something from out of state, you would not be able to go to look at it, to see the condition it is in

Local Auction

Local auctions have the same advantages and disadvantages as Craigslist. The second-hand items are cheaper, there is no postage and packing to pay, and you can see the thing before you buy it. The disadvantage is that there are far fewer Foosball tables in local auctions

Best Price On Foosball Tables – Overseas

When looking for bargain prices on items, buying from overseas (for example from China) is often a lot cheaper than buying it locally. However, Foosball tables tend to be very large and very heavy, meaning that the cost of posting something like this to the United States would be prohibitive, and would probably lose you any savings that you would have made

Best Price On Foosball Tables – Cheap Alternatives

Some of the best tables are very expensive, but they are very well made and a lot of work goes into design and building of these tables. There are manufacturers who have copied some of the design of the more expensive tables. Then produced something a lot cheaper. These tables will not be as good as the original tables that are twice as expensive. However, they will still be a good quality table and can save you a lot of money as opposed to buying the originals


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