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What Do I Need To Go Fishing For The First Time Ever?

Looking to start and go fishing and you have a questions. What do I need to go fishing for the first time? Where do I go fishing first? How much will it cost starting out and more?

In this what do I need to go fishing for the first time article. I will try my best to get you where you need to be. For the things you’ll need and the equipment you’ll be needing. Now, the first part you need to ask yourself is.

What type of fishing would you like to start. General coarse fishing, Carp fishing, Fly fishing, Sea fishing, and more. Most start out with float fishing and then move on to more as they learn most of the basics.

So, once you know what type of fishing you’d like to start. You can then move on to getting your fishing gear.

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In A Hurry?

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What do I need to go fishing for the first time, let’s start you with some general coarse fishing?

Starting out you’ll want some fishing equipment. The main equipment you need is a rod or pole, a reel and line, Landing net, Rod rest, Bait boxes, tackle box, Chair or seat box, rod-bag, large holdall/bag to carry everything in.

These above are the main big items needed for fishing. Below are some other items needed for your end tackle. These items are things like floats, split-shot weights, some hooks, Bait, feeders, Hooks, disgorger, and more…

If you are young, you’ll need to go fishing with an adult. Preferably with someone who is a fisherman. They are the best person(s) to be able to teach you the basics to get you started. Thankfully I am one of these persons who can teach you the basics as I have been fishing for many years. I started fishing when I was 5 years old with my uncle Tony. Now I am 46 years and still go fishing, not as much as I’d like to but whenever I can.

So, what do I need to go fishing, let’s get you started with the right fishing gear first, you will have to spend some money here for it? I’ll link you to some goods I recommend for starting out, I’ll also, try to find good quality with a low price range for you.


Plumbing the depth

Float rod or pole to go fishing with?

Float fishing is a great place to start your fishing, you can use a rod for this or even a fishing roach-pole. By using a pole I recommend a telescopic whip and some pre-tied pole rigs (this is a length of line with float weights and a hook) already tied and done for you.

A telescopic pole should cost you around £30 a few pole rigs about £2 each, I say to get about ten of these, as you will end up snapping a few starting out. If you hook a fish on the bigger side you’ll defiantly snap a few.

So, you will also need a foldaway chair or seat box to sit on, some bait, and a landing net and pole. Some extra packs of hooks and a couple of plummets. Plummets are used to measure the depth of water you’re fishing. Some food for yourself too. Make sure you always take some drinks with you, especially on the warmer days.

So, that’s it pretty much for a few bits needed to go out on a day fishing, with fishing equipment, it’s something you’ll always upgrade as you go and of cause when you get better at it and catch more fish.

VERY IMPORTANT, what do I need to go fishing for the first time is understanding water depth!

So, why would you want to know the depth of water you are fishing in. The simple reason is most of the time fish feed on the bottom of the water bed, not always but mostly on the bottom.

You would want to place your bait here on or very close to the water bottom bed to the feeding fish.

The image below shows you the wrong and right way to plum the depth of your fishing peg/swim.

Bait and baiting your swim when you go fishing.

Firstly, what baits are you going to use, there are so many choices out there today. Keep it simple and you’ll be fine, don’t go overboard. Stick to four for different hook baits, like Maggots, Sweetcorn, Pellets, Worms, Bread, Meats, Hemp, Caster, and more. Pick a mix of four and them mix and match throughout the day.

You can add more baits to loose feed and to feed and build up your fishing peg. There is ground-bait you can use to, it is used to attract the fish into your swim/peg.

Combinations I like to use would be, pellet & Sweetcorn, Pellet & meat, Caster, hemp, and worm. The trick is to test your baits on the day and find out what the fish are going for most and build on it from there.

man weighing fish over picknic table

Loose feeding to build your swim/peg firstly

To begin with, let’s say you’re going with pellet & corn for loose feeding and hook baits.

With a little ground bait in there too, once you’ve mixed your ground bait and it’s ready, make 3 tennis-ball size balls of ground bait, pick a spot in your peg where your pole line reaches. Then throw the balls of ground bait in, but make a triangle in the water. Then fish your pole line over the top of the triangle.

Also, throw a small handful mix of pellets and corn down the side of your peg left and on the right, then top this up again every hour, but don’t fish over it until much later in the day.

Top up your triangle after every fish, or every five minutes if no fish, top-up should be one handful of ground bait and just a few pinches of corn and pellets. As the day is going, fish will move into your peg to feed. Consistency of regular baiting is key to catching fish or blanking.

Fishing equipment tips what do I need to go fishing

When you are starting out in fishing, you don’t need lots and lots of fancy gear. The basic gear is enough to catch you some fish. Reading and learning is your best option and the more the better to grow your knowledge in all aspects of fishing.

There are some great you-tube video’s you can watch and learn from too, just type in what you are looking to learn in what type of fishing and you should find lots of great videos.

So, for now, get yourself a rod and reel, or a pole and some rigs, a chair, landing net and handle, some bait and away you go. Find a fishing friend or family member to go with for your first couple of fishing trips.

Fishing seat and gear

Fishing licence

Up to the age of 13 you don’t need one, your fishing licence is free.

From the age of 13 to 16  it is still free.

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Other Questions

What do I need for first time fishing?

When fishing for the first time in Fresh Water you will need the following:
  1. A fishing license
  2. A rod and reel for fishing
  3. 3  to 12 pound mono-filament fishing line.
  4. Fishing weights.
  5. Fish hooks (6–11 size)
  6. A plastic fishing line attachment
  7. Live bait or fishing lures.

How do you start coarse fishing?

When fishing for the 1st time, the correct bait for the fish you want to catch is a good start!

Maggots or casters are bout the most effective baits for most coarse fish. Also for people who also want to try other thing to experiment, bread, sweetcorn and luncheon meat can be a good bait for fish such as perch, carp and tench

How do you set up a beginner fishing pole?

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