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What Do I Need To Go Fishing For The First Time Ever?

Looking to start and go fishing and you have a questions. What do I need to go fishing for the first time? Where do I go fishing first? How much will it cost starting out and more?

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Carp Fishing Rod Basics – How Do You Pick The Right One?

A carp can weigh up as little as 2 pounds and way up to 60 pounds. Therefore the very first thing to consider would be to decide on a fishing rod able to support a minimum of that weight effectively

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Types Of Fishing Methods For Beginners – Learn New Fishing Tips Now!

My personal favorite types of fishing method is feeder fishing and Pole fishing because these methods are easy to learn and great ways to catch fish. Method feeder fishing is a simple and a great way to fill your keep nets full of fish.

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Crab Bait! The best bait for catching crabs

Many people are thinking: What’s the best type of bait I should use for crabbing? Especially if you are going crabbing for the first time, you’ll find it hard to decide what kind of bait to use.

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The Best Advice I've Ever Given For Fishing For Sharks

Shark fishing is an incredible experience. It is popular with recreational and tournament anglers. Sharks, like predators in the ocean, play a crucial role in balancing the ecosystem. Because of that, they are an indicator of a healthy ocean

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