In this day and age, we do everything with our phones; including enjoying a good game of Foosball! The Appstore / PlayStore has everything from virtual foosball tables to digital referees to levels that use your phones gyroscopic technology to ensure your table is level. So, let’s have a look at some modern tech that is a literal game changer!
photo of a Foosball Leveling App

First off, I want to tell you about table leveling apps. Physical levels are hard to keep up with, and almost never where you left them for some reason. Now, with modern technology, they are completely outdated. Using the same technology as the screen rotation or games like Temple Run, there are several free levelling apps available in the Appstore / PlayStore to ensure that you can set your table up with as little surface tilt as possible.

Continuing, on the path of augmenting your real-life gameplay, there are also apps to referee your games. These apps can be especially helpful for those who have extra competitive matches. These apps include rules for new players, or to help solve any disputes that may arise from a tense game. They also keep track of all points, goals, penalties, and timeouts. Apps now make it easy to have a perfect all in one tool for playing; especially if you only have two people, or if you don’t feel like keeping track of all of the technicalities so you can get an enjoyable game without having to be slowed down for any reason.

Foosball App Game

Can’t afford a Foosball table just yet? Are you going on a lengthy vacation and want to stay sharp? Or maybe you want to learn the basics of playing before playing with someone in person. Try Foosball Cup. This app emulates the experience of playing Foosball, bringing the joy of Foosball to everyone. Plus, the best thing about Foosball Cup? Is that it’s free! so any and everyone can play!

Believe it or not. Foosball can bring hours of fun if the table setups are levelled, and disputes are settled quickly. Here is where the 21st century comes in with the tech to help us level all of the playing fields. Whether, they are physical, proverbial or sometimes, even financial.

Foosball Scoreboard App




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