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Foosball Buyers Guide for ANY Budget & Space, Big or Small!

Foosball Buyers Guide, For Any Budget & Space

Foosball Buyers Guide

There are a lot of Foosball tables on the market, and these vary a great deal in price, size and style. Deciding which table to pick for your home or office can be a tough decision, as it can be something that is an expensive item. With the correct choice, it can be around for some years.

On this site, we have gone through all the options and picked out the best tables available for you. Below are the criteria we used to pick out the best tables. If you want to choose one for yourself, the list below should help you pick the foosball table that will best suit you.

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Foosball Buyers Guide - Foosbalkl tables

Foosball Table Prices

Foosball Buyers Guide! Obviously for most people, one of the main deciding factors will be the price. Tables can cost from under $100 to a few thousand. The size, quality and features of these tables will be very different. Professional tables will be more expensive and be a lot better than the cheaper tables. We cannot decide your budget but would advise that you look at the other factors before you decide.

The warranty given on the table will usually depend on the price paid, with the more expensive tables having lifetime guarantees, and the budget tables only having a manufacturer's warranty

Foosball Table Sizes

When you are buying a table, sometimes you will put it in a room with limited space. You need to consider the dimensions of the table. You will need to walk around the table, and you need a lot of extra space around the width of the table as the player will need to stand here.

You will need an additional 18 inches on each end of the table so you can walk around it. If you want to save space and push one end against a wall, you can do this, but you ensure you buy a table with the ball return on the side!

You may also like to consider the height of the table if young children will be playing.

Player Skill And The Foosball Table

One of the first factors to be considered when choosing a Foosball table is the skill level of the player that will use the table.

New players and children may be better off getting a budget table while they learn the game, and decided whether they would like to take up the game seriously.

Intermediate and Professional players would be better off with a professional table. This will allow you to hone your skills on a table with much better features than the budget tables. When playing in foosball competitions, you will almost always be using a professional table, and you need to be used to playing on this style of table.

These look great in the space they are placed, have extended warranties and will have counterbalanced men, hollow rods and all the extra features talked about below

Types Of Foosball Table

There are four types of foosball table that can be considered. These are.

1. Standard Table

The standard tables are the tables mainly talked about above. Beginner, Intermediate and professional tables can be of this standard type. This type will be a foosball table with legs to stand on the floor.

2. Tabletop

Tabletop tables are usually aimed at beginner and intermediate players.

It is basically the same design as the standard table, but the bottom part (legs etc.) are not included. The table has to be placed on top of another table. These are not the same quality as the standard tables but are lighter, cheaper, and do not require their own space. The table can be put away once the play is over.

3. Multigame Table

These tables are usually aimed at the beginner and children.

They are also mostly tabletop games that will need to be placed on top of other things as they have no legs. The Foosball quality is often the lowest of all the tables. The major advantage is that you can play other games on this, for example, “Air Hockey.”

4. Coin Mechanism

These are commercial tables and are basically the same as standard tables, the only actual difference is that they are “Pay” tables.

To use them, the players have to put coins into the machine. These are more expensive as they are usually high quality and have to be very sturdy as they are put into bars and other public spaces.


Most online stores, review sites, and other websites will give foosball tables a star rating when they review the table. You want to look at many reviews to find the best one for you. We have already done this for you on in our articles to save you time and help you pick the right one.

Genuine Reviews

Similar to ratings, you need to look at the reviews for the tables. There will be a lot of online reviews by people who have never played on the table or are trying to sell you their foosball tables.

You need to find genuine reviews, these can be found on sites like those found on Amazon. These have been submitted by real customers after they have bought and used the table.

Style And Features Of A Foosball Table

You next need to think about the features and type of foosball table you want. These include.

The number of goalies. In America the back row usually has 3 men also known as the “three goalies” system, in Europe, there is just one goalie. You need to decide which you want. Some better tables can be 1 or 3 goalie games, as the extra men can be removed as required.

Number of Men. On full sized tables there are usually 13 or 11 men depending on the number of goalies used. On some lower priced table, there are fewer players. You can also find tables for 4 players which have more men. These specialised tables are not covered here.

The Levelling Mechanism

A suitable table will need a levelling method to keep the table perfectly flat. Any table that is not flat will give an advantage to the player that is playing “Downhill”.

Almost all full tables will have some form of levelling. Tabletop tables rarely have levelling systems. Always check as levelling with folded pieces of card can be a pain.

Foosball Table Construction Material

The price and quality of the table will usually determine what it is made of. The construction material will affect the quality of the table and the weight. The most common types are.

Solid Wood Foosball Table

These are heavy, durable, stable, and most of the professional tables are made from solid wood. If taken care of, these will usually last you a lifetime.

Laminate Foosball Table

These are the most common type of table. They are stable, sturdy, and are lighter and less expensive than solid wooden tables. These tables are still of high quality, look great and fit in well in any space they are placed.

Plastic Foosball Table

Plastic tables are the more affordable low-end tables. They are popular because of the cheaper price point but are not as heavy, sturdy or durable as some other tables. There are some excellent quality tables made of plastic, so read the reviews. If you need a weatherproof table, this is by far the best type of table.

Best High-End Tables

Best Mid-Range Tables

Best Low-End Tables

Best 4-In-1 Tables

Other Questions

What size is a professional foosball table?

When buying a foosball table, there are certain factors you should keep in mind, including the table size. Sometimes the space to install your foosball table is limited; that is why the table's size is important.

You will also need to consider the extra space you need to walk around while playing the game. If you are looking to save extra space around the width, you can push against the wall, but your table must have a ball return on the side.

If children are involved in the game, you must consider the height of the foosball table. A regulation size foosball table measures 56” long, 30” wide and 36” high.

How much is a foosball table worth?

Miniature foosball tables controlled by 2 to 3 handles for each player can go for less than $100. These are the types that you can place on kitchen table-tops, on your laps or even on the floor to play.

An intermediate foosball table is a stand-alone table with three to four handles controlled by each player. These types sell for anything between $100 to $200, and they aren't well-built or sturdy enough compared to high-end professional foosball tables.

High-end foosball tables are quality master pieces that will stand the taste of time. The cost of professional quality foosball tables ranges from $300 to $2000.

How heavy is a foosball table?

The weight of a foosball table depends on the material constructed. A solid wood foosball table is the heaviest but durable and sturdy. Most professional foosball tables are designed from this material. As you know, a material often affects the table's quality if well-taken care of; a foosball table made with solid wood can last a lifetime.

Laminate foosball tables are lighter and the most common types. They too sturdy and stable but less expensive compared to solid wood options.

Lastly, low-end foosball tables are plastic options that are popular but cheaper; they are lighter and less durable than other options.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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