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7 Foosball Drinking Games Everybody Loves @ Bars & Parties

Foosball Drinking Games – Variations For Parties/Bars!

What is a Foosball Drinking Game? 

A Foosball drinking game is any game that involves a Foosball Table, where drinking alcohol is involved. These games usually happen at parties, or bars, and games include Standard Foosball Drinking Game, Multiball Drinking Game & First To Finish.

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Common Foosball drinking games

Foosball drinking games, all run along the same theme, where a variation of a game of Foosball is played, and whoever loses, has to drink.
Sometimes, however, the game is based around the first person to finish their drink being the winner. All the games have the following in common, they involve drinking, and playing Foosball.
When playing games like this, you need to ensure that the best players are handicapped as there will probably be novices there as well, and the goal is that everyone has fun and get a little tipsy. Remember to drink responsibly (Have to put that in)! However, remember not to make the drinks too strong.
When playing games like this, there will be a lot of goals scored, then a lot of drinks drunk, you want the party/event to last over 10 minutes (I assume) The following are some of the more common Foosball drinking games

Standard Foosball Drinking Game

There are two variations of this game, both very similar. Basically, you play a standard game of Foosball, for a certain amount of time, or the first person to reach a specific number of goals. Exactly as you would with a regular game of Foosball.

Standard Foosball Drinking Game – Variation One

  • Every time your opponent scores against you-you have to take a drink

Standard Foosball Drinking Game – Variation Two

  • If your opponent scores from mid-field or attack, take one drink.
  • If they score from the defense or goalie, then you have to have two drinks.
  • If you score an own goal, then you have to take three drinks
Carry on playing until the elapsed time has passed, or a specific number of goals has been reached.
Again, do not make the drinks too strong. Otherwise, you and your buddies will not be playing the game very long! If you use full shots, three drinks for an own goal, is going to mean everyone is wasted in 10 minutes.

Multiball Drinking Game

You need a lot of foosballs for this game! What you do is to place 10 (or any number) of foosballs on the center line of the table. A whistle is then blown, and the opposing players need to try to get as many of the foosballs into the opponent’s goal as possible.

Once all the balls are in the goals, work out the scores, and the loser has to take one drink for every point of difference in the score.
So, for example, if the score was 6-4, the difference is two, so the loser would have to take two drinks.
The other variation on this game is where you have to take a drink for every goal scored by your opponent. So in the example above, 6-4, the loser would take six drinks, and the winner would have to take four.

First To Finish – Foosball Drinking Game

This game requires larger drinks, like pints of beer, cans of beer, etc. In this game, the winner is the first person or team to finish all of their drink.

It is played as follows: Play a regular game of foosball, but you do not need to keep scores. When you score a goal, you can chug your drink until your opponents have recovered the ball and put it back into play.
You must stop as soon as the ball is in play and continue playing. The winners of First To Finish, are the first person or team to have finished all of their drink.

Penalty Shots

Penalty shots involve using only the defense and goalie bar, for the person defending, and the midfield bar (or attacking bar) for the attacker. All the other bars are raised to the horizontal position so that they are not involved in the play.

Each person then takes a given number of shots (usually 10) from the midfield bar. They can pass it to the other players, and shoot from any player, but only on this bar.
If the ball goes into the goal, that is a point scored, but if it rebounds off the back wall to the midfielders again, that is a miss, and they may not attempt to shoot again. The winner is the person with the most penalty goals, and the loser must take one drink for each point difference in the score (the, e.g., a 6-4 difference is 2, the loser has to take two drinks)

Mini Table Drinking Game

This game is bought separately, so you need to plan ahead. You only need this set when you do not have access to a Foosball Table. What it is, is a tiny Foosball Table, with a set of shot glasses. Its small size you can take this set anywhere and play the drinking games mentioned above

Advantage To Weaker Player In Games

In a party/bar drinking games competition, you are often going to find that the players are very inconsistent in their skill at the foosball game. This can spoil the fun if you do not handicap the better players. Some ideas to handicap the better players are as follows: (No! you can’t break their fingers!)

When playing games where the number of goals determines the winner, give the weaker player an advantage, if playing Multiball with ten balls, give the weaker player a two-goal (for example) head start.

When playing team games, pair the worst player with the best players, not buddies playing together.

You can make outstanding players use one hand when playing (either their main hand or weaker hand depending on the game)

You can make the better player use fewer men, for example, you can say that they may not use the attacking bar for a game against a poor player.

The whole idea of this is that everyone has fun, and it is not much fun if you always lose and are regularly drinking–It probably isn’t much fun always to win and never get a drink, but they have the choice to lose on purpose and get a few drinks

Other Options

The other fun option when drinking or similar is human foosball, but it takes more organisation

  • Materials: Glass, plastic and MDF
  • Set includes a game board and 6 shot glasses
  • Table dimensions: 20 x 12 x 3.25 inches
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  • Shot Roulette by EZ Drinker
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  • 2 Metallic Balls
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  • PERFECT PARTY STARTER - If you like drinking around people that are laughing and having fun, here's your chance to bring that to any occasion. This classic tower game is a great icebreaker or pregame activity.
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Related Drinking Games

Beer Pong

This is a drinking game where players throw a ping-pong ball across a table. There are cups of beer at each end of the table; the goal is to land the ball in the cup of beer at the opposing team’s side. There are two teams with a triangle of 6 – 10 cups at each end filled with beer.

Each team takes turns to bounce the ball into their opponent’s cups. If the ball lands in a cup, the adversaries have to drink the beer, and the cup is removed. The winning team is the first team to remove all the opponent’s cups.

Shot Roulette

This drinking game involves some pre-planning, as you will need a shot roulette table or an ordinary roulette table with drinks associated with each number. A shot roulette table is a circular table which looks like a roulette table, but around the edges are several shot glasses.

Each of these is filled with different drinks of varying amounts. Each person spins the roulette wheel and has to drink the drink that they win.

Drinking Jenga

This is the drinking version of the standard Jenga Game; each brick has a task to be performed on it. As each block is removed, the person who took it has to perform that task.

You can either use a standard version of Jenga, and write the tasks on the blocks yourselves, or buy a Drinking Jenga game, which will already have tasks printed on all the blocks The loser is the one who knocks the tower over as usual.


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