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Simplified Foosball Rules For Casual Games And Kids!

Foosball For Kids

We do not all want to play a serious game of Foosball, sometimes we just want to relax and have a fun game, without officials. Below are some suggestions for a fun game of foosball. Feel free to change the rules as you desire. Obviously, we cannot change the way we are playing halfway through the game!

  1. Preparation. Flip a coin

Winner gets to choose whether to serve first or not Loser has to pay for the 1st game

  1. Serving. Once both players are ready, the server serves through the serving hole
  2. All following servers are done by the loser.

The last person who conceded a goal, or, The loser of the previous game

  1. The Ball in Play until

A goal is scored It flies off the table It is declared dead (e.g. in a spot where it can’t be reached)

  1. Ball leaving the table

If the ball came off the goalie, then it is the goalie’s ball Otherwise, the last player to serve reserves the ball

  1. Dead Ball (ball can’t be reached by a player and is still)

If in goal area ball is given to the goalie Otherwise, the last player to serve reserves the ball 7 Goal Scored: Any legally scored goal counts If the ball goes into the goal then comes out again it still counts 8 Four Player games – Change of Positions –Team positions may be swapped: Between goals scored Between games During foul shots and Penalty’s 9 Spinning the Rods Spinning is illegal. If a goal was scored, it does not count Otherwise, the opponent may continue play or reserve 10 Tilting the table Any nudging, lifting, moving or jarring the table is illegal First and second times are warnings, the play is continued from the point of the tilt, or re-served The third is a technical fault

  1. Reaching into the Playing Area

During a dead ball, no penalty. While in own goal area. Goal is awarded During other play, penalty awarded

  1. Distractions. Any attempt to distract your opponent occurs the following

The opponent may: Continue play Continue from the point of distraction Re-serve ball.

  1. Language: Swearing, name calling and generally distracting with language

Warning and penalty 14 Possession time On the 5-player bar – 10 seconds Anywhere else – 15 seconds Going over gives a penalty 15 Finished the match. The match is over when A predetermined score is reached (first to x) A predetermined time has passed. If the score is a draw no winner may be declared or penalties may be taken or “sudden death” – the next goal scored wins the game

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