Sometimes, at a party, or when you have different levels of players, or just when you fancy a change in pace, you may want to play a variation on the standard versions of foosball. These can either be playing a different game or playing a drinking game at a party or something similar.


Fun Foosball Variations.

Right, so you have the kids who want to play, or you just want a break from beating everyone else, why not try one of these Foosball variations?


There are 2 versions of multiball in foosball

1. Three Ball

3 FoosballsThree ball is basically the same as standard foosball, however instead of 1 ball being served, 3 balls are served each time. A point is awarded to the person who scores the most goals. Only 1 point is granted each time, even if one player scores all three goals.The game progresses until someone reaches 10 points

2. Crazy Multiball.

In this game you layout maybe 9 or 11 balls at the centre (you can use as many balls as you want, but really it needs to be an odd number so that you will not get any ties.) After a countdown from 3, the players try to get as many of the balls as they can into the opponent’s goals.The winning player is the one who scores the most goals

Goalie wars

The game of goalie wars is played with both players attack, and midfield raised to the horizontal position, the game then progresses as usual, but only the goalie and defensive players can be used. This allows you to practice shooting from your goalie and defensive players, as weel as making rebound shots off the table sides. Of course, at the same time, you get to practice your defence against long shots.

Penalty shots

Penalty shots again involve using only a few of the bars. In the standard game, the defender only is allowed to use the goalie, and the attacker is given the ball to one of this bars (to be agreed upon). Each player then takes 10 shots each at the opponent’s goal. The player with the highest score wins. If a shot misses, you are NOT allowed to take another shot off the rebound, it counts as a miss.This can be varied by allowing the defender to use the goalie and the 2 defensive players, and by taking the shots from different positions.


The title of this game pretty much says everything. This is a standard game of foosball, but each player can only use one hand. Hands cannot be swapped during a game. Each player get to choose which hand they will use (as some people are left handed)

One player at a time – with a timer

This game does not work so well with great players, as the game is over much too quickly.The way it works is that only one of the players is allowed on the table at a time. After a specific amount of time has passed, e.g. 3 seconds (depending on skill level) the player’s swap. Taking it in turns to have the table to themselves until the goal is scored

Advantage to weaker player games

Should you find yourself in the position where the players are very unevenly matched, you can use some of these games to even out the skill discrepancy. For exampleThe better player can only use 1 hand, the weaker player 2 handsThe better player is not allowed to use the attacking players, and these are raised to the horizontal. The weaker player can use all of the players

Foosball Drinking Games

At a party or similar gathering, why not play a foosball drinking game. You may have to take a lot of drinks, so make them quite small, if you what the games to go on for any length of time! Some of the foosball drinking game are as follows:

Standard foosball drinking game

There are 2 variations on this game.1. Every time your opponent scores against you-you have to take a drink2 If your opponent scores from mid-field or attack you have to take 1 drink. If they score from the defence or goalie, then you have to have 2 drinks. If you score an own goal, then you have to take 3 drinks

Multiball drinking game

Similar to the multiball game above, approximately 10 foosballs are placed on the centre line. The players attempt to get as many as possible in the opponent’s goal. The loser has to take 1 drink for every goal difference. For example, if the score was 6-4, the difference is 2, so the loser has to have 2 drinks

First To Finish

Each person has 1 beer. If your team scores you chug the beer until the losing team has a served the ball again. The winning team is the team that is the first to finish all of the beer.

British Foosball Drinking Game

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