Foosball Games & Variations For Parties and Bars

Foosball Games & Variations For Parties And Bars

Sometimes, at a party, or when you have different levels of players, or just when you fancy a change in pace, play a variation on the standard versions of foosball. These can either be playing a different game or playing a drinking game at a party or something similar.

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Penalty Shots

Penalty shots again involve using only a few of the bars. In the standard game, the defender only may use the goalie, and the attacker is given the ball to one of these bars (to be agreed upon). Each player then takes 10 shots each at the opponent’s goal. The player with the highest score wins. If a shot misses, you may NOT take another shot off the rebound; it counts as a miss. This can be varied by allowing the defender to use the goalie and the 2 defensive players, and by taking the shots from unique positions.

Fun Foosball Variations.

Right, so you have the kids who want to play, or you just want a break from beating everyone else, why not try one of these Foosball variations?


1. Three Ball

Three ball is basically the same as standard foosball, however instead of 1 ball being served, 3 balls are served each time. A point is awarded to the person who scores the most goals. Only 1 point is granted each time, even if one player scores all three goals. The game progresses until someone reaches 10 points.

2. Crazy Multiball.

In this game you layout maybe 9 or 11 balls at the centre (you can use as many balls as you want, but really it needs to be an odd number so you will not get any ties.) After a countdown from 3, the players try to get as many of the balls as they can into the opponent’s goals. The winning player is the one who scores the most goals.

Goalie Wars

The game of goalie wars is played with both players' attack, and midfield raised to the horizontal position. The game then progresses as usual, but only the goalie and defensive players can be used. This allows you to practice shooting from your goalie and defensive players, as well as making rebound shots off the table sides. Of course, you get to practice your defence against long shots.


The title of this game pretty much says everything. This is a standard game of foosball, but each player can only use one hand. Hands cannot be swapped during a game. Each player get to choose which hand they will use (as some people are left handed)

One Player At A Time – With A Timer

This game does not work so well with talented players, as the game is over much too quickly. The way it works is that only one player is allowed on the table at a time. After a specific amount of time has passed, e.g. 3 seconds (depending on skill level) the player’s swap. Taking it in turns to have the table to themselves until the goal is scored.

Advantage To Weaker Player Games

Should you find yourself in the position where the players are very unevenly matched, you can use some of these games to even out the skill discrepancy. For example, the better player can only use 1 hand, the weaker player 2 hands The better player may not use the attacking players, and these are raised to the horizontal. The weaker player can use all the players.

Other Questions

How do you cheat in foosball?

Cheating in Foosball, just as any other game, simply means not following the game’s rule.

So cheating in Foosball will entail;

  • Spinning the ball during the play

  • Marking up a point that was not scored

  • Moving or changing the position of the ball with your hands during the game

  • Touching the players on the rods during the game

  • Counting a shot that goes ‘in and out’ as a goal (it is not counted as one).

  • Moving the table during the game, which is also known as jarring. This can be to stop the other players to score.

  • Using lubricant on the ball in order to alter its movement on the table

  • Going beyond the time limit for the possession of the ball by each player

  • Talking with any certified official during the game can also be suspicious and may count as cheating.

How do you defend in foosball

Defending well is a major part when aiming to win a Foosball game. The defenders are right before the goalies so controlling them well is crucial. Some defensive techniques are;

  • Keeping your opponent guessing. Do not use the same technique over and over but alter from time to time.

  • Make your game or usage of the defensive rods unpredictable.

  • Move your two defense rods in unison as one solid defensive unit.

  • Do not forget that your role or the role of the defenders is to stop and control any ball that comes in the defensive area (that is the area with the two rods also known as the defenders)

How do you level a Foosball table?

Leveling your foosball table is very important so as to make the ball stand in the middle without rolling in any unwilling direction. Some methods you may use to level up your table are;

  • Placing it on a leveled floor

  • Using a Carpenter’s level 

  • Getting a person to lift up the end that needs to be adjusted, and either unscrew the leg that needs adjustment or place a spacer under.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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