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Boost Your Foosball Grip: Tape, Handle Wraps, Tubes & Gloves

Improving Your Grip – Foosball Wraps, Tubes & Gloves

How Can I improve My Grip When Playing Foosball? 

Wraps, Tubes, and Gloves improve performance in every game played by both amateur and professional players.  Mainly by enhancing your grips when it gets a little sweaty. Old chipped handles are also not a problem anymore, as using your accessories means that you will always get a consistent feel when gripping these handles

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When you are playing Foosball in a warm environment, the plastic handles can become a little sweaty. This is not always a big problem; I do not, however, like the way that some handles feels, as compared to others.

What I hate is when a handle has a chip and does not feel right under my hand. Wraps, Tube, and Gloves can fix this problem. Note that this is a bigger problem for me compared to some other people, I am a Computer Programmer, so have soft hands (Because apparently, I have never done a real days work in my life!), and also I am known to sweat a lot!

Why Is Your Grip Important In Foosball?

A grip is essential for the accuracy of the shot and best direction. It also enhances the speed, which contributes to better performance.

Holding the handle too tight is one of the biggest mistakes of beginners. It leads you to strain and pain on your hands and arms. Keeping the grip too tight will hold you back from quickly moving from one handle to another. There are two types of grip used in foosball.

Traditional Grip

Traditional grip is suitable for multiple shots like, push, tic-tac, pull, and spray shots. The correct way of positioning this grip is to have a relaxed feel between the handle and your index finger and thumb.

Open Handed Foosball Grip

This grip is usually used for shooting the snake shot, which is also known as the rollover shot. You should make sure you are standing in the right position before you make this grip.

Players stood in the correct place can switch from the traditional to the open-handed grip. To do this, make sure the beginning of the wrist is touching your foosball handle, and your hand is in an open position.

Foosball Handle Wraps

What Is A Foosball Handle Wrap?

The foosball handle wrap is a material used to enhance and improve a player’s grip. One of the functions of a handle wrap is to absorb the sweat from the hands of a player. Another purpose is to improve the manipulation of the rods to move your players. Wraps are a bit more complex than Tubes and Gloves to use

How To Put On A Foosball Handle Wrap

A good foosball wrap will enhance a player’s ability to grip the handle of the foosball table, and also makes it easier for the player to shoot different shoots

One must know how to make use of these handle wraps effectively to win the game tactically. The following is how to put on handle wraps correctly:

  1. Unravel your wrap.
  2. Start by placing the end of the wrap in the middle of the handle.
  3. Make use of your left hand to rotate the handle, and use your right hand to hold it firmly.
  4. Start rolling your handle. Roll on the wrap from the start position and up towards the table with a slight overlap.
  5. When you get to the end of the handle, start going back to the other end again.

Note: If you feel that your handle is rolling with gaps or getting loose, you have to stop the process. Unravel the wrap again, apply more tension to the wraps at a larger angle, and roll it once more.

What You Should Know Before Buying Foosball Handle Wraps

Foosball handle wraps come in different thicknesses and tackiness. There is no 100% perfect wrap, so you have to consider the product that gives you the most comfort.

There are many affordable wraps; it is a good idea to compare the brands according to their quality and comfort. As you try to test the best ones, you have to play until your hands are sweaty. This way you can see how they work for you

Tennis wraps are a great alternative to Foosball wraps, if you are unable to find any. They tend to be more common and readily available.

Foosball Wraps0

Foosball Handle Tubes

Foosball Tubes are another excellent alternative for getting a good grip when playing Foosball. It’s undeniable that your hands may get sweaty as you play, so we need to think of something that works well, and is also convenient. Foosball tubes go on to the handles of the foosball table, but are simpler to put on than wraps

Why Choose Foosball Tube?

  1. Handy. It is effortless to put on and take off. It’s very convenient. You can buy a standard-sized tube which fits a most handles.
  2. Comfy. Since foosball tubes are usually made of foam, it provides comfort and saves the players from getting calluses or blisters.
  3. Improves your Grip. Tubes indicate whether you’re holding the grip too tightly or too loose. When you press the grip too tight, the tube becomes deformed and may start to look like a carrot
  4. Can help improve your performance. Having a good grip allows you to execute shots better, whether it is using the traditional or open-handed grip style. The Handles will not be slippery, and the foam keeps you comfortable. It can help to reduce any possible pain in your hands and wrists.

Foam Foosball Tubes

Most Foosball Tubes are made of foam. The most common problem of a foosball player is their sweaty hands.

Once your hand starts to sweat the typical handle can be slippery. Foam is very absorbent, reducing the sweat problem. Works well for those who have very sweaty palms. If your tube gets very wet, you can easily replace it.

Rubber Foosball Tubes

Get rid of slipping your hands off the handle because rubbers are glutinous. Your hand sticks to it, allowing you to have a better grip.

Foosball Gloves

You should be familiar with gloves so I will not go into too much detail here. These are tight-fitting gloves of a cotton/lycra or similar materials, generally designed with a grip made from rubber on the palm, to give you a good grip on the handles, and stop any sweat giving you a problem.

Some people use gloves with tubes or wraps.


There are several ways to get a better grip on Foosball Handles; they are all relatively inexpensive, so you can try them all and see which you prefer.

Some people think that a glove removes some of the hand’s natural sensitivity, and would rather play with bare hands. Others combine gloves with wraps or tubes.

In professional tournaments, wraps are by far the most common method of improving a players grip, even though they take longer to put on the handles. This must account for something!

  • Pack of 8 hard rubber handles, enough to outfit a standard 8 rod table
  • Fits standard 5/8" foosball rods used by most popular tables and manufacturers
  • Ergonomic ridges for superior grip during fast switches and extra torque on hard shots
  • Durable, long-lasting hard rubber, ideal for replacing lost or worn pieces as well as building custom tables
  • 3.5" long, 1.25" diameter
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP, IMPROVE YOUR GAME - Using these grips will help increase your control and comfort.
  • TACKY FEEL AND ABSORBENT - This durable ultra grip will help remove moisture and help maintain your grip.
  • EASY APPLICATION- With a tapered end, they are very easy to quickly apply to a handle. In a matter of seconds, improve your grip and be back in the game.
  • GREAT FOR ANY ACTIVITY - Can be used for game table handles, tennis handles, fishing poles, tools and much more.
  • MEASUREMENTS - These durable assorted color wraps are 43 inches long and 1 inch wide. Come with easy to remove plastic covering and finishing tape.
  • EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: Gamma Supreme Overgrip helps you rule the court and provides maximum durability for hours of play
  • ABSORBENT MATERIAL: Helps keep your hands dry by absorbing sweat during intense matches and allows you be more comfortable and play with greater precision
  • EASY TO APPLY: These tacky grips allow for a easy quick no-fuss applications and also fit extra long rackets so you can spend less time preparing and more time on the court
  • DURABLE: These wraps are made to last and feature a soft feel combined with outstanding durability designed to keep up with your game
  • COMPATIBILITY: Great for tennis and also a variety of other racket types including pickleball squash, badminton, or racquetball
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND ALREADY PRECUT in less than a minute your racquet will feel like brand new with Alien Pros tennis grip tape. Just wrap, seal and play
  • JUST THE RIGHT FEEL, ANTI-SLIP AND ABSORBENT created by tennis players for tennis players, Alien Pros tennis grips will absorb sweat while giving you an ideal tac (sticky, moisture) feel with absolutely no slip
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK at Alien Pros we strive to be the best tennis grip overwrap in the Galaxy, if you are not 101% satisfied with your product simply let us know and we'll make it right for you
  • SHOW OFF YOUR UNIQUE STYLE: We've received many complements on the unique designs of our tennis racquet grip tape. Many of our customers especially junior tennis players claimed that our tennis grip has made tennis even more fun. Express your style on court by choosing your favorite tennis wrap grip tape designs. They are also a unbeatable tennis gift!
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY of course it will enhance your tennis racquet grip, but that's not all, you can also use it for badminton, racquetball, squash, pickleball, archery, rowing, dumbbells, fishing pole, ping pong paddles, and drumsticks. Please note that our overgrip may not work for sports other than the ones mentioned. This Package contains 6 overgrips of the pattern pictured. Each tennis tape is individually packaged and is 1 inch wide, 43.3 inches long, 0.02 inches thick.
  • IMPROVE YOUR GRIP, IMPROVE YOUR GAME: With the optimal thickness and cushion, the 12 piece bulk bundle pack provides optimal thickness, cushion and sensation for every player. Your sport is demanding, demand more from your grip.
  • BULK BUNDLE OF 12 INDIVIDUAL OVERWRAPS: Always be ready with a set of twelve when your grip needs replacing or your playing partner needs a spare. Includes a resealable waterproof storage bag for easy access and storage, keeping your non-perforated long-lasting grips cool, dry and fresh.
  • EASY APPLICATION: With a tapered end, they are very easy to quickly apply to your favorite racket. In a matter of seconds, replace your overgrips and be back in the game. This accessory is a great gift idea for your tennis fanatic friends to match the fun colors to their favorite gear.
  • ONE GRIP FOR ALL YOUR GEAR: Whether you play tennis, pickleball, badminton, or even baseball, these overgrips can easily be put on your favorite paddle or racquet in seconds. Absorbs sweat and prevents slippage. Finishing tape included with each roll.
  • BE YOUR BEST WITH Z BEST: Feel confident in your grip with top quality, dependability and customer service.

Other Questions

Who's the best foosball player in the world?

When you are an aspiring foosball player looking to excel, it is good to have a role model to inspire your foosball skills to the next level. Watching top players play foosball inspires you to spend some time at your home table.

Kevin Hundstorfer is one good player most foosball players look up to because of his prowess behind the table. He packed up Single World Foosball Championship in 2013 and 2015, and he is only 29.

The next best foosball player globally is Tony Spredeman, who's bagged multiple world championship and considered the top player in doubles. 


How do you change foosball bearings?

When performing an overhaul repair of your foosball table, you can't ignore replacing bearings. When you decide it's time to replace bearings with new ones, make sure you stick to the same brand and size as much as possible. This way, you guarantee exciting foosball play hours. 

Clean and rotate bearings: 

It is common for bearings further from score post to wear and tear easily; rotating these bearings increases the lifespan. It is of absolute importance to mark the position of each bearing before rotating to avoid confusion. And if you are not sure you are doing the right thing, get expert advice.


How do you replace a foosball handle?

Handles are an important part of a foosball table, and they cannot be overlooked. It provides the necessary grip for speed and performance on the foosball table. Foosball handles are different from the differed degree of grips.

And they can impact positively or negatively your performance. Removing a handle on the foosball rod can be a task if not done correctly. First, pull off the pin punch and twist the handle. It will come off with fewer efforts. Put the new handle and keep the pin punch in line with the hole and hammer in the pin punch, and you are done!


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