How Many Players are on a standard Table?

There are 2 styles of standard Table, European with 22 players, or US Style with 26 players. See the article for more information

How Many Players On A Foosball Table

In the US and Europe the rules of Foosball are generally very similar, however there is 1 huge difference, In the US there tends to be a three goalie system, where as in Europe they tend to favor the single goalie system. This means that a standard table in the US has an extra 2 men on each goal line, giving a total of 26 men in the US compared with 22 in Europe.

The European tables often have a slight slope at each corner as the goalie is unable to get right to the edges of the table , this stops the ball becoming trapped in a “deadzone”

So in the US the player formation is 3-2-5-3 (goal-defense-midfield-attack)

In Europe the formation is 1-2-5-3

Smaller Tables

There are many tables available that are not full size, these very often have less men, instead of the 4-bar layout you find on the standard tables , these can have 3 or 2 bar layouts, which would obviously reduce then number of men on the pitch

Larger Tables

Occasionally you can come across novelty tables for many people, these are incredible fun! Warrior for example produce an eight man foosball table

Video of 8 man foosball table in action


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