Foosball is a save indoor game right? I mean there is no need to worry about getting any injuries?

Foosball is a very safe game, but you are repeatedly using the same muscles and doing the same movements again and again. As with anything the doing the same movement again and a again can lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)  


About Wrist Injuries

Small Foosball injuries in the wrist are pretty common, especially in amateurs as they are not able to coordinate with the ball speed, and end up twisting their wrists and injuring themselves. Most commonly foosball is considered as a sport of leisure and enjoyment, and only nobody thinks it a dangerous game.

In this game, you have to hit the ball at varying speeds, and that can eventually lead to an injury. Wrist injuries are usually of two types. First, there are the acute ones that are due to an immediate injury such as injury to the ligament, tendons, and sprains in the joints pulled muscles, or dislocated bones and so on. These injuries cause pain that is immediate and severe. This usually causes bruising and inflammation in the wrist, and can spread to the fingers as well.

Besides the acute injuries, people also tend to suffer from damage because of the overuse of muscles or tissues. It can be because of too much stress on a muscle or joint, often because of overdoing an activity.

Various syndromes can occur such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that is caused because of pressure on a nerve. Pain can be because of tears in a tendon. The typical symptoms of injury due to overuse are: tenderness on and around the injured area, pain and decreased movement.

The treatment usually involves carrying your hand in a splint, and possible physical therapy. Applying an ice pack to the affected area helps in reducing the inflammation and assists in the healing process. The treatment depends on the location of the injury and the severity of it. If your injury occurred a long time ago, then you should opt for physical therapy to help return the wrist in its normal working condition.

The best way to avoid injury during a foosball session is to give your arms plenty of rest after a game, take care and do not overuse it. Practising for too long can cause repetitive joint injuries due to strain and can cause wear and tear. Make sure to get enough rest, and you can gradually increase your playing time as your wrist gets used to it.

In case of a sprain or a mild injury, rest your wrist for at least 48 hours. Ice the area to reduce the swelling and wrap a bandage to compress it and give support. Try to keep your wrist elevated above the head as the swelling can spread to the fingers because of gravity. Do not hesitate to use painkillers if you are in pain.

If the swelling does not reduce after some time, get it checked from a doctor as it might have been a hairline fracture or a tear in the tendon or ligament. Be patient during the recovery process and do not rush to return to the game as it will only aggravate the injury. Use a cast or a splint to avoid movement and give the wrist support till it heals properly. In case of a torn ligament, it can just be treated by keeping it in a cast for about 3 to 6 weeks.

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