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Foosball Lubricant Alternatives 1

Foosball Lubricant Alternatives

I really need to lubricate my table right now, as we want to play. I have no Foosball Table Lubricant, is there anything else that I can use that I may have to hand?

We always recommend using 100% Silicon Foosball Gel, it is relatively inexpensive, and with next day delivery, you do not have to wait too long to get it.

Do not use WD40 spray, Olive Oil or any food based oils. People have had success with other lubricants that you can find is some hardware stores. Find out more!

Foosball Rod lubricant

foosball lubricant- What is it

If you are looking for a substitute for Foosball lube, then you need to know, a little about what it is. It is almost always a 100% silicone solution. Silicon is essential as it keeps your rods clean, maintained and ensure that they glide over each other with no friction, providing a smooth game. This will extend the life of the bearings on the table, and improve the performance and speed of the game.

foosball Rod lubricant Types

Silicon Lubricant Gel

This is the best thing for lubricating your rods. Gel is the best thing for cleaning and lubricating your rods. There is more residue left on the rods so when they are slid in and out, the excess would go into the bearings keeping those well lubricated as well.

Silicon Lubricant Spray

This works great at cleaning and lubricating the rods, but will not do a lot for lubricating the bearings. The spray sometimes has a way of getting onto the playing surface making it very slippery

Good foosball  rod lubricant Alternatives

These can be used at your own risk – We recommend getting specialized Foosball Lubricating Gel, maybe order an extra bottle, so that you always have some to spare. These are tips from other players from sites like Reddit & Quora.
You should really get some 100% silicone gel as soon as possible, then lubricate properly after using any of these alternative lubricant suggestions

  • Furniture Polish – As a temporary fix. Will not oil the baring much
  • White Lithium Grease – Used on Fabi table for 20 years with no problems or buildup.
  • Superlube – Started with silicone, then switched to Superlube, which is even better
  • Teflon Oil – Less damage than silicone lube, an oil containing Teflon
  • Graphite Rod Lubricant  – Superior to silicon lube
  • Machine Oil – Circulating oil is engineered to lubricate as well as separate water from oils, when used on bearings, gears, metal surfaces and machine systems
  • Wax based MTB chain Lubricant – an advanced, wax-based bicycle chain lubricant that ensures total drivetrain cleanliness
Foos Juice rob Foosball Rod lubricant

Bad foosball lubricant Alternatives

  • Food-based Oils – e.g. Olive Oil – Provides temporary lubrication, but with it being exposed to the air it is eventually going to go off, becoming sticky and may start to smell. You are then going to have to clean it off the rods and bearings, the re-lubricate with something better
  • WD40 – This will only provide very short term lubrication, and over time it will dry out the bearings and bumpers. It will also allow the rods to wear out quicker.
  • Water-based Gels – If water-based gels get into any scratches or the metal is not correctly waterproofed; then these may start to rust your table
  • Lubricants that have added smells or flavors – Using these may cause an odor to start coming off your table, as well as not being designed for this purpose!

How And Why You Need To Apply Foosball Lubricant

You should apply a Lubricant to your rods after a number of hours of play, or a specific amount of time has passed. This period varies depending on humidity and temperature. As a general rule of thumb, you should lubricate once a week with heavy play. For non-heavy play, oil about once a month.
If the rods become harder to slide in and out, or the play becomes slow, then you probably need to lubricate your Foosball Table right away

Before lubricating, clean the rods

You do not want and debris getting into the lubricant and increasing friction. This may slow or damage your table. Take a clean lint-free cloth soaked in alcohol and merely wipe down each or the rods, and allowing 2 minutes to dry off, before applying any lubricant. It may be worth wiping the rods with a clean, dry lint-free cloth.
If you have used one of the Foosball Lubricant Alternatives specified above previously, then clean the rods extra well

Lubricate with silicone

As described above, whenever possible, lubricate with a specialized foosball table Lubricant. Or one of the Foosball Rob Lubricant Alternatives

Liquid lubricants are better than the sprays

As mentioned earlier, Silicone lubricant for foosball table maintenance comes in either a spray or liquid form. Liquids are far superior as the lubricant gets into the bearings, and the rods are also better protected.

Spread lubricant by moving the rods

Now that there is a good coating of lubricant on the rods push the rods in and out to spread it around and to get some of the lubricant into the bearings. Any excess liquid should be wiped up before it can drip on to the table. It may be worth covering the playing area to stop anything dripping onto the playing surface.

Youtube Example Lubing Rods

Youtube Example Foosball Lubing Rods

Recommended Foosball Lube
Game Room Guys Package of 2 4 oz Bottles of Foosball Oil
  • No mess! Built-in applicator tip
  • Works on all major brands of foosball tables
  • Cleans and lubricates bearings
  • 100% Silicone. Will not damage your bearings and bumpers like oil based lubricants.
  • Helps extend the life of your table
Tornado Foosball Rod Silicone
130 Reviews
Tornado Foosball Rod Silicone
  • Weight 2.5 oz
  • No fancy packaging saves you money
  • Long lasting -- only a few drops needed to clean and lubricate the rod
Game Room Guys Foosball 4 oz Bottle Foosball Oil Rod...
27 Reviews
Game Room Guys Foosball 4 oz Bottle Foosball Oil Rod...
  • No mess with built-in applicator tip
  • Long-lasting 4 oz. bottle (twice the amount for the same price!)
  • Works for all major brands of foosball tables and helps extend the life of your table.
  • 100% Silicone. Will not damage your bearings and bumpers like oil based lubricants.
  • No odor. Environmentally safe. Made in the U.S.A.


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