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Who Is the Foosball Goalie?

A Goalie is the centerman on the goalie rod, the rod closest to your own goal. The primary function of a goalie is to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

What Is A Foosball Goalie Shot

Any player can score a goal; there’s no difference in the points scored. Some people play that if the goalie scores then you get 2 points, however, this is not an official rule. There is another rule (unofficial again) that some people play, and that is if the Goalie scores a goal you award a “Goalie Delight. The next ball served is dropped in your defensive zone instead of having it served as usual, and then the play carries on as usual. This rule does not apply to the last point in the game

What Are The Rules For Foosball Goalie Shots

There are no rules specified for the Goalies only, but there are rules and terminologies that are related to these Goalies. ● Goalie Wars, is a singles special event wherein the 3 and 5-man rods are lifted out, or moved to the horizontal position, and the defenders, Goalie-to-Goalie, will play against each other. ● Spinning the rods, lifting the table or jiggling the table to start the dead ball rolling again are penalties. (A penalty shot will be given to his/her opponent.) The ball should be placed on the right spot, and the two defensive players are moved to the horizontal position. Thus the player defending the goal will defend with the Goalie bar only. ● Goalie Crank is a crank-shot executed with the goalie bar.

How Many Points Does the Goalie Score

Some people claim, that if the goalie scores a goal without touching any other player, then the points should be doubled. No, the official foosball rules clearly state that it is only worth 1 point. But it’s just the way it is — no extra goals are awarded, just the regular one point If you are playing recreationally, and players agree to double the points when the Goalie scores the goal, then with the agreement the rule can be used. But when you play a tournament, regular game, let’s say professional match, you will follow the Official Rules.

Do Not Spin The Bar For A Goalie Shot

Spinning is an illegal move in the rules of foosball. There is no way to enhance your skills in playing foosball if you employ this terrible habit. It is cheating. It won’t help you learn to catch, set up shots and pass. You will end up damaging your men and warping your bars.

Tips For A Goalie Shot

1. Keep your Goalie and defense in sync The goalie and the 2-man rod should be played as a single unit, when playing defense. Use them to narrow or close the gaps and cut off angles; the bars need to move in tandem to make the gaps between the player to narrow for the ball to pass through

2. Do not slop goals

A slop shot involves hitting an unintentional goal when a pass goes wrong. Slopping is sometimes hard to avoid, even professionals sometimes slop. Some things you can do to help to minimize slopping: • Keep an eye on the ball at all times, position your men to reduce the chance of the ball going into the goal. • Develop a habit of quickly placing the goalie, so as the ball can’t slip into your goal behind him. This happens when the ball approaches one of your back corner walls

3. Don’t let the ball enter your area and slip out

It’s your job to gain possession of the ball, when the foosball rebounds off your back wall. Try to trap the foosball when it hits your men, so as it won’t bounce back out. If it’s hard for you to gain possession of the ball, then try to make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to trap the ball himself

4. Find a reliable way of clearing the ball from your area

After gaining possession and control of the ball, its time to get the ball out of your goal area. This allows your forwards to score goals for you. Be careful passing the ball to your forwards, as it is a slap in the face if you’ll mistakenly give the foosball to your opponent’s players.


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