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Foosball Safety Tips for Children: What to Watch Out for

Foosball Safety, Tips To Keep Children Safe

Foosball is one of the safest games to have in your home, this page is to give you some ideas of things you should watch out for if you have children, or need to think about safety. Please, after reading this do not be put off getting a table. It really is a very safe game.

  1. Always play with caution: Foosball is a fast-paced game, and it's easy to get caught up in the excitement. However, players should always be mindful of their surroundings and play with caution to avoid collisions and injuries.

  2. Use proper equipment: Make sure your foosball table is sturdy and well-maintained. Check that the rods and players are in good condition and that the ball is not damaged. Using proper equipment can help prevent injuries and ensure fair play.

  3. Wear appropriate footwear: When playing foosball, wear shoes with good traction and support to prevent slips and falls. Avoid playing in sandals or shoes with smooth soles.

  4. Keep the playing area clear: Ensure that the playing area around the foosball table is clear of any obstacles or hazards that could cause injuries. Remove any chairs or other items that could be tripped over.

  5. Watch out for flying balls: The ball in foosball can travel at high speeds, so be aware of its trajectory and keep your hands and face away from the playing surface to avoid getting hit.

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It may seem ridiculous to have this section, as few people think that there will be any risks involved with a game of Foosball.

Of course, it is not a dangerous game, but there are a few things that you could think about to make the game entirely safe for everyone, and this is especially true if there are going to be children around when you are playing, or they are playing themselves.

The following sections will tell you more about the problems.

Think About Possible Issues

There really is not too much to think about, unless there are children playing on the table, as you would like to believe that adults would be fine around a Foosball Table. However, if you are putting a table in an Office staff room or another place of work, you may need to consider health and safety concerns.

  1. Equipment safety: Foosball tables and accessories can be heavy and have moving parts, which can pose a risk of injury if not used properly. It's important to make sure that the table is sturdy and well-maintained, and that the rods and players are in good condition.

  2. Player safety: Players can also be at risk of injury if they're not playing with caution and awareness. Collision and hand injuries are common in foosball, so it's important to be mindful of one's surroundings and keep hands and fingers away from moving parts.

  3. Location safety: The location of the foosball table can also be a safety concern. If the table is located in a high-traffic area, players and passersby could be at risk of collisions or injuries.

  4. Environmental concerns: While not a direct safety issue, the noise and potential for damage to floors and walls from foosball can be a concern for both players and those around them.

  5. Training and education: Finally, proper training and education can help mitigate potential safety issues in foosball. Teaching players the proper techniques and strategies for playing can reduce the risk of injuries.

If there are children involved, then you may need to think about places they may put their fingers, and get them trapped if another child pulls on the handles etc. If you are getting a table where health and safety is involved, you may need to write a list of all the dos and don’ts for the table so that you can’t be sued if someone does something stupid.

Making a list of safety concerns, ordered in priority, can help you choose the table that you need. And it also enables you to think about what other things you may need to buy to stop any accidents. Please note that in my 50 years on this planet, I have met no one who has had an unfortunate accident playing on a Foosball table, so I should not worry too much.

The worst you are likely to get is a small pinch of the skin near the handles.

Foosball Safety - tips for childern

Ball Choking Hazzard

A choking hazard is anything that can get stuck in a child’s throat, blocking their airway. The Foosball ball is something that could do this. Tiny children should be supervised to make sure that they play safe.

  1. Supervise children: If young children are playing foosball, it's important to supervise them closely and ensure they don't put the ball in their mouth.

  2. Use larger balls: Consider using larger balls when playing foosball with children or individuals who may be at risk of choking. Larger balls are less likely to be swallowed and can still be used to play the game.

  3. Use safety caps: Some foosball tables come with safety caps that cover the openings where the ball enters and exits the table. These caps can help prevent the ball from being swallowed and should be used whenever possible.

  4. Keep the ball out of reach: When not in use, store the ball in a safe place out of reach of children or individuals who may be at risk of choking.


The best action to take is to be aware of all the dangers and prevent them. If an emergency occurs, be sure to call 911—with airway obstruction, you can’t waste any time. Also, take a CPR class to better prepare yourself if your child or someone else needs help.

Visit www.NationwideChildrens.org/Edu or call 614-355-0662 to find out dates and times for Nationwide Children’s CPR training. Choking Hazard Safety For more information, visit: Center for Injury Research and Policy Choking Prevention

Rods Pinching

This is the only “Injury” I have got from a Foosball table. The rods are pulled with a lot of force sometimes by you or your opponent, and the movement could hurt someone. You can get your the finger, hands, or any piece of skin pinched if you get it too close to the holes in the tables.

This occurs when you are touching the rod, and it is quickly moved into the table via the hole. Friction will cause your skin to slip a small way into the hole, then it gets pinched between the bar and the table. This can leave a slight bruise or cut on the affected area, but no long-lasting damage will be done, even if it hurts like hell. If this is likely to be a problem, look for tables with protective covers around the holes, or fix some covers yourself.

  1. Keep hands away from the rods: To avoid getting fingers or hands caught between the rods and the table, players should keep their hands away from the rods when they are in motion.

  2. Use proper grip techniques: Players should use proper grip techniques when holding the handles of the rods, ensuring that their fingers are not in between the handles and the rod.

  3. Keep the rods lubricated: Regularly lubricating the rods with a silicone-based lubricant can help prevent them from sticking and reduce the risk of pinching.

  4. Maintain the foosball table: Keeping the foosball table well-maintained and in good condition can help prevent parts from becoming loose or misaligned, which can increase the risk of pinching.

Getting Hit By Rods

When playing Foosball and moving the men around, push the rods in and out to get the men to where they need to be. When this is done quickly, the back end of the rod (The opposite end to the handle) can hit someone.

If you are an adult, this is not likely to be any sort of real problem, as you are going to get caught in the stomach, leg, or if you are a guy, you would need to take a break after a nasty knock.

Children are different however. They can be just the right height to walk under the table and get a hit to the head or face, which is really going to hurt, or do some damage if done a high speed. A lot of tables have bumpers on the end of it to make you stand back from the table.

Make sure you get a table which has plastic end caps, or again, fit them yourself. It is much worse getting hit with bare metal than it is with a plastic cap. Also, always make sure that all the caps are in place, and that should any fall off replace them. It may be worth using something like super glue, if the end caps regularly come off.

  1. Keep hands and body away from the rods: To avoid getting hit by the rods, players should keep their hands and body away from the rods when they are in motion.

  2. Use proper grip techniques: Players should use proper grip techniques when holding the handles of the rods, ensuring that their fingers are not in between the handles and the rod.

  3. Be aware of other players: Players should be aware of the movements of other players on the table and avoid standing too close to the table or other players.

  4. Play with caution: Players should play with caution and avoid making sudden, jerky movements that could result in hitting themselves or others with the rods.

The Goal Area

Most Foosball tables have a ball return where, once the ball goes into the goal, it then goes into a chute that will deposit it into a tray to be retrieved and put back into play. Tables without a proper ball return, pose a small safety risk. If a child has to reach over the table and put their hand into the goal, of getting hit if another child spins the players.

Table Construction

This is very important as well. Once you receive your table, and there will be children using it, or have access to where the table is kept, you will want to look at the overall construction of the table. You need to understand how it was put together and try to see if there are any problems with it.

Most often there will be no problems, but some cheaper mass produced table may have issues, like uncovered sharp corners, wood that could give them a splinter, things like that. Just check out the table once it arrives and “fix” any of minor issues that may cause a problem in the future.

It is a good idea to think about how sturdy the table will be, and the materials used to make the table. Again, if you have children, they will probably lean on it, possibly even stand on it, and you will want a table that is durable enough to stand up to this. A table made of cheaper materials may not always be the best choice.

It is good to read the user reviews of people who have already purchased this table. To get a feeling for how durable it is. (People will soon complain if there is a problem and the tables break in a week. If nothing is said about the durability, then you can probably assume that it is OK. Few people are going to write a review that says “The table did not start to fall apart in the 1st week”– as this is expected)

Have A List Of Rules For The Table

Now that you have a Foosball Table that meets all your requirements, including safety, it may be would drawing up a list of rules for the use of the table. (If you have kids, or need to follow “Health and Safety Guidelines”).

Give instructions on the safe use of the foosball table, so that everybody knows what they should, and should not be doing while a game is in play.

Write up these rules and stick them above the table – to be ignored by children, and to cover you from a health and safety perspective  

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Other Questions

How long are the rods on the foosball table?

Normally how long or short the rods may be depends on the width of the foosball table.

The length of the rods are usually the width of the table plus an additional 12-18 inches to that.

Let's take an example with the standard Tornado foosball table. It has a width of about 30 inches, with the longest rod being 48.375 inches. Doing the calculations, we realise that the difference between the dimensions is approximately 18 inches and therefore falling in the 12-18 inches range stated above.


What are foosball tables made of?

Foosball tables are made from different materials all depending on the clients' choices and their budget.

Some materials used are; wood, plastic, metal, marble, composite and particle board.


How do I choose a foosball table?

Choosing the right foosball table highly depends on who your players are, where it is going to be placed, and primarily your budget.

Some points to consider when choosing a foosball table are:

  • The material. Always choose composite over solid wood. 
  • Think about the tabletop. Standard tables are not designed to stay outdoor. Sunlight or rain may damage the wood and plastic. So if you want an outdoor table, one with glass on the top will be good. You can also ask the shop holder to advise a tabletop model.
  • How or where it will be used. A table for a house with little kids might want to be more protective than one without kids. This can be by opting for a table with bumpers at the ends or plastics end caps for the rod holes.
  • Best reviewed. If you want the best idea of tables from experienced users all over the place, looking up at the best reviewed is a good option. 
  • Extra features. You might want to opt less for tables with additional features as this may increase the price of the table, except if, of course, you will pay the extra asking price
  • Goalies. Some tables have 1 goalie and others 3. You choose whatever pleases you but keep in mind that a 3 goalie table can easily be set up as a 1 goalie table.



If you require more information, please check these references

www.nationwidechildrens.org, article, “choking hazard safety”, retrieved on, Sun 23-September-2020

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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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