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Foosball Stance When Playing Foosball 1
Making sure you have a proper foosball stance when playing is very important. It is something that all beginners don’t realize and must learn to get their bodies in the right positions when shooting.

Foosball Stance

You can look at it like in other sports just like pool or golf. It’s so important to have the correct technique, and your stance makes sure to that. The right posture and grip will help you become a better foosball player. The main focus is to position your body, so you feel free and have the proper movement for passing and shooting. It makes it so much easier when you feel free, and your game up’s a level.

Setting Your Foosball Stance

When playing a lot of pros suggest angling your feet and body more at a diagonal position. Make sure your left side is close to the foosball table, and your right side is away from the table. This will help give you space to move your right arm more freely when you are moving the rods up and down. It also helps when using the two defense and three attacking rods, because these rods are much longer and need more room to maneuver. You will feel much better in this stance, and your game will improve because of it. Standing with your body to close with both hips up close doesn’t give you the freedom to move in the right directions. You end up limiting the passes and shots that are available.

How To Stand Correctly

Think about always having your left foot forward and right one back. To illustrate how this will make a dramatic effect, stick your right arm directly out in front of your body and pull it right back in. See how there’s a few resistance once your elbow hits your side. Now stick your right arm across the left aspect of your frame and pull it on your proper. See how lots, also, you may pull your arm with none resistance? The foosball stance diagram above will display you a way to position your toes for you to have the right stance.


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