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Win at Foosball Strategy, Shooting & Defense Tips

Foosball Strategy Overview

Just like any sport or game, there is a constant foosball strategy that can help give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to win games. Foosball isn’t any different than any sport because developing a sound strategy will allow you to win the match. Foosball is just as much a mental game as it’s a skill game.

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Foosball was created in 1922 by Harold Searles Thorton because of the popularity of soccer, which in his country and most of Europe is called football. Which I guess makes sense, since you do play with your feet and American football is played with hands?

Anyways, his reason for developing a table based game was so everyone could enjoy the challenge of playing soccer, even if they didn’t live near a field or were unable to run since polio was still fairly common back then. I got to say, that’s some pretty forward thinking for his time!

First Foosball Video Games

Foosball was a hit, sweeping Europe and crossing the oceans to America by 1950, which is a brief amount of time before the interconnected world we’re familiar with today. The popularity kept on rising continuously over the years until the first video games were released in 1970.

First Foosball Prize Tour

In 1972, the first prize tour started with a prize of $1500; back then that was a LOT of money.

When this tour proved to be an immense success, it was followed immediately with the Quarter Million Tour, which boosted prizes of up to 20k for official tournaments. By 1978, there were million dollar prizes on the largest competitions.

Foosball held its ground against video games pretty well for nearly a decade and is still holding well in some places. However, in 1981, Tournament Soccer, who was funding all of the prizes for US-based tournaments, filed for bankruptcy.

This was a sad day for dedicated tournament fans, but some bars, pubs, and clubs who had their tables kept the game alive by hosting local tournaments for those who still had a love of playing for a prize.

Female Tournaments

By 1990, Foosball brought recognition for the female tournament players. Sure, the primary tournament circuit had closed by this point, but foosball players are known for good sportsmanship.

On the bright side, female players maintain full recognition in the International Table Soccer Federation circuit, which was founded in 2008.

Though all of this time, almost a full 100 years of foosball, the game has been picked up in practically every country. People in every country play the game differently. American, or “Texas” foosball, is performed on a thick table top with a dense, heavy ball.

This, combined with our triple goalie gameplay, make for fast, competitive games; where speed is the priority. French foosball is played on a thin, slightly tacky surface with a cork ball to slow down the balls speed and make passing easier because their priority is based on strategy.

German tables are made with even softer materials than tables produced in any other country, because this enables them to make dramatic long shots. Finally, Italy is known for glass balls for extra precise handling between your players.

Foosball Strategy Overview

You must learn to defeat your competition through the use of more than your rate. Timing your competition is nearly just as significant as your general foosball chance rate and having the ability to outrace them. This can be the essential component which makes foosball this addicting and tactical game.

This section will educate you on foosball strategies it is possible to apply to your own game and allow you to optimize every chance on offense and defense.

Learn to serve yourself the ball strategy – Every point during a foosball match begins with a foosball function. Since serving yourself the ball is officially permitted within the official foosball rules and during tournament play, why not optimize your offensive chances by serving the ball to your own five men every time?

Like all of the strategies listed here, this strategy is only going to work if you practice your passing and other ball management abilities after you keep control after the foosball function. Just add a bit of twist on the ball when you are dropping it into the foosball table hole, and it’s going to roll to your own 5 bar pole instead of your competitor’s.

With a tiny bit of practice on the foosball function, you’ll be able to catch the foosball directly in the function and have the ability to try a pass. See the passing from 5 to 3 bar foosball strategy under to set yourself up for an offensive foosball opportunity.

Catching, Passing & Shooting

Pass the ball in the 5 bar to the 3 bar foosball strategy – This is a vital strategy because it supplies you another offensive chance and raises your percent to score a goal. If you only use every five guy chance to shoot the ball, you Won’t ever develop your foosball passing and catching abilities and your shooting abilities from your 3 bars.

In a game where ball control and possession is everything, understanding the best way to pass from the 5 bar to the three is undoubtedly essential to winning games against anyone which is above a beginner grade foosball player.

Plus, it’s much simpler to score a goal from your 3 bars because there’s one less defensive bar blocking the goal, the space to the goal is shorter which makes it more difficult to block, and you’ve got the most variety of shot selection in your 3 bars.

Focus on one shot strategy – This foosball strategy is significant because you have to remember that you can not be a jack of all trades when it comes to selecting your foosball shots on offense. You actually must concentrate on becoming a professional in one shot instead of only a beginner shooter in every area.

Most professionals focus on the pull shot or the snake shot because these are the most rapid shots that allow for the most choices to score on your competition. If you focus on one opportunity, you can even become more proficient at creating the shot, that may restrict the number of times you turn over the ball while attempting to keep control and put in place your shot.

Some foosball players may say this strategy will not work for them in cases where they have an off day or are up against a shield that can protect well against their foosball shot. We’d assert that performing a shot at the maximum amount you can provide you with the perfect opportunity to win foosball games.

Moving Your Players

Consistently follow the foosball with your guys – This foosball strategy cannot be stressed enough. It’s critical that you understand the need for following the ball irrespective of where it’s on the table or who has it.

Most beginner players get diverted or do not understand that lots of balls can be blocked only by following the ball on the table. If the ball is on the left side of the table and your partner has the ball on offense, your guys should be also! Your guys should be always going should you be doing this correctly.

Shooting by having an open hand or wrist flick strategy – The quicker your foosball shot is, the better opportunity you’ve got at defeating your competition and scoring a goal. All complex foosball players have a technique with the manner they hold the stick and take shots.

Most beginners often grasp the foosball handle with their hand too tricky. Keeping a freehold on the handle will allow for maximum motion and speed and restrict your resistance. You are going to understand which you’re holding the handle right if there’s some space between your palm and the handle.

Another strategy when shooting would be to turn your wrist immediately and the stick should spin about 180 degrees when taking the shot. Turning your wrist a quarter of a turn isn’t going to supply enough rate in your shot and is not going to permit you to perform this strategy right.

Defense Wins Foosball Games

A great shield will help out your offense – Bear in mind that defense wins foosball games. Many critics may challenge this strategy and claim that offense wins games, but developing strong defensive abilities will function as a determining factor and cannot be missed.

Just like in playing poker, a solid defenseman will play the percentages and restrict their competitor’s changes by just shifting their configuration and other subtle foosball techniques they develop over time.

Be sure to keep ball control – A lost foosball is a lost chance to score a goal and one more opportunity to your opponent to score. So that you can master this foosball strategy, see the learn to pass and catch the foosball so that you can give yourself the appropriate tools and training techniques to win foosball games.

This can also be among those strategies which are developed over time as you play various individuals and get yourself into distinct scenarios.

Would you like to play offense or defense? – An age-old question that challenges most foosball teams which don’t have a particular position they’re better at. The facts are, there’s no right or wrong in regards to you personally or your partner playing offense or defense.

Nevertheless, there’s a foosball strategy associated with choosing which player should be where. We recommend starting off the game where you believe you are going to have your best shot at defeating your competition and examining the game as it advances.

Just like another sport, if you’ve got a significant mismatch against your competition on both sides of the table, swap positions and throw off your adversaries. You can usually reference the point when you’re down by 2-3 goals as an excellent time to make the substitution before the game gets out of control.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect – This can be a reasonably clear foosball strategy but cannot be stressed enough.

Practicing your foosball techniques over and over will make you a more sophisticated player. Some skills like passing and shooting can be learned as you play the game all on your own, but you can practice defensive techniques when playing actual games or by playing foosball goalie wars with some buddies.

Specific foosball tables are designed to allow it to be simpler to practice the game all on your own. Look for a table with a side ball return rather than end ball returns which will allow it to be simple to catch the ball after shooting training shots.

Play against opponents who are better than you’re – Everyone likes to win whether they’ve been playing foosball football or another sport. The trouble with winning every game is that you will be playing against competitors that may be making your game endure because it’s too simple.

Attempt challenging yourself by playing the best foosball players you’ll be able to locate, and this foosball strategy will eventually pay off because you’ll need to adapt and refine your abilities so that you can win games. Every loss is a chance to learn the best way to improve your skills. If you locate a foosball player who is substantially better than you are, ask them for foosball tricks that may help enhance your game.

Foosball Stance

Making sure you have a proper foosball stance when playing is very important. It is something that all beginners don’t realize and must learn to get their bodies in the right positions when shooting.

You can look at it like in other sports just like pool or golf. It’s so important to have the correct technique, and your stance makes sure to that. The right posture and grip will help you become a better foosball player. The main focus is to position your body, so you feel free and have the proper movement for passing and shooting. It makes it so much easier when you feel free, and your game up’s a level.

Setting Your Foosball Stance

When playing a lot of pros suggest angling your feet and body more at a diagonal position. Make sure your left side is close to the foosball table, and your right side is away from the table. This will help give you space to move your right arm more freely when you are moving the rods up and down.

It also helps when using the two defense and three attacking rods, because these rods are much longer and need more room to maneuver. You will feel much better in this stance, and your game will improve because of it. Standing with your body to close with both hips up close doesn’t give you the freedom to move in the right directions. You end up limiting the passes and shots that are available.

How To Stand Correctly

Think about always having your left foot forward and right one back. To illustrate how this will make a dramatic effect, stick your right arm directly out in front of your body and pull it right back in.

See how there’s a few resistance once your elbow hits your side.

Now stick your right arm across the left aspect of your frame and pull it on your proper. See how lots, also, you may pull your arm with none resistance? The foosball stance diagram above will display you a way to position your toes for you to have the right stance.

How To Foosball Serve To Yourself

The simplest way to foosball serve the ball to yourself would be to put the foosball inside the hole while pinning it between your index finger and thumb with your left hand. Your index finger should be on the interior of the table, and your thumb should be on the outside of the table to hold the ball in position.

It’s not prohibited to roll your index finger on the table so that you can keep the ball in place before you serve the ball. Next, take your right index finger and apply pressure on the top right-hand side of the foosball to keep it pinned against the hole of the table.

After that, you can release your left hand in the ball and put it on your 5 bar pole handle to prepare to take the server to yourself. Next, roll your right index finger to the left over the top of the ball and allow it to drop through the hole. See the foosball function diagram below to see the appropriate means to spin the ball for a function.

This will put some spin on the ball so that you can permit it to drop immediately towards the 2nd guy on your own 5 bars. This may take some practice, but you should have the ability to get the foosball and keep possession directly on the server.

How To Do A Snake Shot (Rollover Shot) In Foosball

Foosball Snake Shot Overview

The snake shot is a three bar shot taken by the middle offensive man who pins the ball in between the table and the man. It’s fast and can go all directions. The shot is played with an open hand while your wrist pins the man above the ball in a forward position, who is then laterally moved right or left as you move your wrist to roll up the rod handle for striking the foosball.

Learning To Set Up Foosball Rollover (Snake) Shot:

Pin the ball on the table with your offensive middle man upon the 3 bar. The set up usually takes a lot of practice, and you will have to lose many balls before you can perfect the setup. Snake shot is probably the hardest to set up after the aerial shot. After setting up, pass the ball from the outside offensive man to your middle man.

As the ball is moving, tilt your middle man back at an angle to let the foosball strike your man’s toe at the corner. This would make the ball to go straight forward, and you can come around the top of it to pin it down against the table.

Foosball Snake Methods And Techniques:

The roll overshot is an open-handed wrist shot that gives the shot its fast speed. After pinning the ball, you need to learn to pull or push the ball laterally while rolling your wrist up simultaneously so that your man spins in a counterclockwise direction and comes to strike the foosball into the goal.

You have to shoot the sides accurately so that your opponent would not notice a tendency to proceed towards one side or other. The shot is usually less effective on most of the non-tornado tables. Thus, if you are playing on one, ensure that the 3-rod is well lubricated, or the shot may be almost impossible to execute.


One of the most significant advantages of snake shot lies in the opportunities of placement for the shot. Majority of other shots like push and pull shot go typically in a single direction. But with snake shot, you can hit straight in, push or pull towards either end of the goal.

Reading The Foosball Snake Shot Defense:

Many defenders would try to guard the middle hole all times as it is the quickest and easiest shot to hit. They would try to force you to head all the way to wither hole 1 or hole 5. Some defenders would move their men in back and forth direction to try to time your shots.

And this is when your mental game and timing needs to overcome their defensive strategies and timing. Keep in mind that knowing your opponent’s timing and reading their moves is as important as shooting your shot with precise accuracy. Try to develop analytic skills and play with a variety of people to learn numerous ways of dealing with snake defenses.

Foosball Rules – Goalie

Who Is The Foosball Goalie?

A Goalie is the centerman on the goalie rod, the rod closest to your own goal. The primary function of a goalie is to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

What Is A Foosball Goalie Shot

Any player can score a goal; there’s no difference in the points scored. Some people play that if the goalie scores then you get 2 points, however, this is not an official rule.

There is another rule (unofficial again) that some people play, and that is if the Goalie scores a goal you award a “Goalie Delight. The next ball served is dropped in your defensive zone instead of having it served as usual, and then the play carries on as usual. This rule does not apply to the last point in the game

What Are The Rules For Foosball Goalie Shots

There are no rules specified for the Goalies only, but there are rules and terminologies that are related to these Goalies.
  • Goalie Wars, is a singles special event wherein the 3 and 5-man rods are lifted out, or moved to the horizontal position, and the defenders, Goalie-to-Goalie, will play against each other
  • Spinning the rods, lifting the table or jiggling the table to start the dead ball rolling again are penalties. (A penalty shot will be given to his/her opponent.) The ball should be placed on the right spot, and the two defensive players are moved to the horizontal position. Thus the player defending the goal will defend with the Goalie bar only.
  • Goalie Crank is a crank-shot executed with the goalie bar.

How Many Points Does The Goalie Score

Some people claim, that if the goalie scores a goal without touching any other player, then the points should be doubled

 No, the official foosball rules clearly state that it is only worth 1 point. But it’s just the way it is — no extra goals are awarded, just the regular one point If you are playing recreationally, and players agree to double the points when the Goalie scores the goal, then with the agreement the rule can be used.

But when you play a tournament, regular game, let’s say professional match, you will follow the Official Rules.

Do Not Spin The Bar For A Goalie Shot

Spinning is an illegal move in the rules of foosball. There is no way to enhance your skills in playing foosball if you employ this terrible habit. It is cheating.

It won’t help you learn to catch, set up shots and pass. You will end up damaging your men and warping your bars.

Tips For A Goalie Shot

1. Keep your Goalie and defense in sync The goalie and the 2-man rod should be played as a single unit, when playing defense. Use them to narrow or close the gaps and cut off angles; the bars need to move in tandem to make the gaps between the player to narrow for the ball to pass through

2. Do Not Slop Goals

A slop shot involves hitting an unintentional goal when a pass goes wrong. Slopping is sometimes hard to avoid, even professionals sometimes slop. Some things you can do to help to minimize slopping:

  • Keep an eye on the ball at all times, position your men to reduce the chance of the ball going into the goal.
  • Develop a habit of quickly placing the goalie, so as the ball can’t slip into your goal behind him. This happens when the ball approaches one of your back corner walls

3. Don’t Let The Ball Enter Your Area And Slip Out

It’s your job to gain possession of the ball, when the foosball rebounds off your back wall. Try to trap the foosball when it hits your men, so as it won’t bounce back out.

If it’s hard for you to gain possession of the ball, then try to make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to trap the ball himself

4. Find A Reliable Way Of Clearing The Ball From Your Area

After gaining possession and control of the ball, its time to get the ball out of your goal area.

This allows your forwards to score goals for you. Be careful passing the ball to your forwards, as it is a slap in the face if you’ll mistakenly give the foosball to your opponent’s players.

Foosball Table With A Glass Playing Surface

Why Do You Want A Table Glass With A Glass Surface

Glass playing surfaces have a number of advantages over surfaces that are derived from wood or plastic surfaces. The main ones are:

  • Once attached to the table, very strong and will last forever
  • Very easy to clean, can use most cleaners with no damage
  • Can be kept outside with no adverse side effects
  • Spills and rubbish falling onto the table will not damage it
  • Allows for a very fast game, if that is what you are looking for
There are a couple of disadvantages
  • Very expensive compare to other table surfaces
  • Vary fragile until it is attached to wood/board on which it rests

Faster Playing Speed On A Foosball Table With A Glass Surface

In the United States, tables tend to be built with a focus in the speed of the game, this differs from most European styles where the game is usually slower with more ball control.

In order to get the fastest game, a Foosball Table with a glass surface, with ABS Counter balanced men (Which tend to be heavier, and can hit the ball harder), and a good ball, with give one of the fastest games possible

Adding A Glass Surface To Your Foosball Table

If you are considering adding a Glass Playing Surface to your existing table then StealthBoy has written a guide to doing exactly that.
I cannot really comment too much on this as it is not something that I have personally tried to do Also, I needed to figure out the playfield surface.
In order to closely reproduce the surface of a Tornado (which is non-smooth), our playfield is made of a base 3/4″ inch particle board, a paper playfield, and then 1/8″ Plexiglas roughed with 60-grit sandpaper, all sandwiched with a clear artists’ spray mount adhesive.
This gives it a nice, translucent look while giving the right texture for ball pinning. I drew our playfield using the Gimp. You can download the file here. So, our playfield cost $29 instead of the $250 for a real Tornado top. It’s all about the budget.

Foosball Replacement Telescopic Rods

The Three Types Of Foosball Rods

The Foosball rods, are the metal bars that you hold and have the men attached too. There are three main types of foosball rods. These are:

Solid Foosball Rod

The Solid Foosball Rod is a solid metal bar, as you can imagine, this is more expensive that the hollow rods. These rods should last a lifetime, if they are properly maintained, as they are incredibly hard to bend

Hollow Foosball Bars

These bars are very similar to the solid bar, other than they are obviously hollow. If too much pressure is put onto these bars the may bend or buckle. If this happens they need to be straightened, or replacement rod bought to replace the damaged ones.

Telescopic Foosball Rods

Both the hollow and the solid rods above, come out of the other side of the table as you push them. Telescopic rods do not do this.

They are hollow like the hollow rod, but they are made out of a number of slightly narrower individual sections. When the rod is pushed or pulled the rod either expands or contracts.

It is fixed to one side of the table, so that end never moves. This type of rod is considered much safer for the home This type of rod, because of its moving parts is far less strong than the Solid rod, and nor even sturdy as the hollow rod. It is difficult to bend this type of rod back into its original form, if it is bent, due to the telescopic nature.

Replacement Foosball Rods

It seems to a little difficult to replace Solid and Hollow Foosball Rods.

You can try looking at Amazon links below: As the rods tend to be very similar in size, you can also get universal foosball rods that should fit most tables. Also remember that you can use either a solid or hollow rod interchangeably

Replacement Telescopic Rods

I have been looking for these for a very long time on the internet and other places.

If you do find somewhere that sells these items could you please email us, or leave a link in comments? We have been looking all over eBay, Amazon and Alibaba with no luck whatsoever!

Simplified Foosball Rules For Casual Games And Kids!

Foosball For Kids

We do not all want to play a serious game of Foosball, sometimes we just want to relax and have a fun game, without officials. Below are some suggestions for a fun game of foosball. Feel free to change the rules as you desire. Obviously, we cannot change the way we are playing halfway through the game!

  1. Preparation. Flip a coin

Winner gets to choose whether to serve first or not Loser has to pay for the 1st game

  1. Serving. Once both players are ready, the server serves through the serving hole
  2. All following servers are done by the loser.

The last person who conceded a goal, or, The loser of the previous game

  1. The Ball in Play until

A goal is scored It flies off the table It is declared dead (e.g. in a spot where it can’t be reached)

  1. Ball leaving the table

If the ball came off the goalie, then it is the goalie’s ball Otherwise, the last player to serve reserves the ball

  1. Dead Ball (ball can’t be reached by a player and is still)

If in goal area ball is given to the goalie Otherwise, the last player to serve reserves the ball

Goal Scored: 

Any legally scored goal counts. If the ball goes into the goal then comes out again it still counts

8 Four Player games – Change of Positions –Team positions may be swapped: 

Between goals scored Between games During foul shots and Penalty’s

Spinning the Rods

Spinning is illegal. If a goal was scored, it does not count Otherwise, the opponent may continue play or reserve

10 Tilting the table 

Any nudging, lifting, moving or jarring the table is illegal First and second times are warnings, the play is continued from the point of the tilt, or re-served The third is a technical fault

  1. Reaching into the Playing Area

During a dead ball, no penalty. While in own goal area. Goal is awarded During other play, penalty awarded

  1. Distractions. Any attempt to distract your opponent occurs the following

The opponent may: Continue play Continue from the point of distraction Re-serve ball.

  1. Language: Swearing, name calling and generally distracting with language

Warning and penalty 14 Possession time On the 5-player bar – 10 seconds Anywhere else – 15 seconds Going over gives a penalty 15 Finished the match. The match is over when A predetermined score is reached (first to x) A predetermined time has passed. If the score is a draw no winner may be declared or penalties may be taken or “sudden death” – the next goal scored wins the game

  • Official Tornado OEM replacement balls with 1.365" outside diameter
  • Durable pure 100% urethane consistency.
  • Near perfect roundness - Within .001" from center all the way around the ball
  • Made in the USA
  • Used in every sanctioned foosball tournament in the United States
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  • STURDY, HEAVY-DUTY: This durable tabletop foosball game boasts ⅝” diameter chrome-plated, steel rods with wood handles, players always feel in control, and ramped edges allow for continual motion with leg levelers ensure an even playing surface
  • VERSATILITY AND ELEGANCE: Unlike many table soccer games that are made for entertainment and not quality, the Rally and Roar wood handle foosball games are designed to bring class to any basement, game room, man cave, bar, arcade, lounge, or backyard
  • 8 solid steel foosball rods, enough to outfit a standard foosball table Set includes two 40.25" two-man rods, four 44.5" three-man rods, and 2 49.5" five-man rods
  • Solid or Hollow? Solid rods are more durable and long-lasting, while hollow rods are easier to spin and push, but may warp over time
  • Ideal for replacing worn or lower-quality rods as well as building custom tables
  • 5/8" diameter will fit a large number of foosball tables by popular manufacturers
  • 26 brand new black yellow replacement players
  • Foosball Men are Counter Balanced
  • Player Dimensions: 1.3"D x 1.25"W x 4.3"H
  • Hole Diameter: 5/8"
  • Perfect fit for Tornado rods


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