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Foosball Table Covers – Astonishing Things To Know! (2020)

Foosball Table Covers. So, you’ve just shelled out some pretty big bucks and bought yourself a Foosball table of your very own. It’s set up nicely in your den and matches the theme of the room perfectly. Now one of your buddies is saying you need to buy a cover for it? Um… What? Cover that Beautiful Foosball Table! This has to be a joke, right? Why would you cover that lovely mahogany and black table that cost so much? Well, to protect it, of course!

When you buy any foosball table, it is unlikely that there will be a table cover included. This is surprising really as manufacturers could have a large logo on it, and if mass produced they would not be that expensive. As covers are not included with the table purchase, a lot of people think that they are not necessary, however even a cheap one can considerably increase the lifespan of your table.

This is doubly important when you buy a table at $500+, why would you not spend $20, or so to keep it in excellent condition?
, this means you will not have to brush the dust, and other small particles off it very often. Saving you time, and keeping the surface in pristine condition

Why Do You Need A Foosball Table Cover?

This item is needed to protect your investment. Good quality foosball tables will last a long time, having a cover for it with help it last several more years, and keep it looking good. It should provide the following protection

Keep The Table Clean

Having a cover will keep the table surface clean Any drink spillages, liquids, or objects falling onto the table will be prevented from getting on to the playing surface.

Keep The Table Safe

Should the playing surface get damp, it will warp, or should a heavy object fall on to it; it will become dented. A foosball table that does not have a smooth flat playing surface is useless. Replacing the surface if it does become damaged in some way is very difficult!

Keep The Table Protected

The covered sides will also be protected from bumps and scratches as people and things pass by it. Once you have had a table for say ten years, it will have numerous small scratches. The area protected by the cover will be in a much better condition. Having a long cover will protect the whole table, and is recommended.

Paint and colors also fade with time, (several years) if left in the light. A cover will also stop this from happening. In ten years your table could still look like new.

Outdoor Foosball Table Covers

A cover for an indoor table is a good investment; if you have an outdoor table, a this is an essential investment. It would be a necessary accessory for your table. When outside, it is going to be exposed to the elements, and direct sunlight. Yes, the table has been designed to be kept out, but we all know that anything left out is going to degrade much faster than something that is in a dry and safe environment.
A long waterproof cover is a must for an Outside Foosball table, even if stored inside (e,g, a Garage), as there is a lot more debris, water and things to scratch your table when it is not kept inside your house

Things To Consider When Buying A Foosball Table Cover

Materials Used

An indoor foosball table cover should be made with quality fabric, and be lightweight. This allows ease of use, is not difficult to put on or take off your table.
Outdoor table covers. Will be more substantial, and probably cost a little more, as they have more to protect the table from.

Materials used to manufacture these covers are usually Cotton, Polyester, or Vinyl. I would recommend a long waterproof polyester cover for an indoor table, and a long vinyl cover for outdoor Foosball Tables

A good quality cover should last for the life of your table, and any damage that would have been taken by the table is given to the cover

Design Of The Cover

There tend to be two types of table covers

“Slotted” Covers. These have cuts in the side of it to go over the handles. These make it easy to see that there is a foosball table underneath it, and are quick to put on and take off. These tend to be shorter and do not protect the whole table

Uncut Covers. These do not have the slots in the side. Tend to cover the entire table, and are usually tied at the bottom so that they cannot move around. Offers excellent protection as the whole table is protected, but will take longer to put on and take off than the slotted covers.

The type of cover you want for an indoor table is up to you. Both provide a decent level of protection. However, for an outdoor table, you should get a waterproof Uncut vinyl cover for the best protection. These can be securely fastened so that the wind can’t loosen it, and the rain get to your table

Size Of The Cover.

You want to make sure that you get one that is the correct fit, Look up the measurements of your table, or measure it yourself, then order one for a table of that size. Also, look at the length of it, so that you are getting the length you want.

If the length and width are too small, then it will not fit on your table. If it’s too big, it is not going to look very good. If you get the length wrong, well, it’s still going to fit on your table, but may not be what you wanted.

Related Information

Can I Just Throw A Sheet Over My Table?

Yes, you can put a sheet over your table, and it is going to give some level of protection. Remember your mother, or grandmother placing a tablecloth on the dining room table? to protect it from scratches, etc.? Well, doing this to your Foosball table will have the same effect.I

It will stop debris from landing on the playing surface, and its something knocks the side, it’s going to stop most of the scratching. However, it will not protect your table from water, which is a big downside.
Should you spill water on a dinner table, most of it is going to go straight on the floor.

Due to the walls on the Foosball table, the water is going to stay there and could damage any wood.

In summary, a sheet over your table is better than nothing, but is not as good as a dedicated waterproof cover

Can I Just Put A Tarpaulin Over My Outdoor Table?

Yes, if you put a quality tarp over your table and secure it properly, then this should be wind and rainproof, and will do an excellent job of protecting your table

Customizable Foosball Table Covers?

Yes, these are available. However, these tend to be a lot more expensive. You specify the Width, Length, and Height of the table to be

covered. You can then choose the style of ties that you require, and how often you want the grammets (slots for the handles)

You can then add an image to your cover advertising your business, or whatever else you want to be printed on this cover.

Covers And All  offer this service

Foosball Table Cover, Outdoor Waterproof Dust Rectangular Patio Coffee...
  • Size: 160x115x50cm/63"x45.28"x19.69" Approx (LxWxH)
  • MATERIAL: Made from Oxford Marine grade polyester,which is premium water-proof,heavy duty and durable.
  • Feature: All weather proof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Billiard Table Cover ,Adjustable drawstring on both sides for fastening the cover on windy day.
  • The durable material means it won't tear easily, also easy to wash and clean.
  • Come with a duffel bag for storage, easy to bring and can protect the cover properly.
Audew Patio Furniture Covers 420D Upgrade Version Patio Table Cover...
  • ✔【Larger Size】420D Patio Furniture Covers Fits for Patio Furniture,Rectangular/Oval Patio Tables And 6-8 Standard Patio Chairs 90.5''x64.5''x28.5''.It Is Recommended That Measuring The Size of Your Furniture Before Purchasing.
  • ✔【Water and UV Resistant】The Interior Coating of The Outdoor Furniture Covers Waterproof Uses Oxford Polyester Material and Waterproof Glue Process, Protect Your Furniture from Rain,UV,Dust, Little Animals and Other Bad Weather.
  • ✔【Unique Design】Patio Furniture Covers Has Adjustable Hidden Elastic Tightener and 4 Release Buckles (1 per leg) For a Tight Custom Fit,Windprrof.Padded Handles Make Things Easier When Remove the Patio Furniture Covers,Brand Storage Bag Available.
  • ✔【Important Tips】Putting In An Object In The Middle Patio Cover Inside Can Help The Rain Runs Off Sooner,Also Provide Airflow Between Cover And Furniture When Using Outdoor Furniture Covers.Appropriately Press Some Heavy Objects On The Cover When Encountering Strong Wind Helps Protect Ur Furniture Better.
  • ✔【INTIMATE AFTER-SALES SERVICE】- Audew Patio Furniture Covers offers a 12-month 100% free manufacturer assurance and a 45-day replacement without human damage.Your package is handled securely and contacts wear gloves and gloves throughout.You could contact with us by e-mail:Audew_service@vip.163.com, if there are any further problems.
Outdoor Foosball Table Cover Soccer Table Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof...
  • 🌺Foosball Table Cover Size: 163x115x50cm/64.17"x45.28"x19.69" Approx (LxWxH),Fit Most Standard Foosball Tables.
  • 🌺Soccer Table Cover-MATERIAL: The table cover made of high quality 210D polyester fabric.It's lightweight, durable, waterproof and sun UV protection.
  • 🌺Foosball Cover: Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a tight and custom fit.
  • 🌺Better Protect Your table: Effectively protected table from sun damage, dirt, rust, corrosion and all types of weather, and helps keep the surface clean.
  • 🌺If you are not satisfied with this item, pls feel free to contact with us, we will do whatever we could do to solve the problem & make you satisfied.
Foosball Table Cover, Outdoor Waterproof Dust Rectangular Patio Coffee...
  • Size: 160x115x50cm/63"x45.28"x19.69" Approx (LxWxH)
  • MATERIAL: Made from Oxford Marine grade polyester,which is premium water-proof,heavy duty and durable.
  • Feature: All weather proof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Billiard Table Cover ,Adjustable drawstring on both sides for fastening the cover on windy day.
  • The durable material means it won't tear easily, also easy to wash and clean.
  • Come with a duffel bag for storage, easy to bring and can protect the cover properly.
Comily Plus+ Universal Foosball Table Cover Waterproof Outdoor/Indoor...
  • 1:Material:210D Polyester.Waterproof and Lightweight.
  • 2:Size:L165cm(63inch)xW115cm(45inch)xH50cm(20inch).Fitting universal/classical/regulation foosball table.
  • 3:Features:Both fits for Outdoor and Indoor use. Easy and quick to put on and take off.One person can do it .Two of the sides have the tightening elastic band for extra security on windy days.
  • 4:Function:Protect foosball table from bird droppings, tree sap and the elements:snow,rain,dust,wind,sun,UV,dirt,cats,pets and corrosion.Keep the foosball table clean and a longer life.
  • 5:One Year warranty.The item is handled by Amazon Fulfillment center and the delivery date is about 3-7days.
Hathaway Foosball 56" Table Cover
  • Protects table from damage and helps keep the surface clean
  • Measures 56-in L x 29-in w x 5-in drop
  • Scalloped edge design for precision fit
  • Reinforced edge seam
  • Available in a durable black synthetic leather material with fabric under-lining


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