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How to Foosball Serve to Yourself

The simplest way to foosball serve the ball to yourself would be to put the foosball inside the hole while pinning it between your index finger and thumb with your left hand. Your index finger should be on the interior of the table, and your thumb should be on the outside of the table to hold the ball in position. It’s not prohibited to roll your index finger on the table so that you can keep the ball in place before you serve the ball. Next, take your right index finger and apply pressure on the top right-hand side of the foosball to keep it pinned against the hole of the table. After that, you can release your left hand in the ball and put it on your 5 bar pole handle to prepare to take the server to yourself. Next, roll your right index finger to the left over the top of the ball and allow it to drop through the hole. See the foosball function diagram below to see the appropriate means to spin the ball for a function. This will put some spin on the ball so that you can permit it to drop immediately towards the 2nd guy on your own 5 bars. This may take some practice, but you should have the ability to get the foosball and keep possession directly on the server.


The foosball serve is much like a kickoff in football or soccer, begins every match. The server can also be known sometimes as the “fall” for apparent reasons. In tournament play, the team that serves the first ball is determined upon by a coin toss. There are not any foosball rules against serving the ball to your guys, which can be why the server is this kind of important measure to learning when attempting to master the game. Having the first possession to try to pass to your offensive bar will enable you to have the upper hand. That is also why the team which is scored on gets to function another ball to allow for a fair game.
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