You can’t always have a Foosball Table with you , but you always have your phone, so what are the top 10 Android Foosball Games?

Below are what we believe to be the top 10 Foosball games…Kind of… 2 of the Apps are not games but look so useful, we thought we would include them anyway. All games have a 4 star rating, but some people still really hated them. They are free so if you don’t like one of the them just uninstall it, and install another! Read more…


Foosball Cup World

Rating : (32,000 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated: 10 March 2016 Size: 38M Installs: 1,000,000+
Current Version: 1.2.8 Requires Android: 2.3.3 Content Rating: PEGI 3 In-app Products: £0.74 – £9.98
“This us a great game! The controls are hard to get used to though. I love being able to play by myself because I’m lonely. And you can play against another person. I wish this game had an online match setting.”
“Foosball Cup – World” based on the original game, this brings a new experience to our millions of fans.• Great new graphics. • New modes of play Improved two player experience, Tournaments, World League, Challenges. • New more realistic game-play. • Improved Artificial Intelligence, which gives each team new and varied styles of play. • Unlock new balls, tables and other in game prizes • 51 national teams to compete against in the many game modes

Foosball Table Soccer

Rating : (160 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :28 May 2018 Size :11M Installs :10,000+ Current Version : 1.0.1
Current Version : 1.0.1 Requires Android : 4.0 and up Content Rating : PEGI 3
“tabletop game it very good and great challenge.”
Foosball has always been a fun game and is also known as table football or table soccer and tabletop football.This table game has revolutionized online gaming world. Fun, as well as an interesting soccer game, is simple yet challenging. It can be played with one or two players. When two players are involved table soccer becomes an appealing fun tournament. Tabletop footballers are arranged in cool little rows on tabletop football tables. When playing in a single game mode which is against cpu opponents, become victorious on all the 10 Foosball table games. When the ball comes closer to the player, kicker kicks it towards the opponent’s goal.How to play foosball table soccer 1. Press these buttons to move your sticks up and down 2. Re spin the ball when it’s possible just pressing the whistle 3. The aim of the game is to score the greatest number of goalsEven a friend or family member can be challenged to play along to enjoy 2 Player foosball cup that is quite intense in action. Even in 2 Player foosball cup, the goal is to score a goal quickly than the opponent. Player whose team scores first 5 goals is declared as the winner of the game. It can be played in a browser, tablets, and mobile phones and also available to play in 3D effect. The kicker with efficient control skills and quick reactions wins the game.

Foosball – Goal Crusaders

Rating : (28,000 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated: 1 November 2015 Size : 52M Installs :1,000,000+ Current Version :1.7 Requires Android :2.3.3 and up
Content Rating :PEGI 3 Learn More :Interactive Elements Digital purchases : £0.78 per item
“Great under dogs game remineds me about the movie under dogs and my foose ball team the flipper dogs.”
The Foosball players have been playing against each other for 20 years, trapped within the limits of the table. United for the love of football, united by friendship. They’re united by a rod! But not any more! The Foosball characters are free and ready to go out and play on any terrain, against any adversary, with their chests puffed out and jerseys on. Goal Crusaders!Pass the ball between your players and dodge the opponents, capture coins, overcome obstacles and make as many goals as you can! Advance through the game and unlock the training and challenge modes.Based on the movie “Foosball” (also known as “Metegol” in Latin America,”Underdogs” in the USA, or “Unbeatables” in UK)

Matraquilhos Foosball

Rating : (207 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated : 11 May 2016 Size :Varies with device Installs :10,000+
Current Version: 2.0.1 Requires Android: 4.0 and up Content Rating: PEGI 3
“Awesome game! The hidden stadium was a surprise. Great and fluid graphics. All fussball fans will want to play it, for sure..”
Choose your team and win games and table soccer competitions, you can choose the team, tactics ,field and opponent.Participate in competitions, unlock content and share them with your friends.The game is free and has no in-app purchases.TEAMS Choose the one you like more, all are different, some are stronger than others. Choose also the tactic in order to take the most of your team.TACTICS Choose the formation you like more: 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 3-4-3, 5-4-1 and more. Common football formations available.FIELDS Multiple fields are available, the field determines the behavior of the ball in the game.CONTROLS You can use the device’s accelerometer to move the players – move it left and right. If you don’t like the accelerometer, you can choose the buttons on the screen. If you have a keyboard connected you can use it.SPIN During the game press the goalkeeper and the button to defend or attack when the ball is near

Robot Table Football

Rating : (115 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :9 December 2016 Size :24M Installs :10,000+
Current Version :1.0 Requires Android :2.3 and up Content Rating :PEGI 3
“دارم نصب می کنم خدا کنه خوب باشه” (Seems to be popular in Middle East!)
Robot Table Football, Table Soccer, Foosball, fuzboll. Now you can carry a whole foosball table around in your pocket and play anytime.Choose your favourite robotic soccer teams :- Manchester United, Bayern Munic, Liverpool, etc Select your football strip, apply a light coat of oil to the robots and then do battle on the pitch with our robotic 3D Foosball table.Spin the androids as fast as you can and the enjoy realistic real life physics action, its even possible to chip the ball over the goalies head to score that world cup winner in real style.Play against the computer or set up your very own mini soccer champion tournament with your friends. Sorry this is not an online game though, you’ll need to face your opponent across the dining room table on your mobile or tablet.This soccer fantastic Robot Table Football game will keep your fingers fit if nothing else as you bounce on your sofa to cries of “Goal!”.If playing in single player mode then you shoot from left to right.Download Robot Table Football now, these are the droids you’re looking for.

Table Football 3D

Rating : (319 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :22 November 2017 Size :44M Installs :50,000+
Current Version :1.2.0 Requires Android :4.4 and up Content Rating :PEGI 3
“Very best”
Full 3D environment, hyper-realistic physics and 4 superb tables with really different characteristic make Table Footbal – Foosball the best table soccer game.-Best Gameplay -Hyper-intuitives controls -Top-class Artificial Intelligence, with 3 levels of difficulty -Each victory gives you credits

3D Foosball

Rating : (12 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :1 September 2018 Size :38M Installs : 1,000+
Current Version :0.1.12 Requires Android :4.1 and up Content Rating :PEGI 3
Play alone against the CPU or against a friend in the same phone/tablet and enjoy it! The game is still under development. A lot of features will be coming if the people likes it.We’re now workin on TOURNAMENT and ONLINE modes.
– Changed and simplified the login system (in order to prepare it for the online game mode we are developing). – Addition of many statistics to the player’s profile (in order to unlock achievements in future versions). – NOTE: The statistics stored in your previous profile, as well as your old profile, are not preserved (due to the large number of changes introduced and to ensure real statistics from now on). A new profile will be created automatically.

Soccer Foozy Kitty: Cat foosball Stars

Rating : (15 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated : 4 June 2017 Size :22M Installs :1,000+
Current Version :1.04 Requires Android: 4.0 and up Content Rating :PEGI 3
“It’s all a cool game but it’s sometimes hard to win bit anyway s it’s a cool soccer type cat game”
Play international or club soccer (football) matches with your team of kitty cats. Animated Environment: The soccer field will change shape which will in turn change the whole gameplay. You can collect coins to unlock different cups and teams. Magical power ups such as defence walls, multi balls, and many more that will affect the game play . Different Soccer Balls: Unlock and play with different soccer balls with unique special FX. You can even replace the soccer ball with a pineapple or a watermelon! Soccer teams have different skill levels and advanced AI; inspired by world soccer rankings.

SoBabyfoot soFoosball network

Rating : (160 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :22 November 2017 Size :44M Installs :50,000+
Current Version :1.2.0 Requires Android :4.4 and up Content Rating :PEGI 3
SoBabyfoot, the foosball finder and social networkAre you a foosball player? You certainly enjoy spending some time with friends around a foosball table, but we bet you’ve already encountered some difficulties while organizing it.Sometimes it’s not easy to find an available foosball table or none of your friends is available, so you must find someone interested on the spot!If it sounds too familiar, then go on the App Store and get SoBabyfoot! It’s the right app for you developed by foosball fans. It’s one of a kind Androïd App facilitating networking between players.Register by indicating your user name, declare an area on the map (which is your ideal foosball table location), and a short intro message. Please note We don’t not ask for an e-mail nor password.Here is an overview of available functionalities: – Locate the nearest foosball tables in France (continent and overseas); – Locate a foosball table by address, or on the map – Save your favourite foosball tables, send messages to players who have chosen the table as their favourite as wellPlayer-linked functionalities: – Locate players and chat to organize parties – Check your private messagesPlus: – Find Official Foosball clubs – Declare new foosball tables to enrich shared databaseSoBabyfoot is free and ad-free. It contains a foosball table database that can be enriched by every member. So, don’t hesitate to add new tables or to correct table details.

Table Soccer App

Rating : (47 Reviews)
Technical Info
Updated :23 May 2018 Size :25M Installs :1,000+
Current Version: 1.2.0 Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up Content Rating: PEGI 3
“Just awesome”
Join the world’s largest foosball community by discovering and exploring places where you can play table soccer. Attend tournaments and events and connect with players, event organisers and foosball shops.Table Soccer App is offered to all foosball lovers for free by the ITSF – International Table Soccer Federation.Table Soccer App features:Select a location and find places where you can play table soccer or access the interactive map.Follow users, places, event organisers, foosball shops and other profiles to receive notifications about tournaments they publish or other activities.Find tournaments and events and set reminders.Organise your favourite profiles and events in public collections.Store basic information for profiles and events for those times when you find yourself without internet connection.Know a place or an event we missed? Contribute to the world wide community by selecting ADD PLACE / EVENT. You can create multiple types of profile from places to play to event organisers, foosball shops, federations and table manufacturers.Want to manage the content for If you want to manage the content for one or more profiles let us know and we’ll grant you access.


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