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Great American Action Coin-Op Soccer Game

“Nice Table”

The Great American Action Coin-Op Soccer Table is a full-sized commercial Foosball table. It has been designed to be able to stand a lot of action in its lifetime in a bar/workplace etc. The body color is mostly black but has many other bright colors advertising its presence. The legs are also black. The playing surface is the standard green, and the opposing side are red and yellow in color.

This full sized table has a weight of about 250 pounds and an approximate size of about 51” x 57” x 34”. The mass of this table means that it is not going to start moving or sliding when you have a match on it. But this also means that the table is going to need its own dedicated space, as the size and weight suggest that it cannot be quickly put in and out of storage.

This table uses the standard three-goalie system. The formation of the player on this table is as follows: three goalies, two men on the defensive bar, this is followed by five men on the midfield bar, then finally there a three man on the attacking bar. Each play also gets a ball return and an abacus style scoreboard.

  • Available with angled corner top for single goalie
  • flat corner top for three goalie operation.
  • Laminate on 1″ MDF core, available in custom colors.
  • High performance counterbalanced polypropylene figures.
  • Medium sized hand grips with solid chrome steel rods.
  • Anti-cheat jam proof ball return assembly.
  • Removable drawer system for easy access.
  • Reliable Vertical 5 removable coin system, easy to adjust
  • ABS injected legs with individual leg levelers.
  • Bold contemporary graphics with designer Formica for player appeal
  • Optional Custom Laminate: $275.00 per table
  • Size 34.5″ x 51″ x 57″
  • Weight: 290 lbs
Great American Coin-Op Soccer Game - 3 Man Goalie
  • The most reliable table soccer game in the industry
  • Medium sized hand grips with solid chrome steel rods
  • Anti-cheat jam proof ball return assembly
  • (3) Man Goalie
  • Coin-Op
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is a Computer programmer with 25 years experience working in the Industry. Mainly using Microsoft products I have produced systems for several blue chip companies including The BBC, Natwest, British Rail.and Torbay Council.

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