Thinking of getting a full-sized foosball table and unsure of how big it will be?

A true full-sized regulatiotable has a width of 30 inches (76cm),  a length of 56 inches (142cm), and a height of 36 inches (91cm). However, you need to consider the space needed for the players. Read more below

What about including the players?

So we know that the table is 56 x 30 inches, however, the playing rods are going to stick out of the sides and then, of course, there are the players.  The total area you will need is going to be about 7 foot by 8 foot, this will give you room on the side of the tables to get the returned ball and get past the table. It also allows about 3 feet of playing space for each of the players.

Final Thoughts

Remember, do not have enough space and get a smaller table, you will still need the same amount of space for the players! They will not get smaller.

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