People often want to know before buying a Foosball table, How heavy is a Foosball Table

This depends on the size and make of the table. A Good full-size table will weight between 225 lbs and 375 lbs (100kg to 170kg). Read below for more details

Weights of various style foosball tables

You cannot give an exact figure for a Foosballs tables weight as it depends on a lot of factors:

  • Table Size
  • Construction Material
  • How Durable (hollow legs etc)

Full Size Foosball Table

A very good quality, solid wood, full-sized table will weight almost 400 pounds, where as a good quality laminate, full sized table will weight in at around 140 pounds.

The heavier the table the more likely it is stronger and longer it will last longer. But it will be less convenient and much much harder to move

Table Top Foosball

A typical 36 inch Table Top Foosball table will weight approximately 22 pounds

Final Thought

These weight can only be approximate, you will need to look at the Specs of the table you are considering to get an exact weight

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