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Foosball Snake Shot Tutorial (Rollover), Tips & Tricks

How To Do A Snake Shot (Rollover Shot) In Foosball

Foosball Snake Shot Overview

The snake shot is a three bar shot taken by the middle offensive man who pins the ball in between the table and the man. It’s fast and can go all directions.

The shot is played with an open hand while your wrist pins the man above the ball in a forward position, who is then laterally moved right or left as you move your wrist to roll up the rod handle for striking the foosball.

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Learning To Set Up Foosball Rollover (Snake) Shot:

The snake shoot is a popular shot in competitive foosball and is favored by many players due to its accuracy and power. Here is an overview of how to perform a Snake Shot in foosball:

  1. Set up your shot: Start by positioning the ball at the center of the table and setting up your men in a formation that allows you to execute the Snake Shot. This typically involves placing one of your men at the front of the 3-bar and one at the back.

  2. Grip the handle: Grip the handle of the foosball rod with your dominant hand, making sure to keep a firm hold on it.

  3. Prepare to shoot: Position the ball in front of your shooting man and use your other hand to stabilize the rod. Bend your knees slightly and position your shooting man at an angle that will allow you to execute the Snake Shot.

  4. Perform the shot: As you pull back the rod with your shooting man, move it to the left or right in a "snake-like" motion, creating a "C" shape with your man's path. As your shooting man moves back towards the ball, use your wrist to snap the rod forward and hit the ball with force towards the goal.

  5. Follow through: After making contact with the ball, follow through with your shot by continuing the "snake-like" motion of your shooting man to the other side of the ball.

With practice, the Snake Shot can become a powerful and accurate technique for scoring goals in foosball. It's important to remember to maintain control of the rod throughout the shot and to follow through with your motion for maximum accuracy and power.

Foosball Snake Methods And Techniques:

There are a few different variations of the Snake Shot technique in foosball, and players may prefer one method over another based on their individual playing style and experience. Here are some common methods and techniques for executing the Snake Shot:

  1. Roll-over Snake Shot: In this variation, the shooting man rolls over the ball before striking it with the inside edge of the foot. This can provide additional control and spin on the ball, making it more difficult for the defender to block.

  2. Push-in Snake Shot: This method involves pushing the ball forward slightly before executing the Snake Shot. This can be useful for catching the defender off guard and creating more space for the shot.

  3. Fake Snake Shot: A fake Snake Shot involves starting to execute the motion of the shot, but then suddenly changing direction and shooting in a different way. This can be an effective way to throw off the defender and create an opening for the shot.

  4. Pin-shot Snake Shot: This variation involves pinning the ball against the table and then executing the Snake Shot. This can be useful for creating a more precise shot and reducing the chances of the ball bouncing away from the shooting man.

  5. Sidedoor Snake Shot: This technique involves using the sidedoor or wall of the foosball table to execute the Snake Shot. The ball is positioned close to the wall and the shooting man is used to direct the ball towards the goal using a Snake Shot motion.

Regardless of the specific method or technique used, the key to executing a successful Snake Shot in foosball is practice and consistency. With enough practice and experimentation, players can find the approach that works best for them and use it to score goals consistently during gameplay.

Foosball Snake Shot: Pros and Cons

Like any technique in foosball, the Snake Shot has its pros and cons. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the Snake Shot in gameplay:


  1. Accuracy: The Snake Shot is known for its accuracy, as the "snake-like" motion of the shooting man allows for precise control over the ball's trajectory.

  2. Power: When executed correctly, the Snake Shot can generate a significant amount of power behind the ball, making it difficult for the defender to block.

  3. Versatility: The Snake Shot can be executed from a variety of positions on the foosball table, making it a versatile technique that can be used in many different situations.

  4. Difficulty for opponents to defend: Because the Snake Shot involves a non-linear motion, it can be difficult for the defender to anticipate and block.


  1. Time-consuming to master: The Snake Shot is a complex technique that can take a lot of time and practice to master.

  2. Vulnerability to defense: While the Snake Shot can be difficult for the defender to block, it can also be vulnerable to certain defensive techniques, such as the snake block.

  3. Limited effectiveness against experienced players: More experienced players may be more familiar with the Snake Shot and better equipped to defend against it.

  4. Limited applicability to certain situations: While the Snake Shot can be effective in many situations, it may not always be the best choice depending on the specific circumstances of the game.

Overall, the Snake Shot is a useful technique for players looking to improve their foosball skills. While it has its limitations, its accuracy and power can make it a valuable addition to a player's arsenal of techniques.

Reading The Foosball Snake Shot Defense:

Defending against the Snake Shot in foosball can be challenging, but there are several defensive techniques that players can use to minimize its effectiveness. Here are some tips for defending against the Snake Shot:

  1. Use a snake block: A snake block involves moving the defender's men in a snake-like pattern to block the shooting man's path. This can disrupt the shooting motion and make it more difficult for the shooter to get a clean shot on goal.

  2. Block the angle: If possible, position the defender's men in a way that blocks the shooting angle of the opponent's shooting man. This can make it more difficult for the shooter to get the ball past the defender and into the goal.

  3. Pressure the shooter: By applying pressure to the shooter and their team, the defender can force them to rush their shot or make a mistake. This can make it easier to block the shot and regain control of the ball.

  4. Watch the shooter's body language: The shooter's body language can give clues about where they plan to shoot the ball. By watching their movements and anticipating their shot, the defender can position their men in a way that makes it more difficult for the shooter to score.

  5. Be patient: Defending against the Snake Shot can require a lot of patience and discipline. By staying calm and waiting for the right moment to make a move, the defender can increase their chances of successfully blocking the shot.

In summary, defending against the Snake Shot in foosball requires a combination of strategy, technique, and patience. By using these tips and practicing defensive techniques, players can improve their ability to defend against this popular shot and increase their chances of winning games.

Snake Shot Video Tutorial

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Other Questions

Is snake shot legal in foosball?

Yes, the snake shot is legal in foosball.

According to whichtablegame.com, a snake shot is a 3 bar shot taken by the middle offensive man, who pins the ball between the table and the man. 

The spin however does not reach 360 degrees (the condition necessary for a spin to be illegal), that is, the rod's spin does not make a complete round turn, therefore remains legal, as soon as the player does not let go of the handle.

Players are therefore free to use this shot, which makes the foosball roll very fast, but also to be the second hardest to set up in the game. 

Are you allowed to spin in foosball?

Spinning is not legal in foosball, so no, you may not do so.

It is considered as illegal as it removes the fairness in the play or match, thus taking away the skill from the game. This may also make the play less enjoyable as it lowers it down to a simple joke.

There are, however, two exceptions in spinning. The first being if the spin does not touch the ball. Here, the spin is not considered as illegal and the game can continue. 

The second is the case of double spins. Since 2012, double spins are allowed during tournaments, and thus not considered as illegal.

How fast does a foosball travel using a Snake Shot?

The highest speed recorded so far is 35mph or 56km per hour, using a snake shot. You may wonder how the speed of such a tiny ball is recorded. Well, the earliest methods to record the speed of the ball were by using a radar gun or with the dimensions of the table known, simply recording the time of travel, then calculating the speed.

Today technology has made things easier by enabling records to be done even with smartphones. 


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