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How To Do A Snake Shot (Rollover Shot) In Foosball

Foosball Snake Shot Overview

The snake shot is a three bar shot taken by the middle offensive man who pins the ball in between the table and the man. It’s fast and can go all directions. The shot is played with an open hand while your wrist pins the man above the ball in a forward position, who is then laterally moved right or left as you move your wrist to roll up the rod handle for striking the foosball.

Learning To Set Up Foosball Rollover (Snake) Shot:

Pin the ball on the table with your offensive middle man upon the 3 bar. The set up usually takes a lot of practice, and you will have to lose many balls before you can perfect the setup. Snake shot is probably the hardest to set up after the aerial shot. After setting up, pass the ball from the outside offensive man to your middle man.

As the ball is moving, tilt your middle man back at an angle to let the foosball strike your man’s toe at the corner. This would make the ball to go straight forward, and you can come around the top of it to pin it down against the table.

Foosball Snake Methods And Techniques:

The roll overshot is an open-handed wrist shot that gives the shot its fast speed. After pinning the ball, you need to learn to pull or push the ball laterally while rolling your wrist up simultaneously so that your man spins in a counterclockwise direction and comes to strike the foosball into the goal.

You have to shoot the sides accurately so that your opponent would not notice a tendency to proceed towards one side or other. The shot is usually less effective on most of the non-tornado tables. Thus, if you are playing on one, ensure that the 3-rod is well lubricated, or the shot may be almost impossible to execute.


One of the most significant advantages of snake shot lies in the opportunities of placement for the shot. Majority of other shots like push and pull shot go typically in a single direction. But with snake shot, you can hit straight in, push or pull towards either end of the goal.

Reading The Foosball Snake Shot Defense:

Many defenders would try to guard the middle hole all times as it is the quickest and easiest shot to hit. They would try to force you to head all the way to wither hole 1 or hole 5. Some defenders would move their men in back and forth direction to try to time your shots.

And this is when your mental game and timing needs to overcome their defensive strategies and timing. Keep in mind that knowing your opponent’s timing and reading their moves is as important as shooting your shot with precise accuracy. Try to develop analytic skills and play with a variety of people to learn numerous ways of dealing with snake defenses.

Snake Shot Video Tutorial


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