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How To Put Together A Foosball Table

Foosball is a game played by two or four people across a foosball table. The game is based on soccer and is therefore sometimes known as Table Football. It can vary in size, and many small ones are made specifically for children.

How To Assemble Foosball Tables

This guide is a general overview, we can’t tell you how to put together every table that is out there, but if you read this article you will have a good idea of how big a task this is, and what you need to achieve it

Assembling a standard full-sized table is usually no small task, you do not need to be an expert handyman to accomplish this, but having someone there with a bit of practical know-how is without doubt a significant advantage.

A full-size table generally weighs in at over 200lb, and will usually be delivered in two packages. You would want to put the table together in the place that you are going to use it. Building it in your garage for example, then moving it is going to be difficult, as the table will be cumbersome and large. It will not fit through doors or around corner easily

Foosball Table Assembly Instructions – Before You Begin

Before you begin you should have the following:

• 2+ People. Holding the parts in place and attaching them is hard alone, or better three people will make the job much more straightforward. If you have a friend who is good with their hands, it will make this much more straight forward
• About 3 hours of free time. Some of the more complex tables can take at least this amount of time. This will depend on the table and the skill of the people constructing it
• Tools – You will need screwdrivers, Allen Key (usually supplied with the table), a level, and possibly a hammer
• All of the pieces to make the table. Before starting you should go through the list of parts that are required, checking that they are all there, and in good condition. You do not want to be halfway through and find that something is missing or broken, then have to wait for a week, until the replacement arrives


Locate The Manufacturer’s Manual

You should have the manufactures manual with the package; if you don’t, you will probably be able to download a copy from the internet, which will be the fastest way of getting them. If you cannot find the instructions, email the manufacturer and as them to email a copy to you, this is much faster than waiting for a copy to be send to you in the post

Another great idea is to look on YouTube for a video of how to put together the table. This is a lot better than looking at the instructions on paper, if you can find the video, I would recommend that you watch it from start to finish before you begin doing anything with your purchase


Purchase An Assembly Package From Amazon

If you do not like the idea of building the table yourself, Amazon has some professional handymen that can make the table for you. This service has excellent reviews with almost 90% giving it 5-stars.

This package includes

Assembly of 1 customer-supplied foosball table
Clean up of packaging and debris
Moving to another location is NOT included

This is an excellent option for people who are not at all practical, or do not have a lot of time in their lives, or like me are a bit lazy!


Typical Foosball Setup Diagram

The setup for each table is going to be different. However, there is going to be a lot of commonalities, as tables are basically the same, players attached to rods attempting to hit a ball through a hole!

1.) Go through the initial steps mentioned above, making sure that you have everything that you need.

2) Attach the Table Base to the bottom/legs

3) Attach the playing surface to the table’s top. Be very careful; you need to keep the base in perfect condition. Any dents can cause the ball not to travel straight

4) Attach the table’s sides and rods to the table

5) Attach the side to each other, using the supplied corner pieces

6) Attach the legs and Levellers to the table

7) Attach the straighteners to the legs, so that the table cannot wobble

8) Insert the rods into the table, and attach the players to the rods. (Ensure that the players are facing the right way, they should be pointing towards the opponent’s goal). Remember Foosball Rod Lubricant on each rod to make them slide correctly

9) Attach the handles and the stoppers to the rods

10) Fit the goals, scoreboards and the serving holes to the table

The most important thing after assebling a table is using foosball lubricant on all of the rods. Without this they game will be slow and the rods will not last as long


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