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How to Setup A Foosball Table: Easy Instructions & Diagram!

How To Setup A Foosball Table

This guide is a general overview, we can’t tell you how to put together every table that is out there, but if you read this article, you will have a good idea of how big a task this is, and what you need to achieve it

Assembling a standard full-sized table is usually no small task. You do not need to be an expert handyperson to accomplish this, but having someone there with a bit of practical know-how is without doubt a significant advantage.

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weighs in at 200lb

A full-size table weighs in at over 200lb, and will usually be delivered in two packages. You would want to put the table together in the place that you are going to use it. Building it in your garage, for example, then moving it is going to be difficult, as the table will be cumbersome and large. It will not fit through doors or around corners easily.

Foosball Table Assembly Instructions – Before You Begin

Before you begin, you should have:

  • 2+ People. Holding the parts in place and attaching them is hard alone, or better three people will make the job much more straightforward. If you have a friend who is good with their hands, it will make this much more straight forward.
  • About 3 hours of free time. Some more complex tables can take at least this amount of time. This will depend on the table and the skill of the people constructing it.
  • All the pieces to make the table. Before starting you should go through the list of parts that are required, checking that they are all there, and in good condition. You do not want to be halfway through and find that something is missing or broken, then have to wait for a week, until the replacement arrives.
  • Gather your tools: You will need a few basic tools to set up your foosball table, including a wrench, screwdrivers, a hammer, and possibly a rubber mallet.

  • Find a suitable location: You will need a flat surface to set up your foosball table. Ensure that the location you choose is stable, and the table will not wobble or tip over during play.

  • Unpack the table: Carefully unpack the foosball table and lay out all the parts and pieces. Refer to the instruction manual to ensure that you have all the necessary parts.

  • Assemble the legs: Attach the legs to the main body of the foosball table. Ensure that each leg is securely attached using the screws and bolts provided.

  • Install the playing surface: Place the playing surface on top of the foosball table and secure it using the screws and bolts provided. Ensure that the playing surface is level and flush with the edges of the table.

  • Install the player rods: Insert the player rods into the table's holes and attach the players to the rods. Ensure that the players are evenly spaced and facing the correct direction.

  • Adjust the levelers: Most foosball tables come with levelers that can be adjusted to ensure that the table is level. Adjust the levelers until the table is stable and doesn't wobble during play.

  • Test the table: Before you start playing, test the table to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Move the player rods back and forth to ensure that they move smoothly and that the ball rolls freely.

  • Invite friends and enjoy: With the foosball table set up and functioning correctly, it's time to invite friends over and start playing!

Locate The Manufacturer’s Manual

If you have purchased a foosball table, the manufacturer's manual is an essential resource that can provide you with detailed instructions on how to set up, maintain, and use your table. Here are some steps to help you locate the manufacturer's manual:

  1. Check the packaging: The manufacturer's manual is usually included in the packaging of your foosball table. Look for a booklet or a sheet of paper with instructions on how to set up and use the table.

  2. Check the manufacturer's website: Most foosball table manufacturers have a website where you can find information about their products, including manuals. Look for a "Support" or "Resources" section on the website, where you can find downloadable manuals in PDF format.

  3. Contact the manufacturer: If you're having trouble finding the manual online or in the packaging, you can contact the manufacturer directly. Look for a phone number or email address on their website and reach out to their customer support team. They should be able to provide you with a copy of the manual or direct you to where you can find it.

  4. Check online marketplaces: If you purchased a used foosball table, the manual may not be included. However, you can still try to locate the manual online by checking online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon. Look for the manufacturer and model of your foosball table and search for manuals in the product description or customer reviews.

Remember, the manufacturer's manual is an important resource that can provide you with valuable information on how to set up, maintain, and use your foosball table. Take the time to locate and read the manual to ensure that you get the most out of your table and that it lasts for years to come.


Purchase An Assembly Package From Amazon

If you dislike the idea of building the table yourself, Amazon has some professional handymen that can make the table for you. This service has excellent reviews, with almost 90% giving it 5-stars.

  • This package includes
  • Assembly of 1 customer-supplied foosball table
  • Clean up of packaging and debris

Moving to another location is NOT included

This is an excellent option for people who are not at all practical, or do not have a lot of time, or like me are lazy!

How To Setup A Foosball Table - Typical Foosball Setup Diagram

The setup for each table is going to be different. However, there is going to be a lot of commonalities, as tables are basically the same, players attached to rods attempting to hit a ball through a hole!

1.) Go through the initial steps mentioned above, making sure that you have everything that you need.

2) Attach the Table Base to the bottom/legs

3) Attach the playing surface to the table’s top.

Be very careful; you need to keep the base in perfect condition. Any dents can cause the ball not to travel straight

4) Attach the table’s sides and rods to the table

5) Attach the side to each other, using the supplied corner pieces

6) Attach the legs and Levellers to the table

7) Attach the straighteners to the legs, so that the table cannot wobble

8) Insert the rods into the table, and attach the players to the rods.

(Ensure that the players are facing the right way, they should be pointing towards the opponent’s goal). Remember Foosball Rod Lubricant on each rod to make them slide correctly

9) Attach the handles and the stoppers to the rods

10) Fit the goals, scoreboards and the serving holes to the table

setup a foosball table

The most important thing after assembling a table is using foosball lubricant on all of the rods.

Without this the game will be slow and the rods will not last as long.

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  • Solid or Hollow? Solid rods are more durable and long-lasting, while hollow rods are easier to spin and push, but may warp over time
  • Ideal for replacing worn or lower-quality rods as well as building custom tables
  • 5/8" diameter will fit a large number of foosball tables by popular manufacturers
  • 26 brand new black yellow replacement players
  • Foosball Men are Counter Balanced
  • Player Dimensions: 1.3"D x 1.25"W x 4.3"H
  • Hole Diameter: 5/8"
  • Perfect fit for Tornado rods

Other Questions

How to install foosball men? Set up the foosball players the correct way.

For a foosball table model that has 8 rods, 4 on each size, figure out which rods are offensive and defensive, since there is a difference in the spacing between the men based on this.

After you figured out how far apart the foosball men are supposed to be placed on the rods, be sure that they are facing the right way. Identify the cross-hatched side of the player’s foot and place the figurine so that this side is facing the opponent’s goal.

If you installed the foosball men correctly, the smooth side of the figurine will face your own goal.

How many people play on a foosball table?

On a twenty-six-player football table you can either have one-on-one matches, with two players, each handling 4 rods, or a two-on-two game, with 4 people, each one controlling 2 rods.

If you have a twenty-two-player foosball table, you could try to squeeze in four people on one team, each one handling one foosball rod, but the game could lose appeal because it is quite crowded.

For larger groups, you can opt for six people or eight people foosball tables. There will better accommodate three-on-three matches and four-on-four matches.

How many people are needed to put together a Foosball Table?

You should make sure you have someone to help you before you begin the process of a foosball table assembly, as you will have a hard time holding the parts in place and attaching them with no help.

At least two people are needed to put together a foosball table. Usually, if there are 3 people working on this, it will be easier. Since it takes about 3 hours to assemble a foosball table, the more people helping you, the faster you will get it done.


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WhichTableGame is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.


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