If you need to replace a number of the Foosball Guys on your table, in the unlikely event that one has been broken. Or you decide to upgrade your table with better quality Foosball men, and you have not done this before, then this article will describe what parts you need, what tools are required, and any optional components that can be replaced while you are doing it


Replacement Foosball Players

Replacing Foosball guys on your Foosball Table should not be too much of a problem, and can be carried out by most people with even a little practical skill. Before you start this job, you need to order the parts that you will need, and ensure that you have all of the tools, so that once you start, you have everything you need to finish the job!

Foosball Replacement Parts

The following is a list of the replacement parts that may be needed

Foosball Replacement Men

The most obvious thing that you need when thinking of replacing Foosball Guys are the replacement men. Are you going to only change the damaged guys, or replace all of them with the top of the range counterbalanced, made of ABS Plastic, with a square, crisscross foot? (A guide to the types of Foosball Player can be found here!) Whichever it is, you need to buy the replacement men.

The replacement men are the expensive part of this operation, especially if you want the good quality ones. They are, however incredibly strong and should last the lifetime of your table

Replacement Pins (Optional)

The pins are what hold the men to the bar. Most good quality replacement Foosball Guys come with new pins, and often the old pins can be reused. However these are inexpensive, so it may be worth getting a few in case there are problems with the old ones

Replacement Bearings (Optional)

The bearings are the part inserted into the holes in the table that hold the bars in place. With the bars moving at high speeds through them while playing, they eventually will wear out. These again are very cheap, so if yours are showing signs of wear and tear, it may be worth changing these while you are replacing the men

Replacement Foosball Man

Foosball Bearings

Replacement Pins

Required Tools

You do not need a lot of specialist tools to change the Foosball Guys on your table, but before you do anything check and see which you are going to need!

Foosball Pin Punch / Hammer / Screwdriver

High-end tables usually have men attached to the bar with a pin. If this is the case on your table, then you will need a Hammer and a pin punch. The Pin Punch is something for you to hammer against when pushing the pins into the rod. Inexpensive if you have to buy one

Wooden Block To Support The Rods

You do not want to put a lot of pressure on the rods/bars and risk bending them, while you are changing the men on your table. Some tables come with a support block that you can put under the bar. This fits precisely between the bar and bottom of the table, so when you apply pressure, the block stops bending and buckling in the bar.

If you do not have this, use a piece of wood cut to the right size to support the bar when pressure is applied.

Pin Punch


Screw Driver

How To Replace Foosball Players

1. Cover the playing surface, as this needs to be kept clean and damage free for a good game. Lay a towel or something similar on the surface, this with give the table a little protection from damage, and will catch all of the small pieces that come off when you are hammering. It may also be worth getting a bit of hard-board that you can put under the area where you are working, in case of any accidents, it will protect the playing surface.

2. Place the bracer bar (block of wood) between the bar you will be working on and the floor of the foosball table (You have covered the base right?). This support is to stop the bar being bent

3. Take the pin punch and place it inside the pin that is holding the foosball player to the bar. The pin is what is keeping the Foosball Guy held to the rod

4. You must now remove the man — Hammer the pin all the way through the player and the rod.

5. Do this for the other men on the bar that prevent you from sliding the broken man off

6. Remove the broken man, and replace all of the other men that you had to remove as well

7. Hammer the pins back in place, so the men are fixed firmly in place again. If the pins look worn or damaged, they should be replaced.

Foosball Men with screws

Similar to above but simpler, instead of hammering the men off you merely unscrew them.




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