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Imperial Butcher Block Foosball Table Review

Anyone with half an eye can see why the Imperial Butcher Block Foosball Table has been so-named. Whether or not it can be described as attractive has to be in the eye of the beholder but, nobody can dispute that the design of the table is different.

Imperial Butcher Block Foosball Table & Similar

mperial Butcher Block Foosball Table

Product Details

Length 57 Inches
Width: 31 Inches
Height:  34inches
Weight 157 pounds
Players not counter-balanced

Indeed, if you get pleasure from the appearance of wood grain, then the table would make your perfect fashion accessory! If you are going to make room for the table in your living room, however, you need to ensure you have sufficient space around the foosball table for people to play comfortably. The dimensions are 55 inches long, and 29 inches wide, with a standard height of 34 inches.

Very Sturdy Table

If you are looking for a foosball table with is extraordinarily sturdy, and that will withstand any onslaught thrown at it, the Imperial Butcher Block is the absolute best you could probably find for a similar price. In fact, for a family with kids of different ages, it is perhaps your ideal choice. The sidewalls and the playing surface is constructed from MDF. Overall, the durable construction owes much of its strength and stability to the width of its legs. These legs are constructed from solid hardwood, owing to much of the table’s 150lb weight. That said, however, in the case of foosball tables, those consisting of 150lbs or more are less likely to skitter around the floor during play, having sufficient weight behind them to remain steady and in one place.

The cabinet that helps to support the playing surface consists of 1.5 inch thick MDF composite, surrounded by a Mica laminate that consists of 14-inch depth butcher block side apron. Each of the rods is manufactured from a second application of chrome plate, each one with comfort-grip handles made from cushioned rubber. A unique finish has been added to the playing field to reduce glare, a feature that has undoubtedly added to the popularity of the table with more seasoned players. For those of you interested in knowing more about the Imperial Butcher Block Table, the distributor is a company called Wayfair, although the manufacturer is Imperial.

Reasonable Pricing

This table is currently discounted on Amazon, however we do not know how long this sale price will last. Each one of the plastic player figurines has been constructed with wide shoulders and round feet for the ultimate in ball control when passing or scoring goals. When it comes to foosball games, many are configured for a 3-goalie game while other models can be pre-adjusted before the start of the game to play with either a 1-goalie game or a 3-goalie game. The Imperial Butcher Block Foosball Table has been ascribed a 1-goalie configuration only. Whether that speeds the game up or not, however, is debatable!

Imperial Butcher Block Foosball Table & Similar

Imperial Classic Butcher Block Style Indoor Foosball/Soccer Game Table
  • Light butcher block finish; 14" body; MDF side walls and playfield
  • large rubber grips; solid double chromed rods
  • Regulation size: 55" x 29" x 34"H.
  • Assembly Required (Avg 2 hours)
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