Is Foosball A sport, or a game of skill?

There are arguments both for and against Foosball being defined as a Sport, and a definitive answer cannot be given. See the article for some of these arguments

Foosball, Is It a sport?

Sports – Soccer and Baseball are unarguably Sports! Chess? not many people are going to class this as a Sport, Poker either!

Websters Defines Sport As
1a : a source of diversion : RECREATION
c (1) : physical activity engaged in for pleasure
(2) : a particular activity (such as an athletic game) so engaged in

The Oxford Dictionary Defines Sport as
An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.


But some games like Foosball fall in the middle of these. At professional and advanced levels of play there is no denying that Foosball requires quick reflexes with hand-eye coordination. It is Physically and Mentally Demanding.

The contention seems to be with the amount of physical activity, you can play Foosball without exerting yourself much at all, or a lot! It probably depends on the level of play involved

There has even been talk of making Foosball an Olympic SPORT, which would make the aurguemnt a lot more biased towards it being a sport.

So going by the definitions of Sport I think you could argue the case in either direction, but personally I would like to think of it as a Sport


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